Cheap Flights To Boston Logan Airport

Cheap Flights To Boston Logan Airport – Boston’s Logan International Airport, commonly known as Boston Logan, is the largest airport in New England. Serving more than 40 million passengers in 2018, Boston is a departure city for major US carriers such as United and American, as well as many international airlines such as Cathay Pacific and Lufthansa. However, in recent years, the airport has seen an increase in the number of international flights on budget airlines, which means that you can often find deals on international carriers trying to attract tourists. Read this guide to learn how to find deals on domestic and international flights departing from Boston Logan.

At least you can expect to pay for a round-trip ticket to Boston Logan, of course, depending on where you fly to:

Cheap Flights To Boston Logan Airport

Cheap Flights To Boston Logan Airport

Logan International Airport is served by several airlines, although according to a study conducted by Rome2rio, the following Boston-Logan airlines are generally considered to offer the cheapest domestic flights:

Spirit Airlines Adds Daily Flight From Charlotte To Boston

Here are the cheapest international airlines serving Boston Logan, according to the same Rome 2 Rio study, along with their average cost per mile:

If you’re overwhelmed by the spacious parking lot at Boston Logan, there’s no need to rush to find a parking spot as your flight’s departure time approaches. Just leave your car at Park Shuttle & Fly – we are the closest parking lot to the airport and there are no bridges on our way, so you don’t have to worry about delays.

Due to the closure of the Sumner Tunnel from 11pm Friday night to 5am Monday, there is increased traffic from Logan Airport to our parking lot in the afternoon and evening on Saturday and Sunday. Please allow extra time to travel to and from Logan during this time.

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