Hispanic Authors For Young Adults

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If you want to expand your reading list, we encourage you to start adding more Latino and Hispanic authors to your TBR this Hispanic Heritage Month and beyond. Regardless of one’s cultural background or ethnicity, reading books written by people whose experiences and perspectives differ from ours is an important part of expanding our reading horizons. The racial and ethnic makeup of many bookshelves has long been different from the people who own them, and has a lot to do with the top-down makeup of the publishing industry.

Hispanic Authors For Young Adults

Hispanic Authors For Young Adults

Nearly 80 percent of publishers, agents, marketing representatives and book reviewers are also white, according to Lee & Low Books’ latest diversity survey. Latinos are unfortunately underrepresented, making up only 6 percent of the industry. It is important to note that the Latino and Hispanic communities are not homogenous either. The 60 million people in the U.S. who identify as Latino or Hispanic (18 percent of the population) are remarkably diverse, and here’s a list of books by authors who proudly claim their identity. We can all attest that diversity is important.

Books Written By Latino Authors Among Those Banned In Texas, Nationwide

Start by reading these selections from all genres, including romance, hits, thrillers, and more. For more inspiration, be sure to check out our Best Books of 2022.

Julia was not an ideal girl – she was her sister Olga’s job. But when Olga is killed in a tragic bus accident, Julia has to bear the brunt of her mother’s grief. But is Olga really as perfect as her mother always thinks she is? Here’s what it’s like to grow up in a Mexican family and the next story that will make you laugh and dry your tears.

If all you know about Frida Kahlo is her beautiful and thought-provoking art, add this book to your list. Kahlo is a feminist icon, an uncompromisingly independent woman and a powerful inspiration to all of us to hold on no matter what. Davies’ book will inspire you to live your authentic life through the intimate story of Carlo’s extraordinary life.

This sweeping novel follows a mother’s struggle to help her drug-addicted daughter as she tries to understand her family’s history as Cuban immigrants. It’s a story about immigration, intergenerational love, and how we keep our heritage in our hearts.

Is It Hispanic, Latinx Or Latine? The Complexities Of Latino Identity

It’s a memoir about growing up in poor Philadelphia, her Puerto Rican identity, and trying to find a language that fits her voice.

A charismatic budding amateur detective, a man who once owned a mansion in the Mexican countryside, and a terrifying letter from a newlywed couple trying to escape a mysterious fate: this magnificent novel has all the hallmarks of suspense. It will haunt your dreams even after you read the last page.

No reading list is complete without this classic coming-of-age story about Esperanza Cordero, a young girl growing up in Chicago. Anyone who has ever been a child, no matter what their background, will recognize some of them in this beautiful, sometimes touching book.

Hispanic Authors For Young Adults

After Isabel and Martín marry on Día de los Muertos, the unwelcome feelings of Martín’s long-lost father, Omar, reveal themselves to the couple. But he only appears to Isabelle, begging her to help him redeem himself, especially his late wife Elda. This story of sorrow, forgiveness and love will reach deep within you.

A White Latina Author’s New Novel About The Border Unleashes Fierce Debate, Criticism

Antonia Vega has a difficult time: recently retired from teaching, her husband dies unexpectedly, her sister mysteriously disappears, and a teenage girl with an undocumented pregnancy arrives at her door. It is a touching story of a woman who always finds solace in stories and faces very real problems without any usual support.

After her older brother is run out of town by a violent white mob, Luz is left alone to navigate 1930s Denver. But soon, she begins to hallucinate about her ancestors and their lives in the near-lost region, seeing their struggle, perseverance, and the importance of making sure those stories don’t die with her. It is a touching story that conveys the importance of family history in a brilliant style.

These two sisters deal with how we frame the victims in this horrific account of police brutality, forgetting who is considered “deserving”. It’s not easy reading, but essential reading.

Charlotte “Charlie” Speed ​​has struggled with her weight and body image, not least because of her mother’s pressure to lose weight. But in this captivating and powerful young adult novel, she learns to embrace her body and who she is, just as she is.

New Ya Books On Latinx Life

In a series of brief, semi-autobiographical chapters, the novel tells the story of a young migrant worker in the 1940s who, despite all the odds, never loses his motivation. Although it came out in 1971, it still resonates deeply today.

Olga, a successful wedding planner, and her younger brother, Pietro, a popular congressman representing their Bronx borough, have it all going on. In public, that is. In private, they both harbor deep secrets that could unravel their carefully planned lives. Especially when their activist mother upends their lives in a hurricane threatening Puerto Rico. Give it a moment: this is a single-seater.

This groundbreaking memoir documents her volatile relationship with her violent partner in a family of Disney villains.

Hispanic Authors For Young Adults

, a history of abuse in queer relationships and her religious childhood. It allows the reader to stay grounded and feel the disorientation of being abused by a loved one.

Must Have Books By Our Favorite Latinx Authors

A refugee joins the brother of her lost love after she sails to Chile on a ship chartered by Pablo Neruda to escape the Spanish Civil War. In exile, they face trial after trial, but also discover each other’s strengths. Take a tissue; You will need them.

A harrowing and illuminating journey from a childhood marked by sexual violence, drug abuse and mental illness to a time of women moving beyond despair and towards hope. Diaz’s story is raw, honest, and paints a beautiful picture not only of her own life, but of Puerto Rico and Miami Beach.

When Beatrice arrives at the San Isidro Estate, she hopes it will be her salvation. But almost immediately, strange and frightening events indicate that something is wrong in the house. With her husband absent (which was probably the best-case scenario), she relies on Padre Andrés, a young priest, for help. But he is no ordinary priest and this little holy water can’t fix it.

Settle in comfortably and get ready for some spicy romance. Wedding planner Carolina has a great career opportunity, but there’s a problem: she has to work with the ex-best man from her failed wedding. You must read it to understand how

Hispanic Heritage Month At Hpl!

In a series of essays woven between her sarcastic humor and poignant observations of our society, the author examines how her Cuban-American family was excluded from the so-called American dream. From rodeos in Nebraska to Walt Disney World, her exploration of how people fit into stereotypes reveals a side of America that many don’t allow themselves to see.

When Ana Cancion gets the chance to move to New York City as Juan Ruiz’s wife, she jumps at the chance, more for her family than herself. But she feels trapped and alone in New York; That is, until she befriends Juan’s brother Cesar. She got a taste of freedom when her husband returned temporarily to the Dominican Republic. But before he comes back, she has to make tough decisions.

, where she runs the GH Book Club, edits essays and long-form features, and writes on pets, books, and lifestyle topics. After twenty years as a reporter

Hispanic Authors For Young Adults

She teaches journalism as an adjunct professor at the NYU School of Professional Studies, creative nonfiction at the Muse Writing Center, and as an instructor at the New York Writing Studio.

Ya National Hispanic Heritage Month

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