Flights To San Jose Costa Rica

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but winter is coming. That means it’s time to start planning a trip somewhere warm…and a tropical Costa Rica vacation may be more affordable this year than you think.

Flights To San Jose Costa Rica

Flights To San Jose Costa Rica

It’s one of the most popular destinations in the South, and for good reason. But round-trip flights to this Central American hotspot can easily run travelers $600 or more. However, that has changed in recent months, with airlines often dropping prices to Costa Rica (and Belize as well) as low as $300 – and sometimes as low as $200 in total.

Getting The Best Airfare To Costa Rica

In the last month alone, we’ve shipped round trip flights to San Jose (SJO) and Liberia (LIR) for Thrifty Traveler Premium members.

Don’t let the beauty of Arenal Volcano distract you from the low $207 rate on this listing! And it’s not just from one city – check out how many US cities got cheap fares to Costa Rica! Whether you want to fly to Costa Rica this fall, during the winter, or for spring break, you have options if you live in one of these US cities.

So why are flight deals to Costa Rica from the US so popular? This is because the four major US airlines (American, Delta, jetBlue and United) fly non-stop routes to Costa Rica’s two main airports. That competition is a recipe for lower prices, like these deeply discounted nonstop fares we found a few months ago from Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP), Los Angeles (LAX), Fort Lauderdale (FLL) and even Austin (AUS) – all under $370 round trip! Heck, flights from New York City (JFK) are down to almost $200 total!

We have been sending all these cheap flights to Costa Rica to Thrifty Traveler Premium members for several months now. From the Canadian border to the Gulf, you can find extremely affordable one-stop flights to Costa Rica.

Man Accidentally Buys Flight To City With Same Name As One He Wanted To Visit 4,000 Miles Away

Every now and then, you’ll see a great way to get to Costa Rica even cheaper with points and miles – none better than the Delta SkyMiles flash sale. This latest Delta offer starting at 19,000 SkyMiles round trip was a huge hit with our subscribers, especially since they were both direct!

First, Costa Rica offers a diverse landscape characterized by both dense rainforests teeming with wildlife and pristine beaches. As a bonus, it’s in the Central Time Zone, which means jet lag-free travel. This makes travel relatively easy and, as Thrifty Traveler Premium members know, cheap.

This cheap flight to Costa Rica is gone, but get another one with Thrifty Traveler Premium!

Flights To San Jose Costa Rica

Nonstop routes from Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, Minneapolis, Fort Lauderdale and several other cities – plus easy connections from airports large and small across the country – to Costa Rica’s two major airports in San Jose and Liberia have dropped to all-time low, low fares .

San Jose, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of my favorite places to visit because you really can have it all. On a trip a few years ago, I spent three days hiking, ziplining, and searching for wildlife in the rainforests near Arenal. I spent the next three days sipping drinks by the pool and sunbathing on a west coast beach near the town of Nosara.

The sun never stopped shining and the weather was perfect for seeing a large swath of land. My visit began with a flight to Liberia (LIR) in the rainforest-covered Guanacaste region. I ended up near the more central city of San Jose, which offered its own unique flavor and some fun (but sometimes grueling) hikes with amazing views of the region.

Smart tip: If you have a return ticket from Liberia or San Jose but want to hop around, take advantage of Sansa Airlines’ 45-minute flight between the two cities. The short domestic course flies low and offers incredible views of the Costa Rican countryside, weather permitting.

If a Costa Rican adventure tickles your fancy but seems out of reach, we promise it’s not! And if Costa Rica isn’t on your bucket list yet… well, it should be.

Best Things To Do In San Jose, Costa Rica

We continue to search for low fares to the Costa Rican cities of San Jose and Liberia. At the prices we’re finding, you have no excuse not to cross this beautiful destination off your to-do list this winter!

From rainforest adventures to relaxing beach scenes (or both!), Costa Rica has all the ingredients for the perfect vacation in 2022 or 2023.

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Flights To San Jose Costa Rica

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San Jose International Airport Has New Domestic Flights Terminal

Disclaimer: The answers below are not provided or entered by the bank advertiser. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise approved by the bank’s advertiser. It is not the Bank’s responsibility to ensure that all submissions and/or questions are answered. Whenever you travel to Costa Rica, the best solution to getting cheap flights is to know a lot when you see one. The second most important thing to know when buying tickets is that the cheapest is almost never the best. Third, and perhaps most importantly, searching for the cheapest flights may not pay off.

Finally, using a public library computer to look up flights might be better… unless the library is in a really nice neighborhood.

The most important criterion for saving on flights to Costa Rica is the flexibility of flight schedules. The most expensive flights are on weekends close to holidays. A Tuesday flight ten days before Christmas could be 75% cheaper than a Sunday flight four days before the holidays.

When bargains do appear, they often sell out within hours. Save the big book right away and ask for free time later.

Iberia Increases Flights To Montevideo And San José, Costa Rica

Rating based on our personal experience and articles in Frommer’s Travel and the New York Times travel section. Some user complaints include

Expedia/Travelocity/Orbitz (same results under different names as TripAdvisor), Priceline, CheapoAir, Hotwire and dozens of other known and unknown.

The three aggregators are easy to use and quickly find the lowest prices for the most reasonable flight times. While they’re obviously still trying to make money, they tend to be a little less demanding.

Flights To San Jose Costa Rica

Google is fast and includes a useful lower rate in a 60-day window for data-free surfing.

The Best Ways To Get From Puerto Viejo De Talamanca To San José

Less well known, momondo tops other lists, but we haven’t found anything to make us switch.

Southwest Airlines – Unless you choose to fly first class, Southwest is so much better than any other US airline, it’s ridiculous: excellent service, great schedules, low fares, good airport selection, no baggage fees, no changes or cancellations, and convenient new device (see details).

If you’re not near a Southwest airport, you probably already have a favorite airline or two that you prefer based on affordability, mileage, and past experience. Skip Expedia, search directly with your airline, then use the “bargains” list below to see if your favorite offers reasonable prices.

The biggest problem with most searches (and fare finder ratings) is that the primary criteria is finding the cheapest fare.

Nonstop Flights: Houston To/from San Jose Or Liberia, Costa Rica $317 $331 R/t [january August]

There are actually many factors that go into making the best flight: departure and arrival times (poor planning costs money and vacation time on the ground), layovers, reliability, even in-flight entertainment options (sharks on planes!). The type of stopover can also make a big difference; transferring planes provides an opportunity for lost luggage or missed flight that the same airline does not have.

A search that always finds the cheapest flight is pretty useless if the flight has 3 stops (including Reykjavík) on “Fly by Night Airways” that charges $45 extra to use the restroom and arrives at the airport at 3:12 “wrong” .

Simply concatenating several airport codes can show surprising rates, but using some sensible filters will return more realistic results.

Flights To San Jose Costa Rica

An unscientific and random sampling of a dozen websites revealed that while each has its own gimmick (Hipmonk rates flights by “agony” factors such as long layovers and promotes “ecstasy” as non-stop), each offers the same tools to “tune” any search to really find what you really want.

San Jose — Refugees In Towns

Once you’ve created your filtered search, turn on the “to watcher” feature for both San José International (SJO) and Liberia International (LIR) and keep your fingers crossed.

Actually finding a great fare ($69 one-way from Denver is our lowest) is usually a matter of luck, and it’s clear from the recommendations above that finding a good fare that meets the other criteria takes some effort.

Average difference, good

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