Cheap Flights From Eugene To Phoenix

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Depending on where you look, you might think that flight prices are rising to record highs or falling to record lows. The point is that no perspective is wrong.

Cheap Flights From Eugene To Phoenix

Cheap Flights From Eugene To Phoenix

Flight prices are unpredictable and volatile – they change every minute due to airline costs, travel demand, available capacity and more. Even after flight prices skyrocketed earlier this year, trying to predict what will happen to airline tickets next is foolish.

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But some recent trends are undeniable. With travelers looking to lock down their flights home for vacation, ticket prices to domestic destinations like New York, Seattle and Denver have soared to $400 and even $500. But at the same time, demand to reach Europe in winter and spring has subsided after the summer boom, leading to surprisingly low fares: think cheap flights to Europe for $300. Yes, really – a flight across the pond can cost less than a fast trip across the United States.

If you’ve been searching for domestic flights in the last few weeks, you may be shocked again.

There is no doubt that the prices of domestic flights are rising again. This Hopper chart clearly shows that after peaking this summer, the average round-trip fare is slowly rising again.

It’s not just about Hopper. After months of steady declines, the latest federal inflation report released last month showed flight prices rose nearly 1 percent from August to September. We expect that number to increase further this month.

Airline Info & Nonstop Destinations

So why are domestic flight prices rising right now? It’s more than inflation – seasonality and travel demand play a big role. It’s not uncommon for domestic air fares to spike at this time of year as travelers flock to book their holiday travel. Most Americans travel around the country during the holiday season, which increases the demand for domestic flights.

But just because average prices are rising doesn’t mean all flight prices are rising. We continue to find great deals on cheap flights to the USA, whether for the next few months or in 2023. Las Vegas (LAS) is a perfect example of this.

For those looking for a trip to Sin City, flights to Las Vegas can still be very affordable, even during the holidays. Same goes for Nashville (BNA), where we found many cheap flight options like this Delta no-stop fare from New York (JFK).

Cheap Flights From Eugene To Phoenix

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New Low Cost Avelo Airlines Launches April 28 With $19 Fares

But there is no doubt that overall domestic flight prices are rising. The October figures are likely to prove this as more and more travelers are looking for and booking holidays. But if you know where to look, there’s still a lot of value out there.

Let’s get to the good news, shall we? Flight prices to Europe have been great lately, and some of our favorite destinations are among the best.

This Delta fare offer is a perfect example of this. It only takes a second to absorb all those $300 fees!

These wild fares were at the heart of the shift in pricing patterns for flights to Europe from the US over the last two to three weeks. These were all amazing rates, especially compared to just a month ago.

United Cheap Flights From Chicago From $ 106

Exhibit B: This Athens (ATH) deal we released last week with round-trip fares starting at just $385, over $200 less than a few weeks ago. When you see deals to and from Greece for less than most domestic flights, you know something is wrong.

Those low prices are gone now. Get all the best deals delivered to your inbox with Thrifty Traveler Premium.

Another good example is flights to Rome. Just a few weeks ago we discovered this Chicago-O’Hare (ORD) to Rome (FCO) fare that was the best we’ve had in a long time…until the last few weeks. In the latest round of ORD to FCO fares, it was only $392 for a round trip to Delta.

Cheap Flights From Eugene To Phoenix

Of course, the average fare may increase overall. Even Hopper’s data does not show a significant drop in international air fares, thanks to higher prices to destinations such as South America and Asia. But it is clear that prices for flights to Europe are plummeting.

Direct (non Stop) Flights From Denver To Eugene

2022 flight prices are on the high side right now, but as the 2023 calendar approaches, it’s worth traveling to… well, almost anywhere.

In fact, January, February and March 2023 are home to some of our favorite flight deals we’ve published in recent months. The Caribbean is an amazing place that Americans visit during the cold winter months. This Antigua Agreement (ANU) may be just what you need.

Especially for travelers from Boston, New York, Montreal and Toronto, a cheap flight to Antigua can save your sanity in the winter. The same applies to Aruba (AUA).

Aruba’s Happy Beaches are also affordable for Americans in the winter and spring of 2023. It’s an idyllic, sunny getaway and Aruba prices have been reliable for the first few months of 2023.

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Washington is perhaps best seen in spring during cherry season, and this Thrifty Traveler Premium offer for the capital was available in late March and early April, when the cherry blossoms are usually in bloom.

As we mentioned, cheap flights to Europe are now plentiful and double in the winter months. Last week we sent a knockdown offer to the UK from all over the US with rates of $300 and $400.

Just look at this spring flight from Chicago (ORD) to Inverness (INV)! You can take the whole family to Inverness for the price of a single ticket in 2022.

Cheap Flights From Eugene To Phoenix

Check January, February and March for the best flight deals to almost anywhere. While smaller travelers are focused on flying in 2022, flights around the corner in the New Year are about half the price.

Eugene Airport, Convenient, Comfortable

Just because a plane ticket seems more expensive in many places doesn’t mean your points and miles won’t go that far, quite the opposite.

The best way to avoid high fees is to use your points and miles. Whether you’re heading south to somewhere warm hoping to cross a pond, or even flying to Japan after its recent reopening, we’re sending out more reward alerts than ever to Thrifty Traveler Premium+ members.

These United Polaris Business Class fares to London were bookable for just 45,000 points each way, including Christmas and New Year’s availability. And London isn’t the only recent beneficiary of great points and miles rates. Or maybe Tokyo?

Use just 43,000 round-trip Virgin Atlantic miles to fly to Japan. This has been one of our favorite deals over the past few weeks, especially now that Japan has reopened to tourists.

American Airlines Business Extra: How To Earn & Redeem Points

And let’s look for another continent, shall we? How about Qatar Airways QSuites flights to Africa with just 85,000 points each way. This included places like the Seychelles, Zanzibar, Nairobi and even South Africa.

Your points and miles can already take you far, but you can also use your points and miles on domestic trips that might seem too expensive for cash. This clever way to get to Salt Lake City’s flying delta, but booked with Virgin Atlantic points, is the perfect reservation for skiers and riders looking for the best snow in the world.

But if you’re looking for some sunshine instead of runways, you can use Delta SkyMiles to make that happen in Phoenix (PHX) as well.

Cheap Flights From Eugene To Phoenix

While the prices of domestic flights in the United States are increasing, we are also seeing some of the best fares to Europe of the year. Both of these things can be true at the same time. Armed with this knowledge, you can find deals.

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