Flights From Eugene To Anchorage

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Sure, in a few days the calendar will change to August. But it also provides some of the warmest temperatures you’ll find in Alaska, whether you’re heading straight to Anchorage, exploring Juneau or Fairbanks, or hiking Denali National Park.

Flights From Eugene To Anchorage

Flights From Eugene To Anchorage

Best of all, we can still find cheap flights for a late summer trip to Alaska wherever you go. This includes summer non-stop fares to Anchorage (ANC) for $300 or less, tickets under $200 to Fairbanks (FAI) and even some record-low flights to Juneau (JNU) for just $158 return.

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If you’re heading for a late summer trip this year, you have a few options. But with these prices and options, I think Alaska might be your best bet. Here’s why.

The guiding light of this travel idea must be cheap flights, and we’re about to get there. However, there are other great reasons to come to our country’s wildest state in August or September.

In late summer, even in a northern environment like Alaska, the weather is still great. August is the second hottest month of the year, such as in the city of Anchorage, Alaska, where residents and visitors can expect an average high of 61 degrees and an average low of 53rd raincoat.

But when it comes to Alaska, the later in the summer you go, the better conditions will be in the national parks and hiking trails.

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Let me put it this way: Aleyska Resort on the outskirts of Anchorage recorded 848 inches of snowfall last winter – 848! Last season it was the snowiest ski resort on the continent, and snow lovers can enjoy it all winter and spring. But this snow doesn’t disappear overnight. In fact, it usually lasts most of June before it all melts, meaning hiking and biking trails in the Alaskan mountains can be covered in snow until July 4th.

This also applies to the Fairbanks and Denali National Park regions of the state, as well as areas to the south such as Juneau, Alaska.

Busy even in peak July. But planning your trip before the end of summer is a surefire way to have the trail all to yourself.

Flights From Eugene To Anchorage

During the pandemic, Alaska has cemented itself as one of the hottest travel destinations for Americans looking for a socially distant, exotic yet domestic destination. And that hasn’t changed.

Where We Fly

Back to school, autumn sports and the end of summer working hours mean that people are closer to home in late August and early September. So if you can change that, visiting Alaska these days is the best way to avoid other travelers.

If you’re a Thrifty Traveler Premium subscriber, you’ve already seen this. The last two weeks of August and September are the perfect place to get cheap tickets to Alaska.

Let’s take a look at some of these deals and destinations and why I think you should go there.

Anchorage (ANC) is the largest airport in Alaska and the main magnet for cheap flights to the state. Not only is it a fantastic base from which to explore Alaska, it’s also a great city in itself.

Search And Book Cheap Alaska Airlines Flights

We were there in 2020 and have compiled a list of all the best things to do in Anchorage. But let’s step back and focus on getting to your destination with this airline deal.

We were crazy about this non-stop deal with nine different American cities. Some of these cities had availability starting in August, and almost all had September rates of $300 as well.

Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) August fares were offered by Alaska Airlines, a good carrier for a long flight to Anchorage.

Flights From Eugene To Anchorage

Got a few thousand Delta SkyMiles? We also discovered a great Delta SkyMiles flyover sale with round-trip fares from as little as 12,000 SkyMiles this summer and fall.

Pre’s Rock (eugene)

And that’s not all. This deal covered a lot of cities in the US. From Augusta, Georgia (AGS) to Des Moines, Iowa (DSM), there was something for every SkyMiles member to get to Anchorage for less than 30,000 SkyMiles… or much less.

From Anchorage, I would book a round-trip train ticket to the coastal city of Seward, Alaska on the Alaska Railroad. Departing early in the morning, the journey takes around six hours each way, winding through the Chugach Mountains and stopping at Girdwood. In Seward, I book a boat trip in Kenai Fjords National Park, a whale watching trip or a glacier tour, then spend a night or two in Seward town.

On my way back to Anchorage by train, I stop at Girdwood, the gateway to Alyeska Resort, and take a long walk to the top of the ski area. The descent will be much more luxurious because I will go down by cable car.

Anchorage and Fairbanks love cheap flights to Alaska, but don’t sleep in some of the other cities our largest state has to offer. For example, Juneau deserves a place on your list.

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Much further south of Anchorage, Juneau is a picturesque coastal and mountain town. And thanks to airlines like Delta and Alaska, Juneau (JNU) has occasional flights.

This flight deal we dug up recently has some availability in September and could be the end of summer for outdoor fans. Just look at all the cities covered by this deal! These aren’t just mega-hubs: we’re talking about Eugene (EUG), Pasco (PSC) and San Jose (SJC) jumping into action with round-trip tickets under $300 all the way to Juneau.

The first thing I would do in Juneau would be go to the Mendenhall Glacier and spend the whole day there. Hiking to the views of Southeast Alaska is a must, but there are also hundreds of miles of hiking trails around Lake Mendenhall.

Flights From Eugene To Anchorage

The rest of the time you still take steps. Mt Roberts trail and Mt. Juneau is a very rewarding hike with great views at the top. Use AllTrails to find the best route for you. According to the travel app, there are 59 different trails to take from Juneau. From hard to easy hikes, the Alaskan terrain has something for you.

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Don’t forget to cross the bridge to Douglas Island, where even more miles of walking and views await.

Fairbanks Airport (FAI) is best known as the gateway to Denali National Park, which is a two-hour drive from the city. Home to occasional flights, Fairbanks makes this incredibly remote American city feel a little closer to home… and incredibly cheap.

When Alaska Airlines steps in, fares to Fairbanks can routinely drop to $300. But Denali is a warm place, so these rates don’t always last long!

As with most offerings in Alaska, fares from downtown Seattle (SEA) are the cheapest, but don’t sleep at your home airport either. As you can see, Cincinnati (CVG) and Kalispell (FCA) have entered the conversation for this deal we sent to Thrifty Traveler Premium members.

Direct (non Stop) Flights From Seattle Tacoma (sea)

I drive the winding Parks Highway into the country of Denali and find an Airbnb, a campsite, or a cabin to call home. I also go to bed early, because you can’t be groggy or hungry in Denali.

I want to be ready to climb mountains on foot, horseback or helicopter – yes, heli-hiking is something. There are truly endless ways to explore the park, but I beg you, speak to a National Park ranger before entering the desert. Denali is no joke, and the guards want to help!

When my feet are good and tired, I look at Alaska from its fabled waterways with a rafting trip the next day. And while I’m not the most skilled angler, there’s no shortage of fishing guides in the Denali region willing to show you some of the continent’s most productive waterways.

Flights From Eugene To Anchorage

If you’re looking for that summer’s last hurrah, we think an August or September trip to Alaska is the perfect getaway.

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Right now, Alaska is perfect because it’s a great mix of the best weather, little crowds, and lots of cheap flights. Thrifty Traveler Premium members saw all these offers first, so you might just meet a few members on the trails in our biggest, wildest state in August or September.

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