God Loves You More Than You Know

God Loves You More Than You Know – There is reason to say that nothing can replace the value of God’s blessings. God loves you more in a moment than anyone could in a lifetime. God loves us all. We are all his children and he is here to give everyone the same justice.

Many times, we are stuck in various situations in our life. This is the moment when we understand that whoever is around us, but God is always there!

God Loves You More Than You Know

God Loves You More Than You Know

Remember that situation when you thought you had no one by your side, all the doors seemed closed and you didn’t find a single reason to drag your life, that’s when you saw the light coming from somewhere.

I Love You More Than You Will Ever Know

This is the indication of God and his existence. No matter if the whole world turns upside down, you still have one and only faith that would keep you alive, and that is none other than God.

No matter who stays and who goes, if you have faith in God’s words, you are sure to find your own way. No one can ever love you more than God. Also, when you see someone likes you, he may have reasons behind these actions.

However, only God would love you without any selfish reason. This love is unconditional. All you need is to have faith in God and you will never be left behind. In this world full of selfish people, only the Almighty will love you like no other.

Therefore, we must always believe in his words and continue to walk in his ways. You may encounter difficulties along the way, but when you have confidence in your abilities, things become easier than ever. Nothing would seem difficult for you in such a situation.

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However, make sure you keep his words and believe in his words and he will be by your side whenever you face a difficult time in your life.

Beauty is not in the way you look, but in the way you act…

We all love how we are surrounded by people and want to have our parents, friends and family…

God Loves You More Than You Know

People who understand each other is actually a blessing. We heard that the next people were in…

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Self-love does not require you to ignore your flaws, but rather to refuse to use them as … Human love wears out – that’s why we have so many divorces. I know many people who are not divorced, but no longer love their spouse. There is a limit to human love. It’s dry!

That is why you must have God’s love in your marriage – in any relationship – if it is to last. God’s love never ends. God’s love is patient, persistent and persistent.

Isn’t it good news that God never leaves you? No matter what you do, His love never fails. It is broad enough to include everyone and long enough to last forever.

God will never love you more than He does now. But he will never love you less than he does now.

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He loves you on your good days. He loves you on your bad days. His love does not depend on your answer. God is love and His love is freely given. It is unearned and not worth it.

Accept his love and worship him, for he knows that his love is enough to last forever:

“I know your love is forever, that your faith is firm as the heavens” God will not stop loving us when we mess up. The central message of the Bible is this: God loves you not for who you are or what you do, but for who He is and what He does. God made you. He loves you. It’s settled! You cannot make God love you more. You can’t make him love you less. He loves you just as much on your bad days as on your good days. His love is not based on performance.

God Loves You More Than You Know

The Bible has a word for it. It’s called grace – and it’s absolutely amazing. God looks down and says, “I choose to love you. And you can’t make me stop loving you.” Even when we are ridiculously bad, God will not stop loving us. He is truly amazingly gracious. When you understand his grace, you can relax with your failures and have the confidence to take more risks.

Walks With My Father — Wiirocku: Isaiah 26:4 (esv)

You can come to God many times to get forgiveness for the same problem. Maybe you’re not sure you deserve His love and grace. And you are sure that God is tired of your constant attempts to change.

But you can relax. God never gets tired of a conversation with you. It is never too busy. No matter how many times you come to Him to ask for forgiveness, He will welcome you with open arms.

You may have grown up in a home where conditional love was the norm. Your parents’ love may be based on your academic, athletic or social success. When you failed in one of these areas, you felt you lost the love of your family.

“[God] canceled the debt, which listed all the rules we didn’t follow. He removed this disc with its rules and nailed it to the cross.’

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The Christian life is not a life without mistakes, but it can be a life without guilt. God understands your failures and loves you anyway. We sat on those stairs – five brothers, and a serious itch to get off. Loud worried voices told us all, we wanted to enter the living room like energetic bulls on parade. You see, what was on the other side of the hall wall was the stuff dreams were made of. On the other side of this wall waiting perfectly wrapped, beautifully decorated – the Christmas gifts and the power of Jesus released.

Happy heart. Love. Irene. smile laughing hello It was all there and we could all – almost taste it.

However, our parents always made us wait. Wait for the pictures to be taken. Wait for the coffee to flow. Wait to hear the Christmas story. Wait to make sure everyone is in the right “photo clothes”.

God Loves You More Than You Know

Some days, I feel like I live on these stairs many times. It’s like I know happiness is on the other side of a wall, but I can’t get there. I have to wait. I have to wait for life to happen. I have to wait for the others to improve. I must hope to become more like Christ. I have to wait for my prayers to be answered.

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The truth is, I want to enter into the fullness of God. I want to move forward in full joy in Jesus, like experiencing the joy of Christmas every day. I don’t want to wait. I want peace, life and grace to surround me. I want to enter its gates and thank God in a mighty way. I want to run through each day, waiting for the unfolding of God’s glory.

While thinking about this question, I also consider the fact that Jesus never said: “Joy to the world only at Christmas” nor did he say, “Peace I leave you – only on good days.”

And, somehow, I like to drop everything and run to open the riches of God’s Word – one by one. I want to see what else, what other encouragement God speaks to my heart. Here is what I reveal: 1. God’s love will last for me – forever. It’s always good. (Psalm 100:5)

4. He doesn’t like only sometimes, a little, occasionally, randomly, now and then, no. He loves a lot. (1 John 3:1)

No Matter How You Feel — Moments Before Mass

5. He sees my pain, my suffering, my hurt. He basically said, “These, I love them so much, I’ll die for them.” (Rom. 5:8)

8. He chose me, not because I am great, but because he is good. He has good plans to use me for His glory. (1 Peter 2:9)

9. He will not let anyone, in any way, in any way,  take us from him. We are his and he wants us. (John 10:28)

God Loves You More Than You Know

10. He takes us and makes us more than ourselves, he makes us more and more holy, until we become very much like him. (John 10:28)

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And, what my heart runs, immediately, is the idea – God is wonderful. It is my greatest gift. I can open a piece of it every day. And somehow, with that, it feels like I’m experiencing Christmas all over again.

Kelly, a fun, active, and wacky mom of two bright toddlers, spends her days pushing cribs, changing diapers, and pursuing the Lord with all her heart. Called a “Cheerleader of Faith,” Kelly’s greatest desire is to help women live passionately, purposefully, and limitlessly for the Lord. What does it take to start a relationship with God? Do you need to engage in selfless religious action? Do you have to become a better person to be accepted by God? Learn how to know God

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