Associate Degree In Healthcare Administration

Associate Degree In Healthcare Administration – Pima Medical Institute recently expanded its online Health Care Administration (HCA) degree program, allowing students without an undergraduate degree to enroll and begin their healthcare careers.

“We’ve seen that many students want to go into healthcare but may not have the credit required to enroll in a graduate program,” said Deborah Ayers, director of online education at Pima Medical. “The Health Care Administration’s new expansion program removes this barrier, making the program available to anyone with a high school diploma or GED. This gives more people the opportunity to enter a growing field that helps manage the growing field of health care.

Associate Degree In Healthcare Administration

Associate Degree In Healthcare Administration

The new Health Care Administration program also includes courses in anatomy and physiology, health management, medical law and practice, while several of the new courses include health information technology (HIT), including health history, documentation and insurance.

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“Learning health information technology skills can make the student more marketable as more health care providers look for ways to use HIT to improve health care,” said Ayers.

The HCA program is a great option for those who have completed Pima Medical certification and want to continue their education. Graduates of Central Steril Processing, Dental Assistant, Medical Administrative Assistant, Medical Assistant, Patient Care Technician or Pharmacy Technician may be eligible to transfer 28 credits to get started early. Students who have taken programs at other schools may also be eligible for transfer credits to get started faster.

The program, which is usually 18 months for those who have not been transferred, can be shortened to 12 months, depending on the number of loans transferred.

Stephan Pangkee followed suit, earning his Associate’s Degree in Health Administration from Pima Medical. Read for yourself about her school experience and where it took her.

Health Administration Careers

I chose Pima Medical Institute because I felt that their pharmacy technician program would provide a stepping stone and give me the knowledge I needed to prepare to one day become a pharmacist. My experience as a student was great; I learned a lot from each instructor and enjoyed every second. All three of my mentors have helped me not only become a professional, but also a better person.

My goal has always been to work in a hospital, so I was fortunate to be able to complete my internship at Desert Springs Hospital. I completed my PTCB certification and was hired at Desert Springs after graduation. I continued my studies. I completed my associate degree in Health Administration and my BA, also in Health Administration. I still think about becoming a pharmacist. I really appreciated Pima Medical, the knowledge I got and all the teachers I studied with. I would recommend Pima Medical Institute to others! America’s healthcare industry is large by almost any standard. It handles more than 36 million hospital admissions each year, according to the American Hospital Association, and schedules hundreds of millions more outpatient appointments. According to a 2019 Brooking’s Institute report, this sector accounts for 24% of government spending and employs 11% of all American workers, more than 16 million jobs… one in eight workers in the country.

And then there are the health insurance companies, which provide nearly a quarter of the unpaid compensation for Americans each year. Think about that for a minute – health insurance premiums equal 25% of all social security, veterans’ benefits, benefits, retirement benefits, interest, benefits, premiums and other similar things paid out in the United States each year. At the same time, individual consumers still spend more than 8% of their spending on health care, with an annual average of more than $10,000 each.

Associate Degree In Healthcare Administration

Featured program: Bachelor of Health Administration, Bachelor of Public Health, Master of Public Health, Master of Health Informatics

Online Healthcare Administration Master’s Degree

Program Highlights: Bachelor of Sociology – Community Health, Bachelor of Health Sciences, Master of Public Health (MPH), MBA in Health Management

Program Available: BS in Healthcare Management, Master of Healthcare Administration, Doctor of Healthcare Administration, PhD in Health Services

If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that when more patients are being seen and managed, and more money is flowing in, there’s a lot of administrative work that needs to be done to make it happen. And that means more health care jobs need to be filled.

Making career decisions in a cash-rich industry and a field like healthcare with so many opportunities is no easy task. Not only does it include several key areas of work, it also includes many control technologies that can be combined with medical expertise to create hundreds of different types of work. All of these options can depend on your education, experience and experience…every decision you make, from when you graduate from high school to when you choose a doctorate, will affect your career in this field. a powerful country. an ever-changing industry.

What Can You Do With A Healthcare Administration Degree?

What you know about a health care career is that it will be fun, fast-paced, and give you every opportunity to help people who need and deserve good care. Everything else can be up.

If there’s one thing you can count on in any health care job, it’s that your well-planned work will be thrown out at some point by a sudden change that you probably didn’t expect. Healthcare managers, in the last two decades, have experienced significant changes in the industry:

No claims can come from health professionals. Some of the most sought-after jobs in the field did not exist a generation ago until major technological and regulatory changes emerged to create new sectors such as health and electronic records. In ten years, some new roles may emerge, while others may disappear. Change-driven companies need highly skilled managers

Associate Degree In Healthcare Administration

There’s no way to know exactly what kind of changes you’ll see in the industry over your lifetime, but there are a few things future healthcare professionals should know and plan to stay relevant:

How Much Do Healthcare Administrators Make?

Emerging threats require some preparation – COVID-19 is not over, and it may not be the last pandemic you will see in your career (although we can all hope it represents the worst); Population pressure and climate change continue to threaten health. And much is still unknown about how millions of people survived the coronavirus; 30 percent of the patients admitted to the hospital were diagnosed with moderate or severe kidney problems. Could it mean organ failure in ten or twenty years? Managers must be constantly alert and prepared for the possibility of new health threats.

Information technology is changing medicine – Although EHRs are already becoming commonplace in the industry, they are only the tipping point when it comes to information technology’s ability to drive innovation. AI research, data mining to reveal health systems and new drugs, small implants and organ repair with nanotechnology… all of these are close at hand, and each individual can completely solve the medical problems.

Growing Patient Needs – The fact that the Baby Boom generation is creating major health care challenges in America is, for now, old news. But less well known outside the industry is a similar change in the patient population that may challenge many of the expectations of modern American medical conventions. This is creating the need for new cultural practices – everything from language and religion to meeting different needs and preferences.

Uncertainty Political Landscape Threatens Systems – COVID-19 has also exposed major disruptions in the health care system, from unsustainable processes to broken health warnings and prevention strategies. The legal battle, even at the height of the pandemic, to repeal the ACA has revealed a deep disagreement over how America’s health care should be paid for and how many Americans should be protected. If the passage of the ACA was a sea change for the health care system, its repeal will be important to health professionals. Management uncertainty management management management of the management of the organization of the organization of the organization of the operation of the organization

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This – and other things that may not yet be known – will go a long way in changing your health care career. It’s good to choose a path that will move you forward, but it’s also good to remain flexible so that you can adjust your path as changes arise. The Right Health Administration Degree for the Job You Want

Being prepared for the job you want, and anything that may come your way on that job, always starts with getting a college education. College is not your only ticket

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