Delta Airlines In San Diego

Delta Airlines In San Diego – You need at least 10 seconds in the last 2 years to appear in the 40th out of 81 airlines ranking. 771 reviews

Like every summer we headed to France for a few weeks to visit family and friends. This time it will be a bit different from previous years as I will be flying from the West Coast with my 7 month old baby.

Delta Airlines In San Diego

Delta Airlines In San Diego

We bought tickets at the beginning of the year while still living in DC and before we even knew we were moving to San Diego. We had ridden the Compagnie before and wanted to try out the new A321neo, due for delivery later that spring.

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Now that we were living on the West Coast, we had to find an intercontinental flight. We chose Alaska for our outbound trip because it was a non-stop trip from San Diego to Newark. To return, I wanted to take the opportunity to stay at the newly opened TWA Hotel, so I checked my flight at JFK Airport.

Delta Air Lines uses the long haul configuration 757-200 reserved for transatlantic and premium transcontinental flights, making it the best non-stop option between JFK and SAN. American Airlines, a competitor on this route, uses a 737-800 with a standard domestic first class cabin for the six-hour flight. For the same price, the Delta was the clear winner with a superior product: fully flat seats in business class (actually the same model seats as La Compagnie).

Booking on was quick and easy, except for infant tickets. There was no way to add an infant during the booking process. Of the 5 airlines my family has flown with since our son was born, 3 allow online bookings for newborns (AS, BA, B0) and 2 do not (AA, DL). child .

Fortunately, has a live chat feature that is much easier than a phone call.

Delta Air Lines Boeing 757 232 N663dn Arriving At San Diego International Airport Stock Photo

About three days before my flight, I received an email from Delta asking me to pre-select a main meal for my upcoming flight. We’re glad Delta introduced this feature. Previously, I believe only Americans offered online meal pre-orders.

It was an early climb leaving for our flight at 8am. Luckily it wasn’t too bad so we were French time. It was also nice that the destination was only a few stops away by AirTrain.

The Terminal 2 AirTrain station is a short distance from the terminal. Terminal 2 is not my favorite terminal at JFK Airport. It feels dark and outdated. The biggest difference in the Delta’s performance is the new Terminal 4 location.

Delta Airlines In San Diego

T2 doesn’t deserve to be “New York’s best airline”, but Delta has improved in recent years, so it’s not as bad as it used to be.

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One thing I really like about the T2 is the large dedicated SkyPriority area and generally faster security compared to the T4.

The SkyPriority counter was completely empty so we were checked in quickly by two very friendly agents.

The safety through test route was equally empty before and we ended up very quickly without routine testing of all milk formulas.

After security, we headed to the Sky Club with about 45 minutes left before boarding. TransCon’s international and premium business class “Delta One” passengers have access to the lounge, but domestic First Class passengers do not.

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Terminal 2 Sky Club is located on the mezzanine level and is accessible via the elevator across Gate C67.

T2 Sky Club is not as nice as the big T4 club with its nice sky deck, but it has been renovated and is much better than the last time I was here a few years ago.

The lounge was not crowded at this time and other areas were empty. It was easy to find a quiet place.

Delta Airlines In San Diego

The food served was adequate by American lounge standards with hot options like sausage links and scrambled eggs in addition to the usual bagels, oatmeal, yogurt and fruit. As in most US domestic lounges, the plates were not luxurious with paper plastic and cutlery. Still, it was nice to have hot food options that didn’t exist in American corporate lounges just a few years ago.

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I love Delta Air Lines and know that they are very customer-focused on the major “US3” legacy carriers, but the new boarding process introduced in early 2019 is not friendly or helpful for families with infants.

Passengers with infants cannot pre-board and will be boarded in the third group (or fourth group for widebody).

In fact, comparing the old and new accommodation process, we can see that families with children were the only group selected to be excluded from rides. To make matters worse, Delta seems to have completely forgotten about customers traveling with babies in premium cabins—passengers like us.

When I approached the platform to get my gate check and pre-boarding tag, the gate agent said I couldn’t board. “You have to board Delta One first.”

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The gate agent scanned my boarding pass with an embarrassed and apologetic look. He then announced that the Delta One now carries only passengers and infants. I appreciated the way he tried to correct his mistakes.

Having kids, I can’t say I’m glad the gate agent thought we weren’t traveling in business class, but I wouldn’t blame him as it’s Delta’s policy to travel that first and business class. Passengers are not accompanied by infants.

The “75S” Premium TransCon/Transatlantic 757 subfleet’s Delta One Business Class cabin features 16 fully flat seats in a 2-2 configuration.

Delta Airlines In San Diego

The seat is a Collins Aerospace (formerly B/E Aerospace) diamond model, a popular business class seating option for narrowbodies. This is the same seat model found on the previous flight’s La Compagnie A321neo.

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As usual, I chose a seat on the last row of the cabin for privacy and proximity to the toilets and baby garage.

The seats are beautiful and much improved over the floor sitting armchairs that these birds sat on prior to restoration. For comparison, click here to see our previous review of that chair.

The finish isn’t as good as the La Compagnie version. These are plastic. This premium transcon comes with an amenity kit and noise canceling headphones similar to business class on long-haul international flights. There are USB ports and power outlets everywhere in that storage space.

Legroom is great, but footroom is limited compared to the same seat model in the La Compagnie A321neo reviewed on previous flights. Due to the smaller cabins on the B757 and A321, the ottomans were smaller and pushed against the side walls on the 757 but had gaps on the 321.

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A few minutes after I was seated, a very friendly FA brought me a pre-departure drink. Options were orange juice or Prosecco. It is usually served in a plastic cup, which is the first transaction on domestic flights, and I was surprised that Delta One (international and premium transcon business class) usually had a drink in a glass before departure.

This safety video is very generic and not as fun or creative as the previous Delta safety videos. After years of smart safety videos being produced by many airlines, the trend in the industry seems to be returning to more important videos.

Leaving JFK that morning was the usual conga line. Every car in front of us was a Delta.

Delta Airlines In San Diego

Service started 30 minutes later with drinks and warm nuts. I drank a mimosa, which I usually choose for morning flights.

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I was surprised to see all the food served on one plate, feeling like Domestic First or Intl Premium Economy rather than Premium Transcon or Intl Business Class. However, the presentation and quality were better than the domestic First.

The breakfast is still appealing to most people, hard to be the best, but Delta was good enough. It was a little more interesting than the usual omelet that I usually eat at Domestic First.

The rest of the flight was uneventful and included watching cartoons with my son or adult movies while he was sleeping. The FA goes through the cabinet several times to refill drinks and serve items from the snack basket.

I believe the big lake is the Salton Sea. The southwestern desert always has very good air.

San Diego, California

Right before landing, the FA thanked each and every Business Class passenger and provided chocolates. That’s always a good move.

San Miguel Mountain, the highest point in downtown San Diego, with radio and TV towers.

When I fly to San Diego, I usually choose a seat on the left side of the plane to get a good view of the city, and I want to see what the view is like.

Delta Airlines In San Diego

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