Direct Flight From Slc To Cancun

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With Mexico leading the way as the number one vacation destination for American travelers – there are currently 38 US cities that offer direct flights to the popular city of Cancun.

Direct Flight From Slc To Cancun

Direct Flight From Slc To Cancun

And so let’s see where it’s possible to board a plane in the US and fly nonstop to one of Mexico’s top tourist spots, Cancun.

Consolidated Sfo Connection Time/logistics Domestic & International

Before we look at ALL of the 38 US cities – which currently allow travelers to fly directly to the Mexican city of Cancun – let’s first find out which US airports offer the most direct flights, as well as:

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) leads the way when it comes to offering direct flights from the United States to Cancun, Mexico – with the airport serving the most daily flights with the following airlines:

Flight time from Dallas-Fort Worth to Cancun is typically two and a half to three hours—with airfares starting as low as $81 one-way.

The airport with the second highest number of daily – and non-stop – flights to the Mexican city of Cancun is George Bush International Airport (IAH), in Houston, Texas.

Cities With Direct Flights To Cancun

The flight time from the American city of Houston is approximately two hours and twenty minutes – with the possibility of booking a one-way trip from $88.

Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) offers a variety of direct flights to Cancun – with the following airlines operating daily flights to the Mexican city:

You’ll likely arrive at Cancun International Airport in about three hours and forty-five minutes – with airfare starting at $93 for a one-way trip.

Direct Flight From Slc To Cancun

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) – America’s busiest airport – serves a variety of nonstop flights to Cancun, Mexico – with the following airlines transporting passengers from the US city of Atlanta to the Mexican city:

Indy Airport Makes Push For More Non Stop Flights

Flights are currently advertised online from $151 for a one-way trip – which is likely to take around two and a half hours.

Miami International Airport (MIA) ranks fifth when it comes to the frequency of flights to Cancun from any US city – with the following two airlines serving daily flights to the extremely popular vacation destination:

It will likely take around two hours to get to Cancun International Airport from Miami – with seats available for a one-way trip from $72 in the coming months.

The Big Apple’s John F. Kennedy International Airport currently operates a number of daily and direct flights to Cancun – with the following four airlines carrying passengers from New York City to the Mexican tourist hotspot.

List Of Alaska Airlines Destinations

You can probably get to Cancun from the American city in just under 4 hours – and it’s possible to find a seat on a one-way flight from $155.

If you’re looking to fly direct from the US city of Los Angeles to Cancun, you’ll certainly have a good choice of flights to choose from – with the following six airlines departing from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in Cancun:

Prices for a one-way ticket from the largest airport in the US state of California in Cancun start at about $160 – with a travel time of about four hours and fifteen minutes.

Direct Flight From Slc To Cancun

For anyone looking to fly directly to Cancun from Denver International Airport (DEN), you’ll certainly have a good choice of flights to choose from, as there are currently three airlines offering non-stop flights from the US city of Denver to Cancun . , offering Mexico. These are:

Direct (non Stop) Flights From Salt Lake City To Cancun

And if you’re looking to book a direct flight — from Denver to Cancun — in the coming summer months, you can find a one-way flight from $91 for the four-hour trip.

The main public airport in Broward County, Florida – Fort Lauderdale (FLL) – has three of the largest US low-cost airlines currently operating direct flights to Cancun, Mexico, with these:

A one-way ticket from this US airport to Cancun could set you back $73 in the coming summer months – with the journey expected to take just under two hours.

Another New York-based airport that offers direct flights to Cancun, Mexico is Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR). You can find non-stop flights from this transportation hub to the Mexican city through the following airlines:

These Are All The U.s. Cities With Direct Flights To Cancun This Winter

A nonstop flight from EWR to Cancun takes about four hours, and there are currently seats available for this trip online from $161.

It’s not just America’s largest and busiest airports that offer direct flights to Cancun, Mexico—there are also a number of smaller airports in US cities that allow travelers to fly nonstop to the Mexican city.

These include Milwaukee General Mitchell International Airport (MKE), Indianapolis International Airport (IND), Kansas City International Airport (MCI), and Valley International Airport (HRL) in the city of Harlingen, Texas.

Direct Flight From Slc To Cancun

Although this airport only offers a handful of direct flights to Cancun per month, it is possible to fly nonstop to Cancun with Southwest Airlines from Milwaukee General Mitchell International Airport (MKE). The flight time is approximately three hours and twenty-five minutes – and it is possible to reserve a seat on board from $129 one-way only.

The Cheapest Places To Fly From Each U.s. State

The largest US low-cost airline, Southwest, also offers direct flights to Cancun from the city of Indianapolis – although these are only every Saturday.

Ticket prices for the upcoming summer months start at $137 – it’s also possible to pay a little more for the airline

Although you only offer direct flights to Cancun on a “once a week” basis, it is possible to fly non-stop from the US city of Kansas to Cancun.

You can reserve a seat on this flight from around $250 – which should take around three hours and twenty minutes.

Cheap Flights From Salt Lake City, Ut To Honolulu, Hi [slc

Sun Country Airlines currently offers direct flights from the city of Harlingen, Texas, to Cancun – with flights operating on Wednesdays and Saturdays each week.

The flight time is just over two hours and it is possible to reserve a seat on this flight from $89 for a one-way trip.

Here’s a full list of cities – and airports – in the United States that currently offer nonstop flights to Cancun –

Direct Flight From Slc To Cancun

Which are listed below in alphabetical order and include the code of the airport(s) from which the flights depart.

Cancun Airport Immigration Mess

A month ago we reported that a number of US and European airlines were launching new direct flights to Cancun – with one of the main US low-cost airlines, Frontier, offering flights from the cities of Houston and Tampa for just $99 one way. .

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Why would you leave Southwest when they fly direct to Cancun from over 20 cities. Much more than any other airline! Cancun has seen tremendous growth in the past two years. The idyllic tourist town has always been popular, but the effects of the pandemic have made the tourist hub’s reputation stratospheric, evident in the growing number of airlines competing for direct flights to Cancun International Airport (CUN).

Salt Lake City To St. Louis Flight Time & Schedules

The United States has long been the most important market for the region. Whether visitors are heading to Cancun, Tulum or any destination in the Mexican Caribbean, CUN is the gateway and has been since the 70s. But at no time in its history have so many destinations in the United States had direct flights to the airport. Another 25 countries are also directly connected to Cancun.

According to recent information, thirty-seven cities in the United States now have direct routes to the Mexican Caribbean via CUN. An amazing number for an airport of its size. In 2021, it operated as one of the busiest airports on the planet, although it is unlikely to retain that title as the rest of the world reopens.

Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) serves as the most popular gateway to Cancun for the United States. This month alone, the airport will receive 399 flights from DFW, with its Texas sister Houston (IAH) also getting another 280. Houston’s second airport will also bring 108 flights, combining for a total of 787 flights from Texas’ two largest cities. alone. DFW and IAH operate as one of the largest transfer hubs for the United States. Many regional airports without direct flights will use these large airports and airlines will benefit. More flights have been added in the past week.

Direct Flight From Slc To Cancun

Following the Texas Giants are the big cities you’d expect to see on the list. Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, New York City and Denver are all sending over 150 flights from their hubs this month.

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