Direct Flights From Lax To Rome

Direct Flights From Lax To Rome – Norwegian Air is offering the lowest fares from LAX to Rome. Read on for a full review of the experience and why you should book your next flight with Norwegian Air!

I was intrigued to learn that Norwegian Air offered direct flights from Los Angeles LAX Airport to Rome Fiumicino International Airport. I had never flown long-haul with the airline before and was eager to experience what it was like. When they offered the $99 ticket and I was impressed with the service, I flew Norwegian Air several times from New York City to Martinique. When my friend invited me to her summer wedding in Paris, I decided to turn it into a mini-Euro trip, starting in Italy. Here’s a summary of my experience flying Norwegian Air direct from Los Angeles to Rome, including everything you need to know before you book:

Direct Flights From Lax To Rome

Direct Flights From Lax To Rome

The number one question most people have about Norwegian Air is what comes with the fare. Norwegian Air is a low-cost carrier, which means the lower the ticket price, the less profit you get. If you are on a tight budget, I suggest you book a low fare + flight instead of a regular low fare flight. Lowfare+ includes 2 meals, 1 checked bag and a seat reservation for a small additional fee. The absolute minimum fare may be tempting, but it only includes 1 cabin bag (55 x 40 x 23) and one small personal item (25 x 33 x 20), which must have a total weight of 10 kg or less, which may not be practical is for an international holiday. If you have a bigger budget, then you can go for premium flex fares, which are essentially the equivalent of flying Norwegian business or first class, with the added benefit of being able to re-book or refund your flight without any additional fee.

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The Norwegian Air check-in counter is located in the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX, also known as Terminal B. This is one of the busiest terminals, so make sure you arrive at least three hours in advance to account for traffic. Add an extra 30 minutes if you plan to park your car in the airport parking garage. Not all Norwegian Air flights offer online check-in, so it’s important to arrive early so you don’t miss the cut-off time and miss your flight!

I had priority boarding so I was able to board behind the premium passengers. As soon as I got on the plane, I was impressed by how spacious it was, with two separate aisles to ease overcrowding. After placing my carry-on in the overhead bin, I waited to see if anyone else would join my line. I had a window seat and once I put my bag under the seat I realized I had plenty of legroom. No need to worry if someone comes and sits next to me! The seats reclined too so I was good to go as I brought my neck pillow with me. The seats were clean and comfortable, and the plane looked fairly new. It was on par with some other airlines I’ve flown in Europe before and it didn’t feel like a low cost flying experience.

The direct flight from LAX to Rome was just under 12 hours. There was a great selection of free in-flight entertainment to help pass the time, including movies, TV shows and Wi-Fi. The selection of in-flight movies was enough to keep me entertained until it was time to sleep for a few hours. Food is not included in most basic (low) fares, but you can order food from the screen in front of your seat, or you can bring your own food if you’re on a really tight budget. My ticket included 2 meals so I enjoyed dinner and breakfast with a selection of wines, juices and fizzy drinks to choose from during the meal. I used the bathroom at the beginning of the flight and at the end, and it stayed clean the entire duration which was impressive considering it was almost the entire flight. According to the in-flight video, the Dreamliner simulates atmospheric pressure at 1,800 meters, which is supposed to make the air less stagnant, which was much appreciated on this long-haul flight.

I would definitely fly Norwegian Air direct from LAX to Rome again. Prices are extremely competitive, starting at $249 for the cheapest. This is an incredible price for a summer trip! I also liked that it was a direct flight. I have flown from LAX to Italy several times, usually with a stopover in New York or Paris which usually makes a flight about 15 hours as opposed to less than 12. I took a red eye flight which was great because in I basically woke up the next day in Rome. I will be returning to Europe next year for another wedding and will probably fly Norwegian Air for that trip as well. Here’s a tip: If you’re planning to fly roundtrip on Norwegian Air, sign up for their free rewards program so you can start earning points and saving money on your next flight!

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While flights from LAX to Rome are only available from March through October, it’s never too early to plan a trip for next year!

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Direct Flights From Lax To Rome

Copyright © 2014 – 2023 One Girl One World – Francesca Murray. All rights reserved. Created by Blog Copyright. Planning your trip to Rome, Italy? One of the first steps is to book your flights! To avoid a long layover or missing your connecting flight, we recommend booking a direct flight from the United States to Rome. In this guide, find out which US cities offer direct flights, how long you’ll be in transit, and roughly how much it will cost.

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Pro tip: Planning what to do on your trip to Rome? Bookmark this post in your browser so you can easily find it when you’re in town. See our guide to Rome for more planning resources, our top Rome trips for a trip to remember, and how to see Rome in a day.

For many people, Italy is the first place people experience Europe for the first time. Of course, deciding what to do once you arrive in Rome is a whole other story. We can help you with that too! Check out our amazing Rome tours.

First, you need to figure out the best way to get to Rome from where you live. We always recommend taking a direct flight if possible so you don’t have to worry about missing your departure flight. In this guide, find a comprehensive list of direct flights to Rome.

Rome has two main airports: Fiumicino and Ciampino. While Ciampino offers some flights to and from other countries in Europe, it is not designed for intercontinental flights.

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More clearly, if you’re coming from the United States, you won’t be flying into Ciampino. The airport you will fly into is Fiumicino Airport, which is about a 40-minute drive from Rome city center.

The following US cities have direct flights to Rome. The prices listed below depend on how far in advance you book your trip. Each price you see is the average price for a round trip ticket to Rome. We’ve also included flight times, so you can make up your own mind.

This is our most popular and longest Vatican tour ever. You will enter the Vatican Museums one hour before public opening and see the breathtaking Sistine Chapel. Admission is included and our English speaking guides do a wonderful job bringing the museums to life!

Direct Flights From Lax To Rome

Want to do most of your sightseeing in one day? The tour enters the Vatican an hour before it opens and visits the Colosseum, along with other sites such as the Pantheon, Piazza Navona and the Trevi Fountain. All admissions and transportation are included, as well as a licensed, English-speaking guide!

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This is our most popular Colosseum tour due to the exceptional access to non-public areas such as the underground rooms. All admission is included and led by a licensed English-speaking guide and Colosseum expert.

You will enter the Colosseum through a back door entrance, avoiding the lines and crowds, which is ideal! You’ll walk through the gladiator gates and your English-speaking Colosseum guide will bring the stories to life. Then, in the Roman Forum. All admissions are included.

Rome has a rich cultural history and many iconic monuments to explore. Plan where to stay in the best neighborhoods in the wonderful eternal city. flying premium class

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