Flights To San Diego Today

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A sea of ​​luggage was waiting to be reunited with its owners at San Diego International Airport Tuesday after several Southwest flights were canceled.

Flights To San Diego Today

Flights To San Diego Today

While other airlines recover from severe winter weather in the US, Southwest says it has no choice but to fly only about a third of its schedule for the next few days.

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After canceling 80 percent of its flights to and from San Diego on Tuesday, Southwest Airlines is advising travelers that it will continue to operate a reduced schedule through the end of the week, all scheduled reductions of two-thirds.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Southwest had canceled 168 flights to San Diego, representing 75 percent of its arrivals and departures, according to flight-tracking website FlightAware. Nationwide, their number was 2,509, or 62 percent of all Southwest flights. The cancellation rate is lower than all other airlines. For example, Alaska Airlines canceled just two Wednesday mornings, or 3 percent of its total flights.

“As severe winter weather continues across our network, ongoing issues are impacting our customers and employees in an unacceptable way,” it said in a statement released Tuesday. “And our sincere apologies for this are just the beginning… As we continue to work to get our operations back on track, we have decided to cancel about a third of our schedule for the next few days. Please continue to operate on a reduced flight schedule.”

The public apology was some comfort to travelers stranded at the San Diego airport, waiting in long lines to reschedule their flights, comforting exhausted children, searching their luggage and hoping to maybe get a rental car. Long way home. However, others had no choice but to wait at the airport for the night. Airport officials say about 150 people spent the night there on Monday, camping in Terminal 1 and in the area between Terminals 1 and 2.

Flights To San Diego, Ca (san)

With an unprecedented number of canceled flights, the San Diego airport has brought in extra staff to not only provide weary travelers with helpful information about nearby hotels and rental cars, but also to ease their anxiety, spokeswoman Nicole Hall said. The airport has also partnered with Southwest to help passengers claim their luggage by opening up a food court area for the growing number of empty bags.

Hall said the biggest question for airport officials Tuesday was not where to find a hotel room, but how to find a rental car to get passengers to their destination. Passengers stranded in rentals were initially directed to a car rental center outside the airport, but due to high demand, they were also advised to try the Mission Valley car rental store.

People line up to rent a car at a car rental center at San Diego International Airport on Tuesday.

Flights To San Diego Today

Southwest Airlines blamed the recent “severe winter” for the massive disruptions, saying last week’s snow and cold temperatures forced “volume and scale” of flight schedule changes that continued to impact early this week. Expect more delays and cancellations this week.

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San Diego International Airport’s website shows cancellations for Southwest flights through Wednesday evening only, including overnight flights to Las Vegas and Denver. FlightAware, however, is documenting more flights — as of Thursday — with Southwest canceling about 161 flights to and from San Diego, or 72 percent of the airport’s flights.

Among California airports, San Diego appears to be the hardest hit by flight disruptions. According to FlightAware, 132 flights were canceled at Los Angeles International Airport, 101 of which were canceled by Southwest.

Thousands of Southwest Airlines flights have been canceled across the country, as seen on board at San Diego Airport.

“The people of Southwest don’t care about safety and they care about every customer,” the airline said. “We recognize the shortcoming and offer our sincere apologies.”

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The cancellation rate was about enough for the US Department of Transportation to say it was concerned about an “unacceptable” cancellation rate and to study whether cancellations could be controlled. It also caught the attention of President Biden, who tweeted earlier in the day: “Our administration is working to hold the airlines accountable.”

Aviation experts and San Diego airport officials said Tuesday that the category of canceled flights from one airport is unlike anything they’ve ever seen before. Still, given Southwest Airlines’ operating structure, the initial stormy weather results shouldn’t come as a complete surprise, says airline analyst Henry Hartevelt.

“Southwest made several operational mistakes and, like other airlines, chose not to cancel flights ahead of time, so as the weather worsened, Southwest’s planes and crew were stranded.” “And for passengers, it has to do with Southwest’s long-standing policy of not sharing tickets with other airlines. This will be one of the biggest, if not the biggest, rebranding of Southwest in its 50-year history. Yes, there are damaging events.

Flights To San Diego Today

Harteveldt explained that unlike many legacy carriers that operate through major hub cities, Southwest operates a point-to-point network where its planes return to a hub without flying between major and intermediate cities. . It’s an efficient operation during normal times, but not so much during particularly bad weather, he said.

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“Several of these Southwest flights were grounded when severe weather occurred, grounding their aircraft and crews across the country,” Harteveldt said. “So now Southwest is trying to put Humpty back together when Humpty is blown into hundreds of pieces.”

At San Diego Airport, Southwest planes ground to a halt on each side of the runway after thousands of flights were canceled.

In a video released Tuesday night, Southwest CEO Bob Jordan apologized while trying to explain the factors that contributed to the airline’s decision to dramatically cut flights this week.

“That’s why it takes days to solve this big puzzle,” he said. “Southwest is the largest air carrier in the country not only because of our value and values, but also because we build our flight schedule around communities, not hubs. So we are the 23rd best airport in the US. One of the largest airports in 25 tourist markets.

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“Our network is very complex and takes into account all aspects of airport operations, especially aircraft and crew that are in motion where they are scheduled. Our large fleet of aircraft and crew are located in dozens of locations. and after several days of trying to fit most of our full schedule into the busy holiday weekend, we have come to the decision to significantly reduce our flights.

Locally, it’s hard to know if San Diego hotels are swamped with calls looking for overnight rooms when people’s flights are canceled. Dean Shaughnessy, director of sales and promotional marketing for the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina, said Tuesday that there haven’t been many short-term reservations or cancellations due to airport issues.

Cruise ship passengers planning to disembark from Highland America Coningdom in San Diego on Thursday morning or board the same ship later that day to the Mexican Riviera could potentially make Southwest cancellation history. The cruise line is monitoring the situation, spokesman Bill Zucker said.

Flights To San Diego Today

“If an airline cancels for any reason, guests booked through Holland America Line flights will be rebooked on another flight to arrive in San Diego on time or, if necessary, take a flight to visit the ship at the next authorized port ” he said in an email to the Union Tribune. “Guests who booked flights on their own are encouraged to work with their airline to rebook them and then contact us with updated information.

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The TSA security line was virtually empty at San Diego International Airport’s Terminal 1 on Tuesday.

“We understand that the airport cancellation has increased the pressure on passengers and we will do everything we can to ease the situation for our guests flying on our ships.”

The teams participating in the SDCCU Holiday Bowl on Wednesday night avoided multiple travel nightmares by arriving on chartered planes days before. North Carolina went down Friday afternoon and Oregon came Saturday night. The birds were stuck in Portland for nearly six hours due to icing problems that prevented them from taking off on schedule.

1:34 p.m., December 28, 2022: This story has been updated to reflect the latest information about Southwest’s cancellation.

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