Hotels Near Hillcrest San Diego Ca

Hotels Near Hillcrest San Diego Ca – Vantaggio Hillcrest is located in the heart of the hip and trendy Hillcrest neighborhood. There are great restaurants, clubs, bars, grocery stores and gyms. Everything you need within walking distance. Excellent transport to town, beaches and shopping centres.

Monthly Rates: One-time Cleaning Fee: Small $40 Medium/Large $60 This price is for one residence only.Additional $50 per month for each additional guest.Up to 2 people. Citizens or US visa immigration status for all foreign residents

Hotels Near Hillcrest San Diego Ca

Hotels Near Hillcrest San Diego Ca

Weekly/Daily Rate: 10.5% Hotel Tax: Credit card number (Visa or MasterCard) required or $250 if paying by debit card as deposit. Third party payments are not accepted. SUMMER RENTALS: Summer rent charges apply in July and August.

The Red Office Completes New Abpòpa Hillcrest Hotel In San Diego

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Finest Hotels Near Mission Valley In San Diego Ca

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