Alaska Cruise San Francisco Departure

Alaska Cruise San Francisco Departure – It has always been a bucket list dream of mine to visit every state in the US–especially the largest state in the country: Alaska!

But Alaska being the largest state means that even I don’t know where to start when planning an Alaskan trip. That’s why I booked a trip to Alaska to guide me.

Alaska Cruise San Francisco Departure

Alaska Cruise San Francisco Departure

Note: I went to Alaska on the Discovery Princess, owned by Princess Cruises. This review is based on my experience.

Alaska Cruises In 2022

In July, I went on a summer Alaska cruise on Princess Cruises’ new ship: Discovery Princess, and I’m excited to tell you all about it and show you real photos, too.

If you want to know more about traveling to Alaska, the inside scoop on the new Discovery Princess, and details on what it’s really like to be on an Alaskan cruise ship, you’re in the right place.

If you’re thinking about taking an Alaska cruise, you may be wondering which route is best, and the best departure port and port of call. The answer is, they are all good options – depending on your travel needs.

There are several Alaskan Ports of Call options available to choose from on Princess Cruises, depending on the cruise and ship you choose.

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The new Princess ship: Discovery Princess and other cruise lines I’ve sailed, the 7-day Alaska Inside Passage cruise offers opportunities to explore glaciers, wildlife, culture and history, and local cuisine.

I stayed in a regular Balcony cabin on the 11th floor (steel floor) and I didn’t change a thing!

If you’re on a budget, lower prices for interior rooms or ocean views may be more appealing (after all, you can enjoy panoramic views of the Discovery Princess throughout the ship). But if you have the ability to upgrade, I would 100% recommend the balcony room at least.

Alaska Cruise San Francisco Departure

An Alaska cruise has many sights to see. Imagine waking up to a beautiful view as your captain pulls into the next port.

Princess Cruises Offering Unprecedented Savings On Alaska 2022

Sightings of marine wildlife are rare. All I could see from my balcony while preparing dinner. I would miss it otherwise!

The balcony room is also spacious. My husband and I had a great stay and I loved having a desk and refrigerator with lots of drawer and walk-in space.

With the balcony, we can also book a special romantic breakfast in our room, prepared with a beautiful view.

You can order a free robe for your room, and room service is also free! There is also free laundry on each floor.

Cruises From San Francisco In 2023

We make the most of our closet and shelf space and quickly unpack our bags to maximize space.

Be sure to allow your stateroom Steward each day and evening to help place extra decorative pillows and make the room smaller where you sleep — this makes it more spacious.

Interior Room: this is the cheapest option and usually the advertised price of the cruise is shown on the website. You still get a comfortable bed, wardrobe, bathroom and tv, but you have to enjoy the view from the top floor.

Alaska Cruise San Francisco Departure

Ocean View: if you want a view but don’t need fresh air and wind in your face (or don’t mind a blocked balcony), an ocean view window might be for you.

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Balcony: there is a standard version, a deluxe version with a sofa or a premium deluxe version with a sofa and a large balcony. I sat in the common balcony, which I thought would be suitable for us. For reference, I’m 5’9 and my husband is 6’0, and they’re both average weight.

Suites: you can choose from Vista, Premium or Penthouse suites if you want to sail on an Alaska cruise

On cruises longer than 3 nights (or longer distances), it’s common to wonder if there’s enough to do on board to keep you entertained. Especially if there are a few days at sea.

I love a day at sea on the Discovery Princess because it’s a great time to relax, enjoy the ship’s amenities, and even book a special service like a massage or pedicure (I do both!)

Carnival Offering 49 Cruises To Alaska On 3 Ships In 2023

On the Discovery Princess Alaskan cruise, there are also many activities that you can enjoy from early morning until late afternoon. They include:

The main theater has a different show every night, but the Rock Opera is the best

I was very impressed with the dining experience on the Discovery Princess. There is a good mix of dining rooms and restaurants included in the basic price, as well as a good selection of specialty restaurants for an additional fee.

Alaska Cruise San Francisco Departure

My favorites so far are the French bistro, Crown Grille, and Italian trattoria Sabatini (all three are specials), as well as Slice Pizzeria and International Cafe (both included free with your cruise).

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Here’s a breakdown of the onboard dining options, including what’s free and included in the ship’s standard package, and what requires an upgrade or premium package.

It’s no secret that travel costs can add up when it comes to planning a big trip like an Alaskan vacation. Prices can range from $15 to $800 from what I’ve seen, depending on the trip.

But, for many people who cruise, we seek the help and guidance of companies like Princess Cruises who know the best ports of call for which activities. Access, convenience and expertise can make it worth it.

Princess Cruises offers a combination of wildlife, local/cultural, dining and adventure tours. It’s actually a huge library of options and can be overwhelming if you’re not sure what you’re looking for.

A Z Guide To The Best Alaska Cruise [2023 Updated]

I am still on cloud nine after my few cruises with Princess Cruises. Here are some I recommend from the ones I’ve tried, as well as any I’ll definitely pick up in the future.

I 100% recommend the flow on the helicopter tour over the glaciers and fjords of Juneau. Those are the 5 most memorable things I’ve ever done. Paired with the sled dog experience on this particular trip, it’s definitely bucket list worthy.

I did a sea kayaking trip in Sitka and, despite the rain, I had a lot of fun! Kayaking of any kind is a great group activity that helps you get active without moving too much. Sea kayak tours offer fun tandem kayaking for families or couples.

Alaska Cruise San Francisco Departure

Wildlife tours are often the best part of an Alaskan cruise. I booked my trip very late and the bear watching trip was completely sold out. If I do this trip again, I will sign up for the bear tour. I thought I would get to see them by chance (outside of the hike) but that didn’t happen, so doing a hike that takes you to a lookout where you can watch the bears grab their salmon meal would be so much fun!

Cruises From San Francisco

There are thousands of native people from Alaska. You can take a cultural tour for a low-impact experience that provides insight into the indigenous people who still live in Alaska. I enjoyed learning about the history of Totems and their importance in passing down stories from generation to generation, as well as about the Tlingit nation.

My Alaska cruise on the Discovery Princess really got me up to speed in 2022 and I loved it! I can’t wait for my next cruise, and I’m so glad I went in the summer.

No exaggeration, my husband and I soon returned home and started looking for other cruises to enjoy for birthdays, holidays and more. Our messages and my DMs are full of questions and people are excited at the prospect of going.

This is a common question I get, although there is no set answer as it depends on the season, the tour you choose, the package on board and the cruise.

What Are The Best Carnival Cruises To Alaska?

Yes, you really can do this cruise for less than $1,000 if you don’t add the cruise and extras (I remember the base price for an inside room on my cruise was $499, for example). But….you can also do it for more. It all depends on your needs, which I like because there are so many options.

That said, if you want to do anything close to the trip I did, I recommend budgeting about $2,500 per person for the experience.

Pro tip: if you want to get the most out of your cruise experience, be sure to look for cruise deals in the right way. I recommend the following for you to consider adding to your booking:

Alaska Cruise San Francisco Departure

To save money on these essentials, I recommend upgrading to Princess Plus so your beverage package, 1 device wifi and staff tips are included. There is also the Princess Premiere if you want more (like 2 exclusive restaurants per guest, multiple wifi devices, higher drink limits and unlimited photo packages).

What To Consider When Booking An Alaska Cruise

On my cruise, Princess Cruises complied with CDC regulations: it required us passengers to show proof of vaccination and a negative PCR or Antigen test to board the ship.

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