Frontier Vacation Packages To Las Vegas

Frontier Vacation Packages To Las Vegas – Yesterday I flew for the first time with Frontier Airlines, one of the largest ultra low cost carriers (ULCC) in the United States. I have nothing against ULCCs, because if they can get you non-stop to your destination for a reasonable price, you really can’t beat it. Besides, it’s not like flying American Airlines is a luxury experience.

However, based on my experience with Frontier Airlines, I would avoid the airline in the future. I’m not sure if that’s a problem with the airline, or just the way I was flying, or if I was just unlucky. Regardless, the experience really put me off American Airlines, which doesn’t happen very often.

Frontier Vacation Packages To Las Vegas

Frontier Vacation Packages To Las Vegas

I had to fly from Islip to Tampa, and Frontier Airlines was the only airline that had a nonstop flight yesterday. With the general travel chaos these days, flying non-stop and avoiding a big airport (like JFK) just seems easier, so this was my chance to try Frontier Airlines.

Frontier Airlines Launches Flight To Las Vegas From Bradley International Airport. Here Are Introductory Fares Being Offered.

I booked this ticket at the last minute, and even though Pontier is a very low cost airline, that doesn’t mean the prices are always cheap. The price was $140 one way, and that included next to nothing. I had full size carry-on and a checked bag, so the “Works Package” was the best value, and for an extra $151 I got carry-on, checked bag, priority boarding, and seats at no extra charge. , and so’. The airline claims it’s a $425 value… haha.

So I would hardly consider a nearly $300 one-way ticket “low cost,” but it was convenient, and there were no better alternatives.

And then there are the things that I knew going in, that weren’t great, but that didn’t bother me. for example:

Like I said, I expected this all to go in, so I’m not going to hold it against the airline.

Frontier Airlines Offers Flights For As Low As $19 In Flash Sale

So what was my beef with the Frontier Airlines experience? The people, and the whole experience feels kind of patronizing and unprofessional. Let me try (gently) to discuss these two questions.

Look, I have pretty low expectations of the travel community, and I’ve seen a few things in my years of flying. However, nothing could have prepared me for this Frontier Airlines flight. Now, I’m not sure if it’s the airline, the route, or a combination of both, but I’ve never been stuck on a plane with such a crowd.

Where do you even begin? First of all, I have never seen such a disgusting bathroom on a domestic flight. People didn’t wash. There was pee all over the floor. Some people didn’t bother to close the door when using the bathroom. Worst? A significant number of people entered the bathroom barefoot.

Frontier Vacation Packages To Las Vegas

Then there was the man who tried several times to enter the bathroom (barefoot) with a large bag of things. The staff told him repeatedly that he couldn’t bring him there, but he kept trying. He would come up to the bathroom every time exactly where my seat was.

Nonstop Flights: Austin To/from Las Vegas $98* R/t

Speaking of the bathroom and being barefoot, I saw a man sitting next to us going to the bathroom barefoot, then trying to put his feet on the back of the seat in front.

The guy sitting directly in front of me was watching something on his iPhone for most of the flight with headphones on. Perfect, right? Well, for an hour straight, he would laugh out loud, probably every 10 seconds. I’m not just talking about a quiet chuckle, but more of a screaming laugh. over and over again Even with headphones I could hear it.

The whole boarding process was also very strange. People would push and push forward as if the plane was going to take off without them. No matter how many comments I’ve heard from proud Frontier Airlines passengers, such as one telling his travel companion “I’m not flying with this garbage on Southwest Airlines, they don’t even assign seats.” Right, let’s go with it…

The scary thing is that the A320neo we flew was only a few years old, but it felt decades old based on how fun the interior was.

Frontier Hotel Las Vegas Chrome Postcard Poolside View

I can understand that low cost providers make their money on commissions, and communicating that to customers so they know what to expect can be a challenge. However, I found Frontier’s communication around this to be rather patronizing.

Take the sign below as an example, which shows how everyone can help avoid flight delays by prepaying on your mobile phone. By using Eagle, the airline is almost trying to make it look like a patriotic duty. Which you might think is not a bad strategy considering the customer base.

I also like how Frontier makes everything about the environment. The airline attributes everything that enhances the passenger experience to the environment. 28 inches of pitch? Welcome to America’s greenest airline!

Frontier Vacation Packages To Las Vegas

The checked bag limit recently dropped from 50 pounds to 40 pounds (and you can pay almost double to increase the weight limit to the previous 50 pounds)? It’s also about keeping carbon emissions low! Throughout the booking process and at the airport, there are signs everywhere touting how green Frontier is.

Watch Las Vegas: An Unconventional History

Let’s be honest, the green that Frontier really cares about is its own bottom line (which is fair enough, but we give it what it is).

I was also very confused about the Frontier team situation. None of the ground agents wore uniforms. I’m not just saying they didn’t have a border uniform, they didn’t have a uniform at all. Was he lucky? Is this a cost saving measure?

Almost all staff were friendly but also seemed to lack basic customer service training. For example, the gate agent kept blowing his nose and sneezing into his hand, then he would keep handling boarding passes and interacting with customers without sanitation or anything. While exiting the plane, the flight attendant stood with his back to the passengers and was talking on his phone.

I flew Frontier Airlines for the first time, and it was pretty bad. Most of the experience was what I expected, but I couldn’t quite anticipate the basic lack of decorum from the crowd on board. Not sure if I was just unlucky on this flight, or if this is pretty common on Frontier. I have flown on many low cost airlines, but this situation was really bad. This post may contain affiliate links. Traveling Well For Less has partnered with CardRatings to cover our credit card products. Good travel for less and card ratings may earn a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analysis, and recommendations are solely those of the author, and have not been reviewed, approved, or endorsed by any such entity. Terms apply to offers and benefits mentioned on this page. Read my disclosure and privacy policy.

I Spent $399 On Frontier’s ‘all You Can Fly’ Pass. Is It Worth The Hype?

Southwest is my favorite airline for flights to Vegas. But on my last trip to Sin City, I took the risk and flew Frontier Airlines to Las Vegas. Was it worth the gamble? Would I do it again? Read on to find out.

Only Frontier, Southwest and Spirit Airlines offer nonstop flights from San Diego to Las Vegas. Direct flights from San Diego to Las Vegas take one hour and 17 minutes. It’s worth flying instead of driving 5+ hours, not including traffic.

More time to enjoy everything Vegas has to offer, from gambling, seeing a show, sightseeing, visiting the spa or shopping. More than an hour may not seem like much. But when there’s no in-flight entertainment or Wi-Fi, hours can seem like an eternity.

Frontier Vacation Packages To Las Vegas

Earlier this year I flew from San Diego to Las Vegas on Frontier and lived to tell about it. It wasn’t as bad as knowing what to expect when flying Frontier.

Fly To Las Vegas From Tucson For $19 Thanks To New Direct Flights Offered By Frontier Airlines

In my most recent trip to Las Vegas travel, the goal was a cheap girls trip to Vegas that included a day at the Canyon Ranch Las Vegas Spa at the Palazzo Las Vegas.

The main reason I flew Frontier was price. The flight was $38 round trip compared to $80 on Southwest.

Yes, we could use the Southwest Companion card and only pay $11 round trip for taxes. But the value of Southwest points outweighed the cost of flying Frontier.

While other airlines try to sell you insurance, a rental car and maybe a hotel after you buy your ticket.

Frontier Airlines Bets Big On Ultra Low Fares

Pro Tip: You’ll save between $8 and $42 on each ticket if you buy it at the airport in advance. Because these fees are a carrier interface fee, a fancy way of saying an online booking fee. If you live near the airport, it may be worth the extra savings.

When choosing your flight, you have given a choice of the normal rate of the discount rate. Discount Den is a Frontier Airlines membership club.

Discount Den is a Frontier Airlines membership club. Membership is $59.99 per year and the lowest

Frontier Vacation Packages To Las Vegas

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