Chicana Latina Foundation Scholarship

Chicana Latina Foundation Scholarship – SFPUC and its social impact partner, Water Resources Engineering, Inc. (WRE), Inc. will award two Chicana Latina Foundation scholarships to Latina students who are residents of San Francisco. Rosa Estrada and Andrea Serrano will receive a $1,500 scholarship to apply to college.

The application process for the scholarship opens in February 2019. The sponsor is partnering with SFPUC’s Social Impact Partnership Program.

Chicana Latina Foundation Scholarship

Chicana Latina Foundation Scholarship

Through the Chicana Latina Foundation, two Latinas pursuing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) or related careers and currently attending a college, university or community in San Francisco will receive $1,500 toward college tuition. As part of the scholarship, recipients will also attend a three-day Leadership Institute event where they will participate in a variety of activities, including writing workshops and sessions, to strengthen their cultural identity and sense of belonging.

Funding And Scholarships

“I’m very proud to be queer and not a statistic. The Latino community is very underrepresented in STEM fields, so I’m very proud to be majoring in Biology-Physiology with a minor in Chemistry. This It is an achievement that I always feel. In his scholarship application, Estrada said: “My passion for science is deep, and although these four years have been filled with the rigorous demands of this competitive field, the day I wake up until the second I sit down in science courses.” , I always remember the big picture, my bigger purpose, which is to highlight the potential and power. knowledge that Latinos can do in science.

As for Serrano, he shared that one of his “proudest accomplishments to date was being accepted into graduate school at the University of San Francisco.”

She shared, “My desire to pursue a Master of Science in nursing and a Bachelor of Clinical Nursing came from a desire to improve and encourage the community I grew up in. I defied the odds against myself as a woman of color from a lowly background. – Income from a single-family home, because he was the first in his family to go to college and get a college degree.

The scholarship selection process runs from April to June, and scholarship recipients are announced in mid-June and winners will attend the 2019 Scholarship Awards Gala on Saturday, October 18, 2019.

East Bay Area

The Chicana Latina Foundation sponsors merit-based scholarships for 30-40 Latina students each year. Latinas currently enrolled in higher education in one of the Northern California counties are encouraged to apply: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Monterey, Napa, Sacramento, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Solano, San Francisco, Sonoma, or Yolo. The students we work to become part of the Chicana Latina Foundation family for life. The foundation has built a network of more than 600 Alumnae who are now strong leaders who thrive in their careers, families and communities and continue to share their gifts through mentorship with other women. The Chicana Latina Foundation Alumnae Network offers:

We rely on this powerful network of Latinos to continue building political power and promoting lasting policy change.

Based on the knowledge of our ancestors and our actions out of love and respect for the older generations.

Chicana Latina Foundation Scholarship

Access supportive and sustainable community networks, peer education, and leadership positions to create innovative opportunities

Who We Are

“Let us come together and move forward with hope as we protect and care for the Earth and its spirits.” Berta Cáceres

The Alumnae Association exists to support the mission of the Chicana Latina Foundation: Empowering Chicanas/Latinas through personal, educational and professional development. Alumnae decided to form an association because of the duty and desire to give back to the generations that will come after us. We have gained self-confidence, self-love, courage and we hope that our passions will be strengthened and create a creative field for the growth of the new generation.

The CLF Alumnae Association promotes the personal and collective Xingona strength of CLF students. We support each other in formal and informal ways to bring out our true selves in all areas of our lives. We have a complex identity including nationality, ability, gender, religion, legal status, class, etc. We strategically promote social justice by increasing the representation of Chicanas/Latinos in all fields, especially Afro-Latinos and Indigenas. We fight for structural change and do not remain silent against sexism, racism, colorism and all social injustices.

COMMUNITY/COMMUNITY: Engage students from various backgrounds to become part of the CLF community (e.g. volunteers, philanthropists, counselors, and social justice warriors, etc.)

Abigail Gonzaga Toxqui

DEVELOPMENT + BEHAVIOR: Supporting Chicana/Latina leadership development, including civic engagement and political education and awareness

REINVIGORATE: Promoting self-care is part of our commitment to personal and professional growth, as well as an important element in supporting each other as partners and promoting community well-being based on love.

“Self-defense is not self-defense, it is self-defense and it is an act of political war.” – Audre Lorde

Chicana Latina Foundation Scholarship

Xingona: Blessings. A makes his own way, this is his way and he will follow whatever the society and culture says. / “x” links back to the indigenous ancestors of los Aztecas, the Aztecs, who used “x” as “c-h”.

Chicana Latina Foundation Scholarship: Open To Undocumented Students In California

Social Justice: Justice in the distribution of wealth, opportunities and privileges in society. A belief that a better world is possible, and which is organized differently and openly with human needs and cariño / love at the center.

Social Injustice: Beware of Institutional Oppression- The systematic oppression of people in a social identity group, supported and enforced by society and institutions, based solely on a person’s membership in a social identity group.

Heterosexism: A subcategory of sexism, heterosexism describes a pattern in which people of a different gender are assumed to want to have exclusive sexual relationships with members of the opposite sex. Because not everyone does this, those who do not know can be punished with ridicule, restriction of cooperation rights, discrimination, arrest and possibly death.

Cisgenderism: Cisgenderism is a social pattern in which people who do not identify with their assigned gender roles or do not have clear gender roles are forced to choose inappropriate gender roles or face social consequences.

Academic Support — Upward Scholars

Classism: Classism is a social pattern in which rich or influential people gather around each other, and oppress those who are less rich or less influential.

Racism: Racism is a social pattern in which people who identify as members of a particular “racial” group are treated differently from people who are members of another group.

Colorism: Colorism is a social pattern in which people are treated differently based on the amount of melanin that is visible in their skin. It is not the same thing as racism, but the two go hand in hand.

Chicana Latina Foundation Scholarship

Ableism: Ableism is a social pattern in which people with disabilities are treated unnecessarily, rather than those who don’t need them.

Chicana Foundation Of Northern California

Lookism: Lookism is a social pattern in which people whose faces and/or bodies conform to social ideals are considered different from those whose faces and/or bodies do not.

Size: Standardization is a social pattern in which people whose bodies conform to social ideals are considered different from those whose bodies do not.

Ageism: Ageism is a social pattern in which people of a certain chronological age are treated differently than those who are not.

Nativism: Nativism is a social pattern in which people who are born in a country are treated differently than those who immigrate to that country in favor of the natives.

Best Information And Scholarship Websites Archives

Colonialism: Colonialism is a social pattern in which people born in a particular country are treated differently than those who immigrate to that country, often for the benefit of a recognized powerful immigrant group.

Structural Change:  Profound changes that change the way power, capital, information, and responsibility are organized. Remove institutional pressure. “My story tells how we now feel the influence and power of the CLF community. Through the great Latino network we can represent ourselves in positions of power. Having a community like CLF that believes in us, supports us, and pushes us. .very strong Thank you to our family and the extended CLF family for showing us the power of community.

“Thank you for helping me be me, and helping me love every part of myself and everyone around me. Thank you for making me realize that I am enough. Thank you for who showed me that I have the strongest support system. Thank you for changing their lives and the lives of everyone at the Leadership Retreat Institute. Thank you so much.”

Chicana Latina Foundation Scholarship

This is more than a scholarship, this foundation strives to be a leader by supporting other strong women. Words are not enough to express my gratitude… I hope other students will have the same experience again thanks to this scholarship. –

Scholarships For Hispanic & Latinx Students

A generous anonymous donor will match all donations up to $20,000! Funding will be provided to provide more leadership opportunities for students. Take advantage

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