Hillcrest Restaurants San Diego Ca

Hillcrest Restaurants San Diego Ca – With a seasonal menu and a breathtaking location, this San Diego restaurant is sure to sweep you off your feet.

In the heart of Hillcrest, on the ground floor of the luxurious Etoll Towers apartments, you will find San Diego’s only urban oasis to wonder and dine. Located in a lush green lobby, InsideOUT feels like you’ve stepped outside the city walls. During October, guests will have the opportunity to experience the interior of the restaurant that has changed with their “Enchanted Oasis” theme. Do your Alice in Wonderland Chanel and fall down the rabbit hole of seeing giant mushrooms, neon flowers, and larger-than-life butterflies. Look closely and you’ll find a waterfall cascading into the pond, which is completely covered with rose petals and life-size pink flamingos. At night, the outdoor courtyard is lit up with colorful lights, making Hillcrest an exciting yet upscale destination for a night out.

Hillcrest Restaurants San Diego Ca

Hillcrest Restaurants San Diego Ca

“All your senses will be stimulated,” says Matthew Ramone, InsideOUT Restaurant, Urban MO, and longtime San Diego restaurateur. InsideOUT is the brainchild of Ramon and Executive Chef Johnny Doran, who has worked in many famous San Diego restaurants and is now making a name for himself. “We want to create a space for the community to be able to relax with good food and drink,” said Ramon. “We don’t want a bar scene that’s too loud or a restaurant with average food. It’s important that we provide quality without compromise.” With the purpose of creating a high quality restaurant, it is born from within.

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The menu offers a fun and refreshing take on California and Mediterranean inspired cuisine. “We take guests on a unique journey that they never thought they would enjoy with our food,” says Chef Doran. “We are known for our natural pairings, and we make it a point to use many different textures and flavors to take you on that journey.” And a unique pairing is what you’ll get – inside this Panzanella salad is a Tuscan dish with juicy heirloom tomatoes, julienned red onions, Persian cucumbers, and buttery croutons, tossed in buttery basil aioli and a dollop of arugula. mint pesto. It’s a combination that works surprisingly well. For a more innovative dish creation, try double-roasted pork, flavored with nectarine, brown almond butter, goat cheese, arugula, pickled red onion, and sweet potato. “We have something on the menu for everyone,” Duran insists. “You have to order depending on how brave you are, but know that our food is high but never boring.” Their signature dish, the Australian Hot Steak, is an 8-ounce aged Angus filet mignon, served rare on a hot stone for you to cook to your heart’s content.

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Desserts may be simple, but like the rest of your meal, they won’t make you feel full and heavy. You can’t go wrong with a good old fashioned black forest cake or a lemon meringue cake, made with fresh lemons. If you make it in time for happy hour (Tuesday-Friday, 4-6pm), you can score cocktails for just $8, like the Freaky Tiki, made with Mt.Gay Barrel rum, Bacardi coconut rum, Passoa Passion Fruit Liqueur, sweet. And vinegar, pineapple, orgeat and rum cracker.

InsideOUT is also open for lunch on weekends (it would be a crime if they weren’t!), so bring your friends and loved ones and order a pitcher of Pamplemousse Rose for the table. Monte Cristo is the perfect marriage of sweet and savory, made with nuts, Swiss cheese and smoked turkey sandwiched between Levin’s artisan bread, dipped in French bread and topped with powdered sugar and berry extract.

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No matter when you decide to visit, a trip to InsideOUT is guaranteed to be an amazing experience that will thrill and excite you. Future experiences are expected to include (and are sure to impress) their Winter Wonderland Oasis which will be available throughout the month of December.

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Hillcrest’s newest restaurant, Indoors, aims to serve unique cuisine in a unique setting. It’s the brainchild of Matthew Ramone and the newest member of the Mo’s Universe restaurant group, who owns Gossip Grill, Baja Betty’s, Urban Mo’s, and Hillcrest Brewing Company.

Hillcrest Restaurants San Diego Ca

Owning and running a restaurant is hard enough, so the fact that Matthew Ramone is considering a fifth makes him wonder: is he crazy?

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“Fifth?” Laughs Ramon, whose Mo’s Universe group now has four other restaurants, all in Hillcrest: Urban Mo’s, Baja Betty’s, Gossip Grill and Hillcrest Brewing Company.

But three years ago, San Diego architect and developer Mike Burnett approached Bramon and Associates with a proposal. He and his company, FoundationForm Studio, are developing a new mixed-use building east of University Street, and he wants Mo’s Universe to join the project. Burnett has a few ideas, but other than that, it’s going to be Ramon’s show.

Ramon Hillcrest has seen through its ups and downs. This new opportunity is something he cannot miss.

“Mo’s Universe has been working with the community for 27 years,” Ramon said. “We grow with the community, and we help develop the community as well. There’s just something about this project that feels right.”

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“It’s more about what’s not in Hillcrest and what the community wants to have,” he said last Friday afternoon. “There are so many great restaurants in Hillcrest, but we wanted something different, something with the ‘wow’ factor on every level – the food, the drinks, the space and the overall experience. I wanted something loud. It was just one of those things. Those things were instinctive.”

“You know what you want, what you think society wants, and then you go for it and you’re done.”

The main dining room at Hillcrest’s newest restaurant, is indoors. Opened in April 2018 within Etol Towers, a mixed-use development on University Road. The restaurant and lounge is the latest addition to Mo’s Universe Restaurant Group, which owns Gossip Grill, Baja Betty’s, Urban Mo’s and Hillcrest Brewing Company.

Hillcrest Restaurants San Diego Ca

Hillcrest’s newest restaurant, the interior, is sleek and modern, elegantly appointed with glossy furnishings, elegant chairs, and wood and concrete tables handcrafted by local artist Sven Hasselberg. The main dining area, with unsealed concrete walls and ceilings, is adjacent to floor-to-ceiling glass windows overlooking bustling University Street.

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InsideOUT Executives and Co-Owners (from left) General Manager Paris Quion, Principal Owner Matthew Ramon, and Chef Maryjo “MJ” Testa.

Outdoor seating inside Hillcrest’s newest restaurant, Inside OT, which opened in April 2018 within Eitol Towers, a mixed-use development on University Avenue. The restaurant and lounge is the latest addition to Mo’s Universe Restaurant Group, which owns Gossip Grill, Baja Betty’s, Urban Mo’s and Hillcrest Brewing Company.

Popular items on The Out’s cocktail menu: Flamboyant Flamingo: Elix vodka, St. Germain, rose wine, lime juice and soda. For $55, it serves three to five guests.

Directly at the bottom of the dinner menu is the 8 ounce Angus filet mignon. Rarely served on hot stones from Australia. Heat up to 450 degrees – with a special oven to bring the stone to a high temperature – the stone allows the chef to cook the steak to his liking.

Rusticucina: A New Neighborhood Favorite Graces Hillcrest With Soul Satisfying Italian Food

Known around town for her culinary skills—she owns a fast-casual restaurant, worked as a fry chef at Laurel’s and as a soup chef at Caffè Calabria—Maryjo “MJ” Testa just returned. Vacation in Italy in 2015 when Matthew Ramone asked her to lead the culinary arts at InsideOUT, a new restaurant he was opening in Hillcrest.

Spanish grilled squid – by far everyone’s favorite and chef Margo “M. Testa’s” favorite – is a combination of smoke and heat, served with warm fingerling potatoes, Spanish chorizo ​​and arbol chili sauce, all. topped with tender chard. egg

This is the Empress 75 drink: Empress gin, Saint Germain, lavender syrup, fresh lemon, topped with sparkling wine.

Hillcrest Restaurants San Diego Ca

Chef Maryjo “MJ” Testa recently served up a Summer Watermelon Salad at Hillcrest’s newest restaurant and lounge called insideOUT.

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The main dining area inside opens onto Eitol Square to the courtyard, which has a beautiful water feature and ample seating from the terrace area.

Inside, the main dining area opens onto the patio, which has a wonderful water feature and ample seating around the terrace area.

When architect and developer Mike Burnett approached Matthew Ramone for ideas

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