Best Online Exercise Science Degree

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Online physical education degrees at the graduate level equip students with relevant skills to promote physical fitness and wellness. The Movement Mechanics curriculum covers the physiological aspects of healthy activity and helps students work with a variety of abilities and ages. Graduates of this degree program can become coaches, athletic and fitness instructors, or K-12 physical education teachers. If you are interested in this field, you should also check out our best online degree programs in physical therapy and exercise science.

Best Online Exercise Science Degree

Best Online Exercise Science Degree

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List of Accredited Online Schools of Physical Education School Online Enrollment Annual Tuition Fort Hays State University 4,411 4,411 $15,360 15,360 Eastern New Mexico University – Main Campus 1,514 $8,448 Eastern Oregon University 1,36,529 $16,529 United States University 1,36,529 $ 705 William Carey University $312 12,750 East Central University $276 16,412 Fort Hays State University Annual Tuition: $15,360 Location: AccreditationKS (HLC) Fort Hays State University (FHSU), a medium-sized public institution, offers an online Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Performance . The program requires a minimum of 120 credit hours, and prospective students can expect to learn the basics of a career in physical education, including a holistic approach to health, wellness, and nutrition. Curriculum lessons include concepts of physical fitness, kinesiology, and sports and sports injury care and prevention. At FHSU, online students complete coursework simultaneously on Blackboard. Additionally, online students can access technical support, academic advising, career development, and more. General admission requirements are: cumulative GPA of 2.25 or higher, ACT score of 21 or higher, or minimum SAT score of 1060. Eastern New Mexico University – Main Campus Annual Tuition: $8,448 Location: Portales (NM) Credit: HLC Learn More Eastern New Mexico University – Main Campus (ENMU) is a public, medium-sized institution that offers an online bachelor’s degree in physical education. Totaling 120 credit hours, this program has three concentrations to choose from: (1) Sport and Recreation Management, (2) Physical Education Education, and (3) Health and Wellness. Sample curriculum includes concepts of principles of physical education, sports finance and sports management. ENMU Online students complete courses synchronously and asynchronously on Blackboard. Also, online students can access various resources such as academic advising, online library, tutoring, etc. Admission requirements include a minimum ACT score of 17 or SAT score of 810 or higher, official transcripts and an application. Eastern Oregon University Annual Tuition: $21,729 Location: La Grande (OR) Credit: NWCCU Learn More Eastern Oregon University (EOU) is a medium-sized, public institution that offers an online Bachelor of Arts in Health and Human Performance. EOU’s online degree program requires 180 credit hours and has three concentrations: (1) Community Health, (2) Exercise Science, and (3) Physical Education and Sport. All of these concentrations require a coursework and research project for the graduate. In general, students can complete their degree in three years with a full-time program. Graduates can become fitness instructors, health coaches, physical therapists, and physical education teachers. At EOU, students use Canvas to access their courses, which are fully online and can be synchronous or asynchronous. Kansas State University Annual Tuition: $26, $316 Location: Manhattan (KS) Credit: HLC Learn More Kansas State University (KSU) is a large, public university. It offers an online bachelor’s degree in kinesiology that requires 120 credit hours. KSU highlights the importance of physical activity and combines biomechanical, physiological and sociological perspectives. The program can be completed in four years on a full-time schedule, and graduates can work as physicians, health coaches, recreation managers, and personal trainers. Some key classes for this major include: Biobehavioral Basis of Physical Activity, Cardiorespiratory Physiology, and Social Structural Factors Determining Physical Activity. At KSU, students use Canvas to access their coursework, which is fully online and asynchronous. University of Wisconsin-Superior Annual Tuition: $15, $705 Location: Superior (WI) Credit: HLC Learn More At the University of Wisconsin-Superior (UWSUPER), a medium-sized, public institution, students can pursue two physical education degrees to pursue e.g. (1) Bachelor of Arts in Sports Science and (2) B.Sc

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