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Columbia University Master Of Applied Analytics – Now a software engineer at Google, Jing Li, ’19, Applied Analytics, credits most of her career opportunities to connections, many of which she gained through her M.S. in Applied Analytics. Play Do you want a degree in applied analytics? Why from Columbia? What makes this program work is networking! You need to connect with Columbia alumni! Most of my job offers are through connections. I think students can feel the benefits even if they barely attend class. I knew I wanted to go into the data science industry because my undergraduate major was in mathematics. I work on applied math projects like artificial intelligence, I did an internship at Tencent, so I think it’s an interesting field. But I want to know more about data science. When it came time to choose a program, I knew that Columbia was very prestigious; it’s an Ivy League school and in New York. Location and, of course, the reputation of the school are important for immigrant job seekers. How does Columbia help facilitate your networking and job search? I cannot stress the importance of building and maintaining connections to your career! I get over 95% of my opportunities through connections. Yes, you study hard, apply for a job, or attend a conference, but in the end, opportunities always come from the support of other people. Both my current position at Google and my win at Marsh’s Hackathon last year are the result of my Columbia connection. The professor of the Storytelling with Data course told us about the hackathon. Two of my classmates and I went in hoping to just have fun; We never thought we could win, but we did! We adapted what was learned in class; we connect with the audience by speaking in terms they understand. I attribute this whole experience to my professor. Both my current position at Google and my win at Marsh’s Hackathon last year are the result of my Columbia connection. “If I hadn’t met my fellow Columbia graduates, I wouldn’t be at Google! I reached out to Columbia graduates who told me about Grace. The Hopper Celebration Conference, the premier conference for women and girls in technology; almost every company – if you will – will be present at the conference. After attending the conference, the recruiter called me regarding my current position. My plan was to become a software engineer; i wanted to be a data scientist. But when the recruiter walked up to me, I thought, “Why not give it a try?” The advice I would give to prospective students is to keep an open mind. Applied Analytics is a versatile program. It prepares you to move in multiple directions if it is related to data There are roles such as consultants, data analysts, data scientists, statisticians and even analysts that you can fill with Columbia’s Master’s in Applied Analytics n that is diverse and gives students freedom , to perfect themselves in their special and unique career path. Although I did not get an interview right away through Columbia Career Services, they developed a mindset ready for the next job opportunity. For example, I created my own job search to-do list using their guide and resources. There are roles such as consultant, data analyst, data scientist, statistician, and even business analyst that you can fill with a Columbia M.S. in Applied Analytics. The options are diverse, giving students the freedom to hone in on their specialty and unique career path. ” How was your Columbia experience as a student from China? What advice would you give to students from China? It’s good to know what your goals are as a Chinese student. Many students from China want to return after graduation. But some will want to stay in the US. The strategy for these two groups of people should be very different. As I said before, connections are important. So if you’re sure you’re going back to China, it’s okay not to be proactive about looking for local connections .I think it’s more of a way to have fun and explore to understand the local culture better when you’re in the U.S. So in that case it’s good to spend more time with people from your area in China because when you come back you can these links help to open your career path in China. But if you want to live and work in USA, then you have to leave your comfort zone. Ingg language ris is not my first language and there are communication barriers. But I try to help you become more confident. At first but I was not confident in English, but you can gain confidence through voluntary experience. You can talk to the Career Design Lab. Depending on what you want, you need to adjust your strategy. [T]here are some companies that only come in high school and you don’t always realize it… As a Columbia student, you get the opportunity to be exposed to a lot of opportunities”. do you become a member of the Columbia community? You are like a country; when you go to abroad, you say, “I’m from the US.” You’re proud of it. It’s the same feeling when I tell someone I’m from Columbia. have a WeChat group for Columbia alumni and students, and here we not only share Columbia resources, but also our experiences; I appreciate these little things. I remember talking to a student from another university once; the company he wanted to work for only came to Columbia, not his university! His university is very good, but there are some companies that come just to high school, and you don’t always realize that as a Columbia student I graduated. They come here and it’s easy to think that it’s normal and they’re going anywhere, but it’s actually not true. As a Columbia student, you get the opportunity to be exposed to a wider variety adverbial sti. Applications to join Columbia University’s Spring 2021 Master of Applied Analytics program are open. Visit Roki for more details.

Alumnus Alumnus Ameen Amin Promoted to First Vice President at Morgan Stanley “I loved the experience,” said Amin, who holds an M.P.S. in wealth management from Columbia University in December.

Columbia University Master Of Applied Analytics

Columbia University Master Of Applied Analytics

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Columbia Alumni Alumna Featured in Forbes Israel “30 Under 30” “The program … helped me get to the next level.” Scarlett Liu ’21, Applied Analytics fresh off a summer internship at Apple Inc., discusses the benefits of Columbia’s HyFlex. learning environment and how he used techniques he learned from Columbia professors to tell stories for his data analysis. What is your favorite part of returning to campus with the HyFlex learning model? I feel like a student again. I feel more engaged now that I’m back on campus with the HyFlex model. Everyone was quarantined last semester; now I get those interactions with professors in the classroom that are more effective for learning new concepts. I recently attended a class on campus and it was great that the professor was quick to answer my questions. Even when I see their subtle facial expressions; I love this part! Returning to New York mentally prepared me to stay on top of assignments, including writing homework, interacting with other students, and talking to professors. It’s important to create that environment for myself as a student, so I came back to campus. In addition, Columbia has done a lot to ensure the safety of people on campus. I have to submit a negative test result for COVID-19 before returning and there are social distancing chairs in the classroom. So I feel safe to come back to campus. Living in person gives students more time to connect with like-minded people from the university and network with more professors and professionals, even during a pandemic. Playing makes me feel like a student again. I feel more engaged now that I’m back on campus with the HyFlex model. Coming back to New York mentally prepares me to stay ahead of the curve… It’s important to create that environment for yourself as a student.” How do you adapt to the HyFlex learning model? That way? Instructors need to be more familiar with zoom features – like raise your hand or set up a room for a meeting – instead of last semester! One of the advantages we have now is the recordings of the lectures. So if you have any doubts about what was said in class, you can turn to the recordings and get an answer

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