Best Books On Marketing For Beginners

Best Books On Marketing For Beginners – My favorites, the ones that shaped my thinking and taught me the most. Added some leadership and management books as extras. These are the books I recommend to anyone who wants to become a great marketer, strategist or leader – student, product marketer and CEO.

I’d love to hear what books you think I should add to the list, please add your suggestions in the comments.

Best Books On Marketing For Beginners

Best Books On Marketing For Beginners

I like to read. Besides Kindle, I’ve probably listened to a hundred books on I stopped listening to music on my travels, instead I had the opportunity to learn a lot from dozens of authors. I really recommend it, try listening here, you get two free books.

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This is the book that introduced me to marketing after reading it in middle school. Ries and Trout pioneered positioning, a fundamental concept for strategy, branding, and almost any marketing activity. It is a timeless classic. It is easy to read and powerful. If you liked this book, you’ll probably like Marketing Wars by the same authors.

Philip Kotler is a professor at the Kellogg School of Management, one of the most influential marketing academics. This is a “marketing essentials” book that covers most of the basics. Highly recommended for beginners and anyone who wants to review the basic concepts of marketing.

The author challenges traditional management gurus like Collins and their “good to great” observations. Strategy is what makes a new company great. No culture, no leadership, no 5 point management principles. Importantly, the author talks about 9 illusions of high performance in business, 9 business traps to be aware of. Every manager should read this. Read the summary of this great book here.

This is a classic. The basic concepts of these books are important for anyone in the technology industry because they explain how products are adopted and what consumer behavior is at different stages of the adoption curve. Understanding why and how adopters, futurists, mainstream and latecomers buy is fundamental. The author has a few books that expand on this concept, all well-read.

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A fantastic book by the former CEO of Procter & Gamble that clearly explains what strategy is and gives real examples of strategy from his time at P&G. There are many stories of products launched, market penetration and strategies that yielded results. Lafley outlines strategy definitions of where to play and how to win to provide a very practical approach to strategy.

Michael Porter is Chief Strategy Officer. But his books are dense and his concepts complex. The Five Forces Model is an important framework for understanding industries for strategic planning, but it is difficult to understand. Joan Magretta does a wonderful job of summarizing Porter and making it accessible. It’s a great read.

For Trout, there is no difference between marketing strategy and strategy. I disagree, but this is still a wonderful “strategy for dummies” book that covers more than just the basics. It’s an easy and quick read with some powerful concepts. Trout wrote other books that are fantastic:

Best Books On Marketing For Beginners

It’s a favorite because it clearly covers three basic strategic choices: whether you can lead with price, service, or product—and the implications for your company culture and value chain for a company’s focus in one of these areas. A must read for every CEO.

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Strategy can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. This book is a perfect guide for small business owners, freelancers and consultants to understand the power of focus and specialization as a path to success. The most basic principle of strategy can be summarized around this: focus on the market segment or customer that needs to be differentiated and won. This book is easy to read: clear and practical.

This is not a “strategy book”. But it includes 20 years of technology policy mistakes. This is a practical book that shows how strategy and execution have shaped today’s technology landscape. It was published about 10 years ago, I hope to see a sequel.

Smart marketers know that consumers buy on emotion and then justify their decisions. In this book you will find fascinating examples of our irrational behavior and important critical lessons that should guide every marketer. A great introduction to behavioral economics from a psychology professor. I listened to the audiobook a few times. Intuitive and funny.

Why do some products suddenly reach a tipping point where they go from obscurity to market phenomenon? This is Malcolm’s best book, where he explains the role of different types of consumers in how ideas spread. A primer on influencer marketing that should be read by community managers and CEOs.

The Best Marketing & Strategy Books

Cialdini is an authority on impact science. This is the basic book you should read to understand the what, why and how to influence purchasing decisions. Another great psychology-meets-marketing book. Cialdini’s six principles of moral persuasion: reciprocity, scarcity, empathy, authority, social proof, and commitment.

After you lean into behavioral economics after reading Ariely, Pink provides another practical insight into how consumers behave. Another must read, especially for digital marketers. There is a great video summary on YouTube.

Author of the Strengths Finder philosophy, provides a useful view of what motivates employees and what managers need to know to be good leaders. This book is full of practical insights and is clearly one of my favorites. You can read a summary on this post that explores the differences between leaders and managers and what it takes to excel at each.

Best Books On Marketing For Beginners

Lencioni’s books are always easy to read because they are written almost like fables. However, they capture key insights that are important to any manager. This book (all of Lencioni’s, really) should be on every manager’s bookshelf.

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This is a classic. What messages stick? How to create memorable and effective ideas and messages? I have read this book many times and it is always a great investment of my time. If you haven’t read it, stop what you’re doing and buy it now to learn how the principle of human scale, Velcro memory theory, and creating space for curiosity can help your ideas and message.

Every marketer should write. This is my favorite book for writing clearly and effectively. It is full of examples. Unfortunately, it’s a little hard to find. I bought a copy for each member of my team at work.

A view of the near future, how the Internet of Things and the latest technology will change our world. In this post I explore the implications for marketers

The history of is fascinating. This post shows seven insights from the book that made Jeff Bezos successful

Master Content Strategy By Pamela Wilson: Book Review

A summary of the Marketing Manifesto that defines modern marketing and provides CMOs with the fundamental principles for building a marketing team and strategy.

This post is a summary of the book, which is the bible for the social media or community manager. Well written, practical and effective.

This post is about the importance of design and usability in the success of any company, based on the book, looking at Apple as a company that best exemplifies this philosophy, small business growth is driven by attracting and converting new customers. But many businesses fall into a pattern of relying on a few familiar marketing strategies. So let’s find out the best small business marketing books that promote growth.

Best Books On Marketing For Beginners

Each of the books on this list will be relevant to most small businesses. Address common marketing challenges and opportunities. So I recommend that you carefully consider each book by reviewing the entire list before you begin.

Best Marketing Books

If you’re new to business books, check out my guide on how to start a reading habit. It can help you adjust your routine to enjoy the many benefits of daily reading. With that being said, let’s get into the best small business marketing books.

One of the most common marketing mistakes is to focus only on attracting potential customers. The assumption is that reaching a larger audience will change everything. And raising awareness or attention is all that matters.

Unfortunately, this is not always true. No amount of attention can be paid to a weak or confusing sales process. And many businesses, new and old, lack a reliable system for converting new visitors into paying customers.

Marketing Made Simple can help you create an effective sales funnel. Which makes it easier for people to understand why they need your solution. The book explains how to generate five critical marketing tools, including leads, a website or landing page, a lead generator, an email nurturing campaign, and an email sales campaign.

Digital Marketing Books To Read

It’s a practical and actionable guide that I consider one of the best marketing books for small businesses. So, I recommend that you start by reading first.

Once you’ve established a sales funnel, it’s time to attract potential customers. Another mistake that many people make is assuming that what works for one business will work equally well for the next. Then they choose a marketing channel like Facebook ads and start spending their marketing budget.


Best Books On Marketing For Beginners

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