Average Salary For Cyber Security Specialist

Average Salary For Cyber Security Specialist – A cybersecurity specialist salary is estimated at $93, starting at $395 per year with open data.

The average salary for a cyber security specialist in the US is $93,395. Salaries for cybersecurity specialists typically range from $69,000 to $125,000 per year. Cybersecurity specialists make an average of $44.9 an hour. Location, education, and experience can affect a cybersecurity professional’s earning potential. Cybersecurity professionals are at their best in Washington, Utah, Oregon, New York and North Carolina.

Average Salary For Cyber Security Specialist

Average Salary For Cyber Security Specialist

The average annual salary for a cybersecurity specialist in the United States is approximately $93,395, or $44.9 per hour. Interestingly, cybersecurity professionals in Bellevue, WA are the highest paid, earning around $113,223 per year. For new hires, the average entry-level salary in Bellevue, Washington is $81,000. Additionally, cybersecurity specialists earn higher than the average salaries in Washington, D.C., Eugene, Oregon, Santa Clara, California, and New York. , New York, Raleigh, North Carolina. On a broader level, the highest salaries for cybersecurity professionals are in Washington, Utah, Oregon, New York, North Carolina, Nevada, and California. Conversely, Vermont, Connecticut and Missouri have the lowest salaries for cybersecurity professionals.

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The top paying companies for cyber security specialists are BP America Inc and SAP, according to our latest salary estimates.

Washington state is the highest paid state in the nation for cybersecurity specialists, with an average annual salary of $112,661, or $54.16 per hour.

If your salary is close to the average salary in your state, you’ll know if you’re getting paid a fair amount as a cybersecurity professional. For example, if you live in the District of Columbia, you should pay almost $107,882 per year. .

On average, entry-level cybersecurity analysts are paid $74,561 per year. Yes, a cybersecurity degree is worth getting. Depending on educational background and qualifications held, there are a number of factors that increase or decrease starting salaries. NEW: We offer a special 20% discount for Active Duty Military and Veterans. Verification of eligibility is required. Cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.

Master’s In Cybersecurity Salary: Top Jobs & Pay Insights

The modern world relies almost entirely on technology and its underlying data. As a result, nearly every industry today is grappling with an ever-changing and always-relevant internal infrastructure: cybersecurity.

With digital threats evolving and increasingly targeting remote work, the need for cybersecurity professionals has never been greater. In fact, employment of securities analysts alone is projected to grow at a rate of 31% through 2029.

What’s more, the top positions in this field have amazing profits. Security-related roles such as ethical hacker, information security engineer, cybersecurity sales engineer, chief information security officer (CISO), and cybersecurity architect all earn six-figure annual salaries.

Average Salary For Cyber Security Specialist

If you’ve completed formal cybersecurity education, such as traditional university study, self-taught entrepreneurship, or the field of cybersecurity, you may want to find a job in this promising industry. . Let’s take a closer look at some of the highest paying cybersecurity jobs in America.

Entry Level Cyber Security Jobs

Cybersecurity has grown into an industry with specialized and well-paying roles. Each represents a different need, skill set or professional perspective. Your educational history and personal preferences will ultimately determine your career trajectory. However, you can definitely aim for one of the particularly high-paying jobs listed below.

Ethical hackers, also known as “bug bounty hunters,” are some of the most important and highest-paid cybersecurity professionals in the world. These white-hat hackers have become more prominent over the past decade, as major companies like Tesla started hiring them to harden their network infrastructure.

Ethical hackers attempt to identify flaws in cybersecurity networks by simulating threats as a form of hands-on auditing. By leveraging these experts, companies can harden their systems before an actual attack.

Naturally, given the nature and structure of this type of work, it’s difficult to generalize freelance hacking positions financially. However, ZipRecruiter reports that the national average cybersecurity salary is $119,289, with New York City slightly above that average. In other words, it is possible to create more. Some top freelancers in cybersecurity have reportedly earned as much as $500,000 a year.

Engaging & Lucrative Cyber Security Career Paths

Although information security engineers have many roles, their primary responsibility is to plan, implement, and upgrade security measures for client computer systems and networks. Security engineers also ensure the safe transmission of network data by hardening firewalls and applying pre-designed security controls.

However, information security engineers are more than proactive planners. It also monitors and responds to real-time security breaches, including viruses, hacking and other malicious attacks. When a breach occurs, security engineers conduct forensic investigations to determine when and how the situation occurred and provide key insights to help prevent similar breaches in the future.

Information Security Engineers earn a high annual salary. Nationally, people working in this industry earn about $105 to $106 a year. Rates in New York City are even higher, with regional salaries more than $20,000 above the national average.

Average Salary For Cyber Security Specialist

Most of the highest paying cybersecurity jobs are focused on defense-related coding and auditing, but IT sales positions are just as important (and financially lucrative) to the industry. This career path has emerged as companies in industries that rely on sensitive consumer data (healthcare, finance, etc.) race to update or tweak their cybersecurity protocols.

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Cybersecurity sales engineers are responsible for selling security-focused products and services. Individuals in this role should be familiar with market statistics, gather information to accurately define customer needs, and demonstrate extensive knowledge of product design and technical characteristics. In some states, a professional license may be required to start working as a cybersecurity sales engineer.

The hard work of the security sales engineers has paid off well. ZipRecruiter reports that the national average salary for this position is $97,282. Annual earnings for professionals in New York City increased by about 12 percent, or $117,115.

CISOs combine business management skills with technical competencies while leading security teams, assisting with incident response and system hardening, and overseeing enterprise data management and general security compliance. Succeeding in this position means versatility, organizational skills, and the ability to adapt quickly to internal and external hazards.

These professionals are well compensated for their extensive responsibilities. According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual salary for a CISO in the US is $145,667. New Yorkers earned slightly more, at $177,556.

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Network security architects are primarily responsible for building, implementing, and testing networks to ensure compliance with security policies and procedures.

Additionally, architects are often responsible for building local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), extranets, intranets, and other similar data networks. In addition, these professionals regularly make recommendations for network improvements, maintain contingency plans to prevent or resolve breaches, and use data to resolve various operational issues. analyze.

Architect positions typically require years of industry experience, but some companies offer apprenticeships that allow aspiring programmers to combine mentorship with hands-on experience.

Average Salary For Cyber Security Specialist

Employment growth for this position is expected to be slightly faster than the national average. Cybersecurity architects in the United States earn a whopping $130,302 per year. New York City has a higher average annual income of $156,857.

Cybersecurity Careers: A Comprehensive Guide To A Lucrative Field

After all, averages can only tell us so much. If you’re applying for a job, you need to know what is a reasonably negotiable starting salary for cyber security based on job requirements, your previous experience, and where you are located.

Let’s take another look at the five highest paying jobs in cybersecurity. But this time, keep in mind how different levels of experience can affect your expected salary if you live in New York City.

Note that these figures do not include one-time payments from one-time freelance projects or bug bounties, which can result in a significant increase in annual salary.

To qualify for a cybersecurity engineer position, professionals typically need years of experience in positions such as cybersecurity specialist, cybercrime analyst, and incident responder.

How To Become A Cybersecurity Professional In Australia

The job of a network security engineer is a senior position. According to CyberSeek, successful candidates typically spend at least several years gaining experience as a cybersecurity analyst, cybersecurity consultant, or penetration tester.

Like engineers, CISOs are senior positions. Applicants should have several years of experience (or, in some cases, equivalent preparation as assessed by employers) in a relevant entry-level to mid-level position.

The role of architect also typically requires years of work experience in related security roles. According to CyberSeek, these roles include cybersecurity engineer, cybersecurity analyst, cybersecurity consultant, and penetration tester.

Average Salary For Cyber Security Specialist

The future for cybersecurity professionals is not only good, it is bright. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) now predicts that employment opportunities in this industry will increase by 31% through 2029. This is a staggering number. For context, the average expected growth for all other industries

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