Honolulu To San Francisco Flights

Honolulu To San Francisco Flights – United Airlines (UA) introduced the Polaris product on its 777-300ER planes in June 2016, featuring a new business class design with direct access to all seats. While I am a big fan of the reverse herringbone configuration in business class, I actually like these seats and they are quite comfortable for the 5.5 hour flight back to the US mainland.

Plane – We were lucky enough to be on a flight operated by one of UA’s Internationally configured Boeing 777-300ERs, with Polaris seats.

Honolulu To San Francisco Flights

Honolulu To San Francisco Flights

Seats – UA’s Polaris seats are super comfortable to sit on and turn into a fully flat bed when you’re ready to sleep. The cabin is arranged in a 1-2-1 staggered configuration and all seats also have direct aisle access.

Review: United 777 Polaris Honolulu To San Francisco

IFE – I thought the entertainment on board was very good. The interface was easy to use and offered plenty of media content that kept me engaged throughout the flight.

Personal Air Nozzle – I am so glad UA chose to install personal air nozzles on their 777-300ERs. They kept me cool and comfortable throughout the flight.

Water-filled amenities – While this flight offered the new Polaris seats, amenities were sadly lacking. No menu was served to first class passengers. The convenience package we got was as basic as possible, and the Polaris cover was missing. Although I was glad to see that noise canceling headphones were available.

In-Flight Service – The in-flight service from the crew was okay. No pre-departure drinks were offered and the entire meal was served on a tray, which seems common these days due to the pandemic. But the flight attendant working our wing was very friendly and checked in every now and then if we needed anything.

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Catering – Honolulu’s catering was spot on. United isn’t known for incredible in-flight catering, but the chicken katsu curry main I ordered was pretty good.

I’m usually an American Airlines flyer so flying United is a nice change to compare. These Club Suite seats are comfortable, but I find American’s reverse herringbone seats on their widebody fleet more comfortable. Honolulu’s catering was good, but forgettable. The crew working on this flight were friendly, charming and enthusiastic. The in-flight amenities were a bit lacking, but I think this is sufficient for a medium-haul flight. The icing on the cake was the individual air nozzle, which I really appreciated. At least 10 seconds in the last two years is required to be ranked #63 out of 81 airlines. 389 reviews

After 7 days in paradise, it’s time to go home to dark and cold California. I could have chosen the non stop HNL-LAX which lands at 0600 but where’s the fun in that? Decided to fly to my neighbor John Wayne Airport (SNA) with a stop in San Francisco, where I would stay at the Amex Centurion Lounge.

Honolulu To San Francisco Flights

Before entering the check-in area, all carry-on and checked bags must be scanned for agricultural products and restricted species removed from the island of Oahu.

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After a short conversation with a very friendly agent (aka kiosk), I received my boarding pass for both the HNL-SFO and SFO-SNA legs. Didn’t want to pay $35 for an overweight and oversized carry-on so I decided to volunteer to gate check you for free… Let’s face it, if you have 330 vacationers packed into a 3-4-3 777 home from Hawaii after Christmas When they return, the overhead compartments will not have enough space.

Lost my pre-check in early 2019 due to green card expiring and almost 4 year wait for renewal from USCIS… First time in my life my TSA experience that is fast, polite and made me feel welcome .

The Hawaiian Airlines Plumeria Lounge is just 10 minutes from Concourse G by shuttle at the Intersland Terminal, and accepts Priority Passes (in my case through my Amex Platinum). It’s not worth paying for the visit, but the trip to the G Concourse is definitely worth it.

Boarding was done by groups and was surprisingly organized and gate mob free…guess people (even gate zoes) don’t want to leave Hawaii.

New Free Regions Coming Soon!

Taking my last sip of fresh air before sitting in a metal tube for 5 hours. Last flight 2019, first flight 2020 (flying in the new year)

The Economy Plus rows had seat pitch (35 inches). A blanket was on each seat. Of course, when I say felt, I mean a piece of polyester that is lighter than air, but still better than nothing.

Seat pitch in standard economy rows was 31 inches, plenty of room for my 170 cm / 5’6″ and 46 kg / 106 pound frame.

Honolulu To San Francisco Flights

The PDE holder works well with my iPad. If I take the glasses off it looks like it’s part of the seat. Sidenote: United Personal Device Entertainment is abbreviated PDE, which in math stands for Partial Differential Equations…

Wind Diverts Honolulu To San Francisco Flight Across The Bay

Our route today was calculated at 4 hours 39 minutes, the actual flight time was 4 hours 33 minutes and 12 seconds.

Of course, WiFi was provided at an additional cost. I chose not to buy one because the service was spotty on my last LAX-KOA flight, also serviced by Panasonic. $14 seems a bit high for an entire flight.

About 70 minutes before arrival the flight attendants came on this flight just to serve drinks and snacks. Sorry for the blurry picture it was really dark and I didn’t want to turn on the light and wake up my snoring seatmate(s).

It was a very ordinary domestic economy flight. It got me from point A to point B on time, in one piece, in overall good condition. The cabin was good, but not great. The cabin crew did their job, but nothing more. The entertainment is there, but not easy to find and it wasn’t refreshing. Catering was average, but nothing remarkable.

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Honolulu To San Francisco Flights

I was flying from Los Angeles (LAX) to Honolulu (HNL) on the same plane and wanted to continue flying on the 777-300ER with Polaris seats on the way home. Since there is currently only one a day in each direction, and that flight to Los Angeles (LAX) was particularly expensive ($1k), I found that I could fly from Honolulu (HNL) to San Francisco (SFO) on a 777 – . 300ER with Polaris seats and then a quick connect on E175 to Orange County (SNA) for $630.

My Odd United Airlines Flight To Honolulu

Flights from San Francisco (SFO) to Honolulu (HNL) on the 777-300ER are sold as Domestic First with one-day seats in Polaris. But by June 2022 it will drop

Flying in all directions. Other flights First will be replaced by the less desirable 777-200 without Polaris seats in a 2-4-2 “dorm style” configuration.

It just so happens that I flew on the 18th of April. On this flight it left early in the morning and the mask mandate was still in effect. Once I boarded my connecting flight, the pilots suddenly announced that after a federal judge overturned a two-week extension to May 3, United would no longer enforce the mask mandate and masks would be optional.

I reached HNL around 5:30am and there were long queues to get the checked luggage through the agricultural inspection line. Luckily I only had carry-on luggage so I went to the TSA precheck line and it was pretty short (3 minutes).

In This Photo Released By Virgin America Airlines, Professional Surfer Alana Blanchard Poses Next To ‘pineapple Express,’ A Virgin America Airbus A320 With A Surfer Girl Image On Its Fuselage Created By

It started 50 minutes before departure at 06:10 and they boarded through two gates. Rows 1-8 board through the first gate and rows 9 and above board through the second gate. This is why I chose to sit in the first Polaris cabin (rows 1-8), as it allows for less foot traffic during boarding.

United’s 777-300ER has 60 seats in the Polaris cabin, split evenly between 2 sections (rows 1-8 and rows 9-18). There are 4 toilets (2 forward, 2 between the two sections) for Polaris passengers.

Last time I was in 5A and this time I was in 7A. I would personally go with the 5A for a couple of reasons. First, you get an extra window to look out of, since the 7A only has one. Second, 7A is a little closer to the kitchen, and often I heard people talking, so if you want a quiet rest, 5A is better.

Honolulu To San Francisco Flights

The Polaris chair has a clothes hanger and small storage under the TV, as well as a cubby under the footrest. A tray table slides out from under the TV, which also has a tablet holder and chair controls

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