Cal State Fullerton Graduate Programs

Cal State Fullerton Graduate Programs – A new state law (AB 130) allows a BA in liberal studies to meet the multidisciplinary competency requirement for admission to multidisciplinary certificate programs!

Liberal Studies is an exciting and intellectually challenging interdisciplinary specialty that gives students a unique opportunity to acquire and integrate knowledge from the humanities, arts, natural sciences and social sciences. Our students become well-rounded individuals, critical thinkers, culturally sensitive citizens and creative problem solvers, who succeed in a variety of careers: teachers (primary, special, secondary), lawyers, managers, entrepreneurs, school and government administrators, non-profit organizers, etc. ( for a list click here!).

Cal State Fullerton Graduate Programs

Cal State Fullerton Graduate Programs

At the heart of our curriculum is Liberal Studies Studies (30 units), which provide a thorough grounding in the arts and humanities, sciences and psychology/social sciences. In addition, students receive one of two weights (21 units). The elementary school concentration provides excellent preparation for teaching a variety of subjects in elementary schools and for admission to a multi-subject teaching certificate program. Under the interdisciplinary thematic emphasis, students choose a personal program of courses devoted to the study of specific interdisciplinary themes, which can vary from special education to pre-law to rock music.

Csuf’s #titansgive Day Allows Donors To Give Back To Programs That Helped Them

CSUF is committed to ensuring equal access to our users. Please let us know of any accessibility issues you encounter using this website. Graduates from the College of Business and Economics and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences heard Wednesday from Orange County business leaders and public policy advocates who experienced the 2022 Cal State Fullerton Commencement. These leaders also received a doctorate from the university in recognition of their innovation and support of programs that have enriched the careers of countless CSUF students.

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences honored the 2022 graduates in two ceremonies on Wednesday. The college offers degrees in sociology, American studies, history, English, linguistics, environmental studies, African American studies, Asian American studies, Chicana and Chicano studies, criminal justice, political science, public administration, liberal studies, science, religious studies, and women’s and gender studies.

In both ceremonies, students, faculty, families and friends are members of the Acjachemen Nation to recognize that the university was built on the homeland shared by the Tongva and Acjachemen people. . During the ceremony, members of the Acjachemen nation honor their ancestors, elders and relatives – past, present and present.

Dean Sheryl Fontaine greeted the graduating class, their friends and family at both ceremonies by offering “thanks and gifts.” Thank you Teacher for being true teacher researchers. We thank the staff for all their efforts on behalf of the students. We thank parents and families for believing in high school students, helping in practical ways (such as providing transportation, helping with tuition and fees, etc.), and believing in the promises of the children. these high schools. Students and graduates are thanked for their intellectual enthusiasm, compassion and kindness towards each other, and their impatience with what the world has to offer.

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“My gift to graduate students is thousands of humanities and social science students who are succeeding in many fields and changing the world. Like you, the day they graduate, they don’t always know where life will take them,” he said. “Their success is your promise. Remember this day in your heart.”

At the ceremony at 9 a.m. A doctorate was presented to longtime university supporter Ambassador Gaddi Vasquez, who most recently served as senior vice president of government affairs for Edison International and Southern California Edison.

The son of migrant farm workers, Vasquez served from 2002-09 in such roles as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations in Rome, Italy, and director of the U.S. Peace Corps. Vasquez was also nominated by former President George H.W. Bush to two government committees, including the President’s White House Staff Committee. He currently serves on the CSU Foundation Board of Governors and several city and county boards.

Cal State Fullerton Graduate Programs

“Gaddi Vasquez is not only a close mentor, but a dear friend, and also a great advocate for Cal State Fullerton and for higher education,” said President Fram Virjee. “He is a champion of equity and inclusion, equal access to quality education, the first Latinx person to serve on the Orange County Board of Trustees, and a passionate advocate for all public universities. We are honored to confer a Doctorate of Laws, the highest honor given by CSUF, on Gaddi – a representative, a public leader, a champion of justice and now a titan.

Cal State Fullerton Graduate Programs

“I think it’s an incredible privilege to celebrate with him,” Vasquez said. “You will go down in history as a team that persevered and overcame insurmountable odds. Over the past few years we have learned more about ourselves and more about our country.

“Think about what is important in life. Become a champion for what you believe in. Design a future where quality and diversity are valued. Build access and opportunity and help those who are disadvantaged have a chance to overcome their circumstances and succeed well. We must be a country where respect is at the heart of everything we do, say and think.

“Our parents endure challenges and experience difficult times, such as social conflicts, war, inequality and much more. Learn from them and design your own resilience. For many of you, the journey begins far away … and leads to the United States. For others, it begins closer to this campus.

“I am the son of a working immigrant family. I am the mother of two children who did not finish high school. Our parents insisted that we not repeat their trip. We want to be the first generation to break the cycle of poverty. I was also the first in my family to earn a college degree.

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Vasquez then encouraged the graduates to shape their future and make it their own. And bring others. He quoted Martin Luther King Jr. who said, ‘The most persistent question in the world is, ‘What are you doing for others?’

“Former graduates shape public policy, run businesses, develop technology, make our communities strong and vibrant. Together we can work to make the world a better place. The same knowledge that brought you to this day will carry you into the future. “

It ends with the poet Carl Sandburg’s words: “Time is the currency of your life. It’s the only money you have, and only you can decide how to spend it. Be careful not to let others take advantage of you. And when you do use it, use it wisely so you can get more bang for your buck.”

Cal State Fullerton Graduate Programs

“You are here today to celebrate the time you spent in an effort that will affect your life in ways you may not be able to see today, but will become more apparent over time.

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The college also acknowledges that recent years have been characterized by losses. One such loss was the death of student Michael Kruger. Kruger majored in sociology with a 3.9 GPA.

Kruger doesn’t just like to read science: He practices sociology. Through her involvement with Project Return and her John Irwin House, she supports students who have experienced incarceration in their lifetime and provides assistance on their educational journeys. As an active member of the Health, Technology and Lab Society, he draws on scientific knowledge and methods to study community experiences with COVID-19 in Southern California and presents this research at student conferences. He was accepted into CSUF’s master’s degree program in education and counseling.

Kruger strongly believes in the transformative power of a public college education for individuals, families and (non-)communities. His combination of science, practice and social justice is a reminder to us all that the role of science is not just to interpret the world, but to change it. By overcoming personal struggles, Kruger not only changed his own life, but also the lives of countless others.

“We know how much it means to him to be a part of Cal State Fullerton and the Return Project. Throughout his time at CSUF, Michael developed relationships with other students, and sought out mentors and advisors to guide him on his journey. He gave his all through outreach , activism and service. He is happy to make California and Cal State Fullerton his home. Michael will have a lasting impact on all who knew him. Michael’s community involvement not only led him to touch the lives of others: In particular, it was here at Cal State Fullerton that he was finally able to find himself. The honor of graduating today summa cum laude exemplifies the best of Michael’s personality, and also confirms that the Titans always raise the bar.”

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At college at 5:00 p.m. event, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Carolyn Thomas noted how humanities and social sciences graduates now have real-world skills for business, such as problem solving, communication, teamwork, leadership and intercultural fluency.

“See how your education prepares you to lead,” Thomas said. “Not a pushy, ‘pick me’ type of leader, but the type of leader who brings out the best in those around him.”

“There is no greater need in society right now than to do everyday actions that help us reach a certain age

Cal State Fullerton Graduate Programs

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