Data Science Business Analytics Master

Data Science Business Analytics Master – Program A lecture from the leading academics whose intelligent use of data forms the basis of business decisions today and will be the driving force behind the evolution of society and the economy in the years to come. It may be one of the most important topics of our time. Analysts estimate that the data business has generated about 10 billion dollars in recent years, and will probably generate more than 30 billion dollars in the coming years. The growth of job opportunities is tremendous: companies and organizations will need a couple of hundreds of thousands of data scientists and heads of business analysis in the next few years. In addition, a significant increase in content generation will lead to highly skilled people with deep knowledge and global understanding of the technological and business challenges facing the era of AI and digital transformation . Recent business studies converge on the projected need to educate millions of data scientists and data managers over the next decade. This is why the two famous French business schools Grandes Ecoles and CentraleSupélec have joined forces to offer a new and comprehensive program. We believe that innovation leaders must be both business professionals and data scientists. Therefore, we offer a unique program where students learn and combine key skills in innovation and the economy of increasingly demanding companies. This master is for students engaged in a deep understanding of data science and business analysis methods, who aim to develop strong skills in mathematical modeling and computer science, as well as in management. Guillaume CHEVILLON Nikos PARAGIOS Laurent ALFANDARI Fragkiskos MALLIAROS Abdelmounaim DERRAZ

This hybrid program combines resources from top business schools and top engineering schools, in Paris and Singapore, to offer a unique 2-year program (M1 + M2) or 1-year program (only M2), depending and yours. previous degree and background.

Data Science Business Analytics Master

Data Science Business Analytics Master

For a global understanding of the challenges of the digital age and to know data science and business analysis methods, the program has a strong scientific focus and aims to provide students with a comprehensive overview of the fields involved. together and united, allowing them to develop as. Professionals do a full job.

Master Of Science In Data Science And Analytics

The duration of the Master in Business Sciences & Business Analytics is 2 years (Master 1 + Master 2) or 1 year (Master 2 only), depending on your background and final degree:

A Bachelor of 3 years or at least 3 qualifications: complete the program in 2 years (M1 + M2).

A 4-year Bachelor or a Master Degree minimum: complete the program in 1 year (M2).

If the committee finds that your background is strong, but not sufficient in some required areas, we may ask you to join a two-year program (M1 + M2) instead in order to build up your strength and ensure that you will go to good.

Master Of Science In Data Science

Master 2 (M2) One year to master data science and business analysis techniques, and tailor the program to your specific career goals.

Based on the theory, methods, applications and applications of Data Sciences & Business Analytics, this course presents students with technical and business challenges under the era of AI and digital transformation. The department combines academic and professional ideas for the best teaching, and many teachers have Ph.D., thus becoming experts in their fields internationally. YEAR 1 (Master 1; M1) In France at CentraleSupélec France Depending on your background and final degree, you will start the program at M1 and the total duration of the program is 2 years (M1 + M2). To build your strength and help build your foundation, you will start the program from the first period of foundation in Management, Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science at the CentraleSupélec campus. Examples of courses include: Probability Analysis Statistics Optimization Introduction to Finance & Accounting Introduction to Economics In the second term, follow the course in the same area on the French campus, as well as the hackathon of Ekimetrics and Artefact organized. During this first year, you will be able to identify your professional interests, to help you decide which major to choose in Year 2 (M2). Examples of courses include: Advanced Coding Algebra Statistical Inference IT Management in Digital Age Strategy Marketing Analytics You can do a 4-6 month course at the end of M1 YEAR 2 (Master 2; M2) In France, CentraleSupelec France, in Asia – Pacific (Singapore ) Depending on your background and final degree, you will start the program in M2 and the total duration of the program is 1 year (M2), or you will continue to the second year of the program (M2) and if you start. . and M1. This year (M2) is divided into two academic periods to master data science, as well as business analysis and digital strategy. The curriculum is designed based on your specific career goals while being specialized in content and addressing recent trends and challenges. Phase 1: Build your base in and around Centrale Supélec in France. Regardless of your other options, you will always start a program in France. During the first term which runs from September to December, you will get refresher and basic lessons. Examples of courses include: Predictive Big Data Analytics Algorithms, Techniques and Platforms Foundations of Optimization Foundations of Machine Learning Period 2: Choose a Major / Minor In France, in Singapore, and Centrale Supélec In period 2, choose between our three Majors to be professional. . You need to follow at least one major (4 subjects) and one minor (2 subjects). 3 MAJORS Data Sciences Business Analytics Digital Strategy 2 MINORS Data Sciences Business Analytics To ensure a complete curriculum, you need to take courses in data science and business analytics. Depending on your choice, you will continue your program in one or more of our three schools, and you will have the opportunity to receive courses or minors from other disciplines, with give you good and accurate skills. There is no limit to the number of courses selected and two majors are possible. Season 2 includes an international field trip where students explore specific industries and network with companies. COURSE OF DATA SCIENCES At CentraleSupélec in France (Paris Region) Examples of studies include: Big Data Algorithms, Methods and Platforms Machine Learning Advanced Learning Deep Learning Reinforcement Learning Science Analytics Distributed Language Design Distributed Optimization and Computing in Design in France (Paris Region) Examples of studies include: Policy & Policy Analytics Marketing Analytics People Analytics Decision Analytics Entrepreneurship for Data Driven Initiative Trading, Digital Transformation of Market, and Fintech MAJOR IN DIGITAL STRATEGY In Asia-Pacific (Singapore) Examples of studies include. : Cyber ​​Security Digital Marketing Strategy Project Management for Digital Initiatives Decision Analysis Strategy & Management

The Master in Data Sciences & Business Analytics is built on a hands-on learning foundation. That is, we don’t just want to explain about your chosen field of expertise, but to gain experience and deepen the complexity of business life in the world. Annual Hackathon (M1 & M2), complete and support a Hackathon project – a project spread over a few days organized and analyzed with partner companies – which requires new ideas to analyze and visualize data. Some partner companies are Ekimetrics and Artefact. Corporate Audit Program Corporate Audit Program runs from October-March of M2. Students work in groups to solve important questions asked by partner companies using their own data, allowing students to gain valuable insights and work directly. The project increases their career prospects International Field Trip The International Field Trip is a one-week trip to M2 to meet top athletes, regional experts and business leaders from around the world, and compare your knowledge to best practice and emerging applications of research. developing around the world. other countries. You can go to Hong Kong, Silicon Valley, etc. Masterclasses Masterclasses will take place throughout the year in M2. Some examples are: Strategic Business Analytics, Data Security, Data Ethics Regulation, Data Driven Entrepreneurship, Business Ethics, AI in HR Management, Digital Economics.

Data Science Business Analytics Master

YEAR 1 (Master 1; M1) Depending on your background and final degree, you will start the program in M1 and the total duration of the program is 2 years (M1 + M2). Courses of 4 to 6 months An optional course of 4 to 6 months takes place at the end of year 1 (M1). Integrated professional experience allows you to apply the knowledge and skills you’ve learned to work in real-life situations. YEAR 2 (Master 2; M2) Depending on your background and final degree, you will start the program in M2 and the total duration of the program is 1 year (M2), or you will continue in the year of two of the program (M2). ) if you started with M1. Internship of 4 to 6 months (or Professional Experience) Your work can be done for a period of 4 to 6 months anywhere in the world.

Master Of Analytics

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