Boston University Data Analytics Masters

Boston University Data Analytics Masters – Faculty of Computing and Data Science The Faculty of Computing and Data Science (CDS) is an academic unit that brings together students and faculty with a shared passion for social impact through computing and data science.

Boston Mayor Wu praised the partnership for December’s ribbon cutting and said the new lighting should be a model for other cities across the country

Boston University Data Analytics Masters

Boston University Data Analytics Masters

Our diverse faculty comes from 23 departments in 11 schools and colleges and brings data science expertise in everything from theology to engineering.

Update On Bu’s Center For Computing & Data Sciences

The number of students taking DS courses is growing and attracts students from all over the university.

The connective tissue that binds all disciplines together, CDS brings together students, faculty and partners to make a real-world impact.

There is no school like CDS because CDS is not a school. It is a community of people interested in advancing computing and data science for a better society.

If you want to shape the future of an increasingly data-driven world, CDS has a place for you.

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Boston University Data Analytics Masters

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CDS News Host: Women in Computing and Data Science March 7, 2023 Host: To celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, the Faculty of Computing and Data Science (CDS) invited computational biologists, data scientists and researchers and innovators to share their professional journeys, empowering experiences to highlight, and a description of how to pay it forward. Read more Photo Iconic landscape rises: Photo gallery tracks construction of Center for Computer and Data Sciences Nearly 40 photos of highlights from the three-year project

Boston University Data Analytics Masters

Three years after a groundbreaking ceremony marked the start of construction on the Center for Computer and Data Science, Boston University is celebrating the landmark building’s opening on December 8.

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Photographers Janice Checchio, Jackie Ricciardi and Sydney Scott captured the build from start to finish. According to their calculations, a total of more than 10,000 photos are taken, at any time, in any season, in any weather.

To mark the completion of the $305 million project, they’ve put together a series of photos that trace its rise from groundbreaking to the 305-foot-tall tower that towers over Central Campus.

Swipe the bars left and right to see two different perspectives of the Center for Computing and Data Science, currently under construction and what it will look like when it’s finished in late 2022. Photos: Jackie Ricciardi

Foundation Center for Computer and Data Sciences: Luigi LaRocca of KPMB Architects (from left), Kenneth Feld (Kuestrom’70), then Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Jean Morrison, Provost, Martin Walsh, then Boston Mayor, Robert A. Brown, President, KPMB Marianne McKenna of Architects and John Fish of Suffolk Construction at the groundbreaking for the state-of-the-art design on Commonwealth Avenue on December 5, 2019. Photo left by Sydney Scott. Azer Bestavros, Associate Professor of Computing and Information Sciences, on the CDS website. Right photo by Jackie Ricciardi

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Azer Bestavros (from left), Gene Morrison and Robert A. Brown as the last beam (right) is put into place during the CDS topping out ceremony on September 30, 2021. Photos by Cydney Scott

Carpenter Carol Rogers of New England Finishing Systems CDS waterproofs the exterior of the fifth floor, Nov. 17 (left). Photos by Sydney Scott

CDS renderings from Warren Towers, November 30. Photo by Sidney Scott; Right photo by Jackie Ricciardi

Boston University Data Analytics Masters

Part of the CDS turf staircase (left). One of the many roof terraces (right) with stunning views of Boston, Cambridge and most of Charles. Photos by Jackie Ricciardi. Once the foundation is ready, the crew will work on the concrete base of the wall and the steel frame until September. Photo: Sydney Scott

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University News What’s New at the Center for Computing and Data Science Nine things to know as clarity begins to grow

A convoy of trucks began arriving at 665 Comm Ave. in early December when it descended on Northeast Boston, dumping more than a foot of snow and leaving the campus completely empty, for one of the largest concrete spills in Boston history. The goal of the carefully crafted project was to form a slab that would anchor the 305-foot, 345,000-square-foot tower that would house the Center for Computing and Data Sciences.

The state-of-the-art design was created in 2020 and is expected to be completed in early 2023. Reminiscent of a stack of books, the structure is an architectural feat and has already won an architectural award before its walls even go up. Designed to be environmentally friendly, it is heated and cooled by 31 geothermal wells, and the interior spaces are designed to encourage collaboration. Upon completion, the magnificent building will house the University’s Departments of Mathematics and Statistics and Computer Science, as well as the Rafik B. Interdisciplinary Institute for Computing and Computer Science and Engineering. Hariri and the newly founded Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences.

Below are just some of the most exciting updates for those working or learning remotely and unable to follow his progress in person.

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On December 5, concreting began at 2 a.m. in the middle of a blizzard and lasted for more than 20 hours. During that time, crews poured 4,500 cubic meters of concrete (about 1,215 tons, or the equivalent of six blue whales), which was then reinforced with more than 900 tons of steel. Three pumping stations supplied water from Commonwealth Avenue, Granby Street and a nearby alley. To ensure the base slabs were seamless, it was essential that the concreting was continuous, as the cap would sit on this platform rather than being attached to the foundation.

450 concrete workers arrived at work in the middle of the night to supply three concrete plants in the Boston area. According to project manager Walt Meissner (CFA’81), assistant vice president for operations, it needed to be done over the weekend so the concrete plants would have enough capacity to carry out the project.

“It was a big blizzard,” he recalls. “As you can imagine, this is not easy to light because of the terraces and cantilevers. it will be fun.”

Boston University Data Analytics Masters

Concrete does not just support the cover. The embedded carbon concrete mix also prevented more than 700 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent from being released into the atmosphere.

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With foundation construction almost complete, crews will be working on the concrete core and lamella steel structure until September. Meissner says the giant steel beams will arrive from Canada in March, and trucks will be waiting in Weston until the pieces are delivered.

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