Automation Testing Questions And Answers

Automation Testing Questions And Answers – Why is a comprehensive, modern quality management platform that helps teams of all sizes deliver the highest quality digital experiences

Solutions Overview is a comprehensive, modern quality management platform that helps teams of all sizes deliver the highest quality digital experiences

Automation Testing Questions And Answers

Automation Testing Questions And Answers

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Software Testing Interview Questions And Example Answers

The growing growth of mobile device usage is faster than ever thanks to the worldwide waves of digital transformation. To meet growing customer demands, most software applications have a corresponding mobile app version. This growing proliferation of mobile applications is forcing companies to place greater emphasis on mobile testing.

With such significant growth in the mobile industry, there are incredible career opportunities in mobile testing. For those preparing for mobile test interview questions when applying for a QA job, this list of content below will set the stage to get you on the right track.

Mobile application testing is a process in which an application developed for portable mobile devices is tested for functionality, usability, and consistency. Testers can test mobile applications manually or with automation.

Testing is an indispensable part of any software development process. The mobile application is no exception: the growing number of mobile devices causes massive fragmentation of the operating system, screen size and more. This is why the QA team is making tremendous efforts to ensure a seamless user experience across various mobile devices without any glitches and issues. By putting the mobile application through rigorous testing, the product team can improve app ratings and customer satisfaction for valuable referrals for even more downloads.

Top 23 Automation Testing Interview Questions And Answers

Mobile device testing examines the quality of a device by validating its hardware and software capabilities. This process aims to test features such as display, memory, camera, applications. It also consists of factory tests and certification tests.

Alternatively, mobile application testing means testing the mobile application on different mobile devices to ensure its consistency and functionality. After this process, the quality of the targeted application can be measured, whether it is suitable for the device in terms of hardware, software, network connectivity, etc.

Planning and strategy for mobile testing 7) What types of mobile testing should be included in the Android testing strategy?

Automation Testing Questions And Answers

A standard Android strategy can include these types of tests: unit tests, system tests, integration tests and operational tests depending on the features available in the tested mobile application. If necessary, other types of tests will also be performed, depending on the characteristics of the application.

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8) What is the strategy used to test a new mobile app? What types of tests should be included?

A comprehensive testing strategy based on specific guidelines should be planned to ensure effective performance for a new mobile application. Here are some of the most important points:

Similar to the plan for other applications in testing, a plan designed for automated testing of mobile applications should include:

For more test automation strategies and best practices, check out the automated tester checklist and consider which strategies work best for your team.

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11) When planning to do end-to-end mobile testing, what are the main criteria to consider?

In an end-to-end mobile testing process, QA teams test the entire application from start to finish to ensure that the flow behaves as expected. Through these steps, there are some of the many critical requirements you need to consider:

Both emulators and simulators are virtual devices which are not real phones, but have the same functionalities as real phones. The table below shows the significant difference between a simulator and an emulator:

Automation Testing Questions And Answers

There are several tools available on Google Play or App Store designed for CPU usage testing, such as CPU Monitor, CPU Stats, Usemon, CPU-Z, etc. This is an advanced tool that records historical information about the processes running on your device.

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Application performance tests should cover all scenarios on different networks: 4G, 3G, 2G and WIFI. Although 2G is a slower network, it is better to test on a slower network to track application performance.

Using emulators is the most efficient way in case there are many different screen sizes of the devices to test.

Test automation has dramatically increased the speed and quality of testers over the past few decades. Understanding when to make that transition, from manual testing to automated testing, is the first step in maximizing your team’s effectiveness. Here are some of the sticking points:

One of the most standard testing frameworks for Android applications is the Android Testing Framework. It consists of three segments:

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Testing using the Android Testing framework with a device or emulator is challenging. It takes tremendous development effort and team time to build and run the tests. And the roboelectric test framework is considered a solution to address this challenge.

The Robolectric framework allows testers to run Android tests directly on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) without the need for a device or emulator.

The latest version of iOS and iPadOS is 14.0. (This changes quite often, so check the Apple site for the latest information)

Automation Testing Questions And Answers

The latest version of Android is 12.0. The first version of Android 12.0 was released on February 18, 2021 on Google Pixel devices. (This changes quite often, so check the Android page for the latest info)

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The ipa (iOS App Store Package) file is an iOS application archive file that stores an iOS app. Each ipa file contains a binary file and can only be installed on an iOS device.

28) Imagine you have to test a mobile application, what technical criteria would you consider when choosing a test automation tool?

In addition to affordability, it is important to consider the following technical criteria when choosing the most appropriate test automation tool:

The mobile test interview questions can be unlimited in terms of the number of items and areas covered. While the answers above may not apply comprehensively to interviewing, we hope they help you land a job and grow in your mobile testing journey.

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If you have any suggestions for this list of interview questions, feel free to add them here. We look forward to a better and more updated list for all testers. Another thing! Don’t hesitate to get your free mobile trial course at Academy today! In this article we look at test automation interview FAQs for fresher and more experienced quality professionals. Before we go any further, let’s see some unavoidable interview questions like

Automation is a process that performs repetitive tasks with minimal human assistance to reduce human effort. If a person has to repeat a job more than once, instead of doing the same process, over and over again, we create a small software or bot that does the job to reduce human effort.

Automation testing is the process of testing software or an application using an automation test tool to find defects. In this process, the execution of the test scripts and the generation of the results are done automatically by the automation tools.

Automation Testing Questions And Answers

It’s impossible to automate everything. Achieving 100% automation is difficult because there are some scenarios where a signup page has a captcha or some test cases that we don’t often run. By automating these types of test cases, the automation will not add value.

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CAPTCHA stands for Fully Automated Public Turing Test for Distinguishing Computers and Humans. The reason for creating a CAPTCHA is to control bots.

If someone can automate the CAPTCHA, it means that the CAPTCHA cannot distinguish computers and humans. So the idea behind CAPTCHA failed.

To automate an application that uses CAPTCHA, you should consult your development team to provide a solution.

By making the CAPTCHA static in your test environment, you help automate the CAPTCHA by providing a specific value as the CAPTCHA on each run.

Top Qa Automation Interview Questions (2023)

12. What kind of tests have you automated? Our main goal is to automate test cases to perform regression tests, smoke tests and sanity tests. Sometimes, based on the project and test time estimation, we focus on end-to-end testing.

Automation testers should understand what they are actually going to automate. Identifying appropriate test cases for automation plays an important role in the success of automation testing.

14. How many test cases do you automate per day? It depends on the complexity and length of the test case scenario. I have automated 2-5 test cases per day when complexity is limited. Sometimes only 1 or less test cases in a day when complexity is high.

Automation Testing Questions And Answers

15. What kind of test cases would you not choose to automate? Before fetching test cases to automate, I check if the application is stable or not. So based on this I don’t collect the test cases when the AUT changes frequently and the test cases I run infrequently and only run once. I also don’t automate during exploratory and usability testing.

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16. Name a popular automation tool you know of? Some of the popular automation tools are Selenium WebDriver,

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