Graduate Schools In San Francisco

Graduate Schools In San Francisco – We believe that to make a lasting difference in student achievement in San Francisco Public Schools, we must focus on the students who need it most—those who come from families without a college tradition and attend schools that cannot. Give them the support and resources they need to succeed in high school, graduate college, and excel at work. To better serve these students, we are embedded at James Denman High School and Everett High School in San Francisco’s Southeast Corridor.

We estimate that the San Francisco Unified School District has 2,000 sixth graders each year who may be first-generation college students. We are an ideal partner for SFUSD in a way that aligns with district-defined goals by closing opportunities, such as building a college culture in high schools. First Graduate is the only university program that starts in secondary school and stays with students through university graduation.

Graduate Schools In San Francisco

Graduate Schools In San Francisco

By changing the expectations of low-income students and their families and making college a reality, we change the dynamics of families, communities and societies. Together, we can make social justice a reality by ensuring that every student in San Francisco has access to high-quality learning experiences that will enable them to succeed in college and beyond.

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Philanthropist Ann-Eve Hazen founded First Graduate (formerly b.a.y. Foundation) in November 2001. He was soon joined by founding director Anaflor Graham. Programming began in 2002 with 24 8th graders recruited from two middle schools. Our work assumes that helping a family’s first child graduate from college has significant benefits for the family as a whole, both financially and by creating a tradition of college attendance.

The challenge is great—but clear—to guide the first generation of college students seeking to emulate the benefits of having college-educated parents. In 2019 we entered the 19th grade of 7th graders ready to begin the 12 year journey towards college graduation. Today, First Graduate has trained almost 400 students who are working towards university degrees.

Our goal is to help students who are the first in their families to graduate from college find careers that are meaningful to them.

Our values ​​guide our work, inform our organizational culture and inform our mission and the communities we serve. Scroll down to learn more about our values.

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Ann-Eva Hazen, founder of First Graduate, won a Jefferson Community Service Award for helping first-generation students achieve their dreams of earning a college degree. Read the KPIX article for more information.

Our values ​​guide our work, inform our organizational culture and inform our mission and the communities we serve.

We care deeply about our students and believe that each one of them has the right and ability to graduate from college and lead meaningful careers. When we make decisions, we take the student’s point of view into account and have the best interests of the family in mind.

Graduate Schools In San Francisco

We develop personal, trusting relationships within our team and with our students, families and partners through open, transparent communication and mutual respect. We are one big family that supports and celebrates our collective success.

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Students get insight into college options and careers from college-educated volunteers. Young undergraduates interact with older students and benefit from peer mentoring.

In our 10-year commitment to our students, we take a long-term view of our programs and our impact on society. As an organization and a team, we are committed to sustainability, investing in our growth and encouraging continuous improvement.

We are a learning organization that strives to be agile and creative in our role, as well as resilient and reflective as we grow. We intentionally seek stretch and comfort with uncertainty while prioritizing long-term impact and organizational health.

We contact students monthly and visit them annually on their campuses. We also help our college students find summer internships.

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Our team monitors progress and works closely with students, families, mentors, faculty, and partner institutions to ensure our students successfully complete each step of the way to college graduation.

We build deep, authentic partnerships with families, schools, volunteers and donors to support each student’s unique journey. We see accountability, shared responsibility and access to resources as critical to our success.

Our students participate in careers councils and events, resume writing and networking workshops, attend job shadowing days and mock interviews to provide career opportunities available to degree holders.

Graduate Schools In San Francisco

We help students transition from middle school to academically rigorous high school. We also offer targeted college counseling, standardized test preparation, college application planning, financial aid courses for students and parents, access to summer enrichment programs, college visits, and help researching and finding college scholarships.

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Students’ families learn how to support their children as they become first-generation college students. Our active parent community helps new families welcome first graders, providing peer support and fun activities for first grade families.

We recognize that we are the unheard ancestors of the Ramaytush Ohlone, the original inhabitants of the San Francisco Peninsula. As the indigenous stewards of this land and in their tradition, the Ramaytush Ohlone have never forgotten, lost or forgotten their responsibility as stewards of this land and all peoples who live on their traditional lands. We realize that as visitors we benefit from living and working in our traditional homeland. We honor the Ramaitush community by recognizing their ancestors, elders and relatives and affirming their sovereignty as First Nations. Thank you to all applicants who applied this year! The review committee is currently reviewing all of your content and will contact you as soon as possible.

The department now offers two master’s programs, each with three concentrations. The master’s program has a developmental focus on mind, brain, behavior and social. The master’s program has clinical, academic and industrial/organizational emphases. All of these centers are designed to meet specific academic needs and help students further their academic and/or career goals.

Thank you to everyone who came to our open house! For those who couldn’t make it, here is a recording of the event.

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If you have questions, please email Extension Services Liaison Megan Kwong ([email protected]) or the faculty office at [email protected].

Limited funding is available through the department for graduate research and dissertation grants. If you are interested in funding, please contact the Graduate Services Liaison, Megan Kwong ([email protected]) to discuss the specific use of the funds and a cost estimate.

Applications for all graduate programs are from October 1 to February 1. All application documents must be received by the application deadline. Both the department and the college have an online application at Cal State. You submit your materials to the college and department: including your personal statement, letters of recommendation, letters of recommendation, unofficial transcripts, GRE scores, and resume. All materials must be completed and returned by February 1st.

Graduate Schools In San Francisco

Questions about admission to a specific program can be directed to Megan Kwong, Extension Services Liaison ([email protected]).

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Note: If you have not earned a master’s degree in school from SF State and wish to apply for Student Personnel Services (PPS) certification, you must complete an external evaluation before applying to the program. Visit the PPS certification page for more information.

For more detailed instructions on the application process, visit the Cal State Application Center.

The first 3 parts of the Cal State application require you to sign a release of information, along with submitting your personal information, academic and informal transcripts, letters of recommendation, and relevant experience.

This section requires you to write a personal statement based on questions about the center you are applying to. This personal statement should be about your graduate studies, as well as your chosen focus or general experience. This statement should also reflect your motivation for applying and provide some background on yourself and your academic/research interests. Some concentrations also require you to specify which teachers you want to work with and why. Your statement will be a key factor in the assessment of your overall application. Questions and page limits for each grant are listed in the Program Specific Questions section of the Cal State Application Materials section. Comments and page limits are also listed below.

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