From Dallas To San Antonio

From Dallas To San Antonio – Let’s face it, a weekend in San Antonio makes for a great trip! Don’t delay and get the party started when you get there, there are tons of fun things to do while driving from Dallas to San Antonio!

Texas is big on everything, including Texas road trips! Looking at the map, you might assume that driving from Dallas to San Antonio will be very easy and relatively inconvenient.

From Dallas To San Antonio

From Dallas To San Antonio

While that may be true, we’re here to tell you that you’re missing out on great small towns in Texas if you don’t enjoy a pit stop during your commute between these two cities.

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A road trip to San Antonio from Dallas gives you the opportunity to see some of Texas’ natural wonders, discover a new town or two, and maybe a park if you like!

Of course, we’ll provide you with great tips and great stops in our Dallas to San Antonio travel guide, so add an extra hour or two to your Dallas to San Antonio trip!

Keep reading about this fun road trip to get more details and start planning your trip from Dallas to San Antonio!

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A road trip from Dallas to San Antonio (or vice versa) is approximately 275 miles in driving distance. If there are no traffic problems on the road, a direct trip from town to town will take about 5.5 hours.

Of course, this will vary slightly depending on your exact departure point in Dallas-Fort Worth and your direct arrival point in San Antonio.

If you are driving directly from Dallas-Fort Worth, TX to San Antonio, your driving time is approximately 4-4.5 hours in normal traffic on the main road (southbound on I-35).

From Dallas To San Antonio

You can usually always count on at least some traffic on the main road, so we add an extra half hour just for that.

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Another important thing to note is that if you go out on Friday after work (at peak times), you can usually add 1.5-2 hours more to your road trip. If you’ve ever driven in Dallas traffic, this is a no-brainer. Laughing!

Since we stop along the way and don’t just drive straight to San Antonio, you’ll definitely need plenty of time!

You can also take other more scenic routes when visiting Dallas and San Antonio, but they don’t have these popular stops.

So if you want a more scenic route through the Central Texas backcountry, consider driving this route from San Antonio to Dallas on the way back.

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To the west, Texas is one of the most fun small towns in Texas. This small town is proud of its Czech heritage.

Luckily for us, Czech heritage means this town serves up delicious food, and especially delicious kolaches!

This is one of the cities in Texas that must stop when driving from Dallas to San Antonio. Stop here and indulge in the taste of your favorite kolache.

From Dallas To San Antonio

Favorite shops serving kolaches (and more) include Gerik’s Ole’ Czech Bakery & Deli, Czech Stop, and Slovacek’s West.

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Every local Texan has their preferences for different reasons, but most people stop at Czech Stop or Slovacek because of their convenient location off the freeway.

If you have time, check out our personal favorite, Gerik’s. Gerik’s is located just off the highway so it won’t interfere too much with your commute!

Stopping in Waco while driving from Dallas to San Antonio is always fun. You could spend an entire weekend in Waco, but for our road trip from Dallas to San Antonio, we’re just going to pick a few.

The Waco Mammoth archaeological site is a unique stop. Discovered by two archaeologists in 1978, the Waco Mammoth site is now a national park and a major roadside attraction.

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Another famous Waco tourist attraction is the Waco Silos. Put on the map by the popular HGTV series, Fixer Upper, Waco Silos now attracts visitors from all over the United States!

Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines have created a beautiful outdoor shopping and dining space through the silos. While you’re here, go shopping and grab one of their delicious cupcakes!

If you want to spend more time exploring Waco, you can visit Dr. Pepper, visit historic villages, and even add shopping to your itinerary.

From Dallas To San Antonio

After leaving Waco, you may want to stop and visit one of the many caves. The Inner Space Cavern is a quick and easy way to get to San Antonio.

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Here you can take a guided tour to learn all about the amazing cave and its beautiful formations. Inner Space Cavern offers a variety of tours ranging from beginner adventure tours to more advanced wilderness cave tours.

In addition to cave tours, Inner Space Cavern also offers gemstone decorating, biking, gift shopping, and more. This is a great place to explore on your trip from Dallas to San Antonio!

On your road trip to San Antonio, Texas, you might stop and see the Texas State Capitol building in Austin.

A visit to the Texas State Building in Austin helps you see exactly how we live up to the motto “Everything is bigger in Texas”. The Texas Capitol is larger than the United States Capitol in Washington DC.

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If you don’t want to stop at the bottom, be sure to include a stop in Austin on the return trip from San Antonio to Dallas!

As you continue on your way, don’t miss the chance to stop and stretch your legs on one of the most beautiful hills in the park like Mount Bonnell.

After climbing about 800 steps, you are rewarded with a beautiful view of Lake Austin. In summer you are entitled to boats and people enjoying the lake.

From Dallas To San Antonio

It’s a great place to enjoy a breath of fresh air, especially after braving I-35 traffic. Just make sure you have your walking shoes! Texas License Plate Stickers

The college town of San Marcos is in the Austin/Round Rock area and is another great place to explore on your San Antonio road trip.

We loved spending time walking around San Marcos Square. Fun little shops and cafes are definitely the keys to my heart!

In the summer, try boating or rafting on the San Marcos River in this Texas Hill Country town.

Any time of the year you can stretch your legs in the local park right out of the car if you wish.

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The popular stores of San Marcos may also interest you. It’s a popular stop on the way from Dallas to San Antonio due to the many designer shops in this huge mall!

It’s also a great place to see bluebonnets in Texas if you’re visiting in the spring!

Stop at Seguin and take a photo with the largest pecan in the world. I guess that’s fitting since Sequin is dubbed the “Pecan Capital of Texas.”

From Dallas To San Antonio

Any good Texan will tell you you’re not on a Texas road trip if you don’t stop at Bucc-ee.

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At first glance, you might think Bucc-ee is just one big gas station. But believe us when we tell you this is anything but your average gas station!

Inside, you’ll find shops filled with delicious food, home decor, and more. Not only that, but Bucc-ee is known for having the cleanest bathrooms!

This is the best stop in San Antonio for fun Texas souvenirs!

New Braunfels is a great little town north of San Antonio. If you stop at Bucc-ee, you’ve arrived in New Braunfels.

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Guadalupe River State Park is nearby, so if you want to spend more time in New Braunfels, this is a great park to consider.

The park has beautiful natural areas and is a great park for snacking and exercising.

If you are visiting during the summer, fly home from San Antonio to Dallas to hang out here and swim!

From Dallas To San Antonio

If you’re near Natural Bridge Caverns, that’s a good sign that your drive from Dallas to San Antonio, TX is coming to an end.

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Natural Bridge Caverns is another classic stop on this route. Guided cave tours give guests the opportunity to learn more about this Texas history.

Another cool stop on this road from Dallas to San Antonio is the Bracken Cave Preserve, home to the largest bat colony in the world!

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