Alaska Airlines Portland To Anchorage

Alaska Airlines Portland To Anchorage – Big trips require a lot of planning. Whether you’re traveling for business or flying somewhere new with your family, there’s a lot that goes into preparing for a trip.

You’ve browsed the hotel, activity and restaurant options and made your choice. And now on Alaska, if you’re in first class or have upgraded to elite status, you can do the same with in-flight dining options.

Alaska Airlines Portland To Anchorage

Alaska Airlines Portland To Anchorage

Alaska is expanding its first class advance selection feature, allowing first class guests to select flights 24 hours in advance. up to two weeks prior to departure on the Alaska Airlines mobile app. First Class guests will have a choice of two meals or an Alaskan Signature Fruit and Cheese Platter served in First Class.

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“We want to make sure our First Class guests enjoy their favorite meals when they fly with us,” said Chase Craig, Alaska’s Director of Brand Experience. “First class pre-selection will allow guests to make up their minds long before settling into a comfortable seat.”

Initially in 2017 October month. launched first class advance selection is now available on more than 200 flights daily, including most flights within four hours, all coast-to-coast and west coast flights, and inter-Hawaii flights. Check the Alaska program to see if it’s available on your flight. (Preselection First Class is currently only available on flights operated by Boeing aircraft and is not available on flights without scheduled meals.)

“Guests on these flights will have the opportunity to provide us with useful feedback,” Craig said. “Our goal is to eventually apply this to all flights.”

First, make sure you have the latest version of the Alaska Airlines mobile app installed on your smartphone. First class dining seats can be booked from 24 hours to two weeks before the flight.

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Select the “Lunch Reservation” icon. You will then be directed to select the food items that are available for your specific flight.

Confirm your choice and enjoy! Your flight attendant will bring you the meal you selected during the flight’s first class meal service. It was quick and easy, and I actually transitioned from one plane to another (taking a quick bathroom break along the way). No queues, no walking and no waiting. Wow!

The flight to ANC departed from gate C4 and was already boarding when I arrived.

Alaska Airlines Portland To Anchorage

Again I had seat 3A, but this time it was on a 737-700. And again it was a last minute change of equipment. The flight was scheduled on a 737-400, which I must admit I was looking forward to due to the fact that it will soon be phased out of Alaska’s fleet. But like the -400, this -700 had 3 rows of first class seats, one row less than the -800 I had just arrived on.

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The first impression upon boarding was how low this plane was. Seriously, the first class cabin looked old and tired with scratched surfaces and almost broken seats. That plane was miles away from her, that’s for sure.

First class was full (as expected) and a wedding party of 16 boarded before the doors closed. Of course, they will be sitting in the first rows of economy, so let’s just say I wasn’t expecting peace on this flight. It wasn’t pretty, but all the talking and laughing was unnerving before we even got out the door.

We left Portland right on schedule, and sorry I didn’t take any pictures of the departure for three reasons: First, it was a really dark and gray day, so there wasn’t much to see. Second, there was a large air conditioner in the center of my window. And third, the little kid sitting next to me in 3B was also glued to the window, so I felt a little awkward taking pictures. Trust me, there was still nothing to see.

Drink service started within 10 minutes of leaving and not once was my name called. It’s not a big deal for me, but I just saw it as an objection from the last flight. And somehow that crew of 16 got the pilot to mention it in his welcome message as we took off.

Direct (non Stop) Flights From Portland To Anchorage

Lunch was chicken in some sort of tomato sauce with penne pasta, and I couldn’t remember the cafeteria food I ate. It wasn’t terrible, but the photos of Alaska Airlines’ first class meals I’d seen in other travel reports must have raised my expectations a bit unrealistically. It was definitely great as a midday meal, but I wouldn’t pay more than $5 for anything.

I spent the rest of the flight trying to get as much sleep as I could, but it was difficult with people slouching around me. There is no difference between economy and first class except for curtains, and those people in the first rows of economy were very lively. Two guys in front of me also started chatting, so my sleep was not very happy. To make matters even more frustrating, my entire window air conditioner froze up, making for a blurry view as we descended to the anchorage.

By the time we got down to the ANC the frost on the window had finally melted but it was very dark in there….

Alaska Airlines Portland To Anchorage

Finally, the young guy sitting next to me was trying to see the view through the other (good) window in our row, making it difficult to take photos. Well, I was glad I made it to Alaska!

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Bad plane windows and bad arrivals didn’t give me many opportunities for good arrival photos.

We landed on 7L about 10 minutes ahead of schedule and concluded what a noisy (but otherwise good) flight it was from PDX.

I came to Alaska! This was the view from the window as I waited for the plane to land.

Love the cargo birds in the distance here at ANC. This is a photo of an AS 737-700 I brought back from PDX.SEATLE, 2021. March 19 /PRNewswire/ — Alaska Airlines today announced a new service between Anchorage, Alaska’s main airport hub. Introducing a new seasonal service with fast service. and Minneapolis St. Paul This additional nonstop flight means Alaska Airlines will offer more nonstop flights from the state of Alaska than any other airline.

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New service to land 10,000 miles in addition to newly added nonstop service between Anchorage and Las Vegas, Denver and San Francisco, expanding year-round service to Phoenix and Maui.

“We hope that in 2021 we will be able to accommodate more guests on the mainland and expand our service to Alaskans,” said Marlene Romano, Regional Director, Alaska Airlines. “With an extensive statewide network and our naturally socially distanced outdoor spaces, this route offers easy access to Denali, kayaking, excursions, and one of the most sustainably managed fisheries in the world. Alaskan Friends and Family This is a safe and engaging journey. Destination.

This summer, Alaska will fly nonstop to 11 destinations between Anchorage and the Lower 48 and Hawaii, including: Minneapolis-St. Paul; Chicago Denver Honolulu Maui Las Vegas; Los Angeles; Phoenix; Portland, Oregon; San Francisco and Seattle. The four west coast cities are also Alaska hubs, giving guests better connections to other locations.

Alaska Airlines Portland To Anchorage

“With the addition of these direct flights, we are committed to connecting Alaska and our guests across our network,” said Brett Catlin, vice president of networks and alliances for Alaska Airlines. “In addition to exciting new destinations for guests to choose from, Alaskans will also be able to take advantage of our new global partnership opportunities and the ability to travel to more than 800 international destinations through our partners.”

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Anchorage and Minneapolis St. Paul starts at $98, with one-way tickets between Minneapolis and St. Paul and Anchorage from $99. For full terms and conditions, including blackout dates and fees, visit

Alaska Airlines and its regional partners serve more than 115 destinations in the US and North America. The airline provides essential air transportation services to our guests carrying critical cargo, while emphasizing a superior level of care. Alaska is known for its low rents, award-winning customer service, and commitment to sustainability. Guests can earn and redeem miles on flights to more than 800 destinations worldwide with Alaska and its international partners. in 2021 March 31 Alaska will officially become a member of the international alliance. Learn more about Alaska at and Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air are subsidiaries of Alaska Airlines Group (NYSE: ALK ).

Early bird tickets must be purchased by 11:59 p.m. (PT) in March

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