How Do You Create A Go Fund Me Account

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How Do You Create A Go Fund Me Account

How Do You Create A Go Fund Me Account

With more than $9 billion raised on the platform since its inception in 2010, GoFundMe has a reputation for campaigns that help cover personal emergency costs in a world where most of us only have one lost paycheck by a disaster But while the company has become synonymous with philanthropic crowdfunding, you might not realize that you can also use GoFundMe to fund businesses.

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Now, don’t get me wrong: if your business is a high-tech startup with exponential growth potential, or if you’re creating the next board game sensation, a more commercially oriented job is where you’re going. A crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Or you can try one of the new equity crowdfunding sites that have popped up in recent years.

However, for the right type of startup business, preferably one with a local/community focus and a compelling story to tell about overcoming adversity, GoFundMe is an attractive option for fundraising. A big reason? GoFundMe does not charge a platform fee for individual campaigns launched in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and parts of Europe. A typical crowdfunding site takes 5% of what you raise.

Read the ten steps you need to take to get GoFundMe money to start a business.

GoFundMe is a well-known brand with almost universal recognition, so GoFundMe campaigns have an immediate credibility boost in the eyes of many potential donors. As I mentioned in the introduction, GoFundMe does not charge for the platform in most of the countries where it operates. Plus, you can raise funds even if you don’t reach your fundraising goal.

How To Set Up A Gofundme And Raise Money When You Need It Most

On the other hand, GoFundMe’s customer support isn’t always the best, and some activists have had problems trying to withdraw their funds. You also have to provide your full social security number when withdrawing funds, which is not ideal for obvious reasons. However, if your business is right for the platform (more on that in the next paragraph), GoFundMe has more positives than negatives.

Before using GoFundMe to start a business or fund an existing business, consider whether your business is a good fit for GoFundMe. Many of the types of startups and companies that are currently successful in crowdfunding are in industries that thrive on commercially oriented platforms like Kickstarter: developers of apps, gadgets, and games that aren’t typically available in restaurants or offline. store Likewise, Patreon has become a leading crowdfunder for podcasters, musicians, graphic artists, and other creatives whose work is easily distributed online.

However, crowdfunding with GoFundMe is a different matter. Donors contribute to GoFundMe campaigns to make a positive difference in people’s lives or to benefit their community, not to gain access to the latest technology trends or trendy board games. Take a look at the types of businesses that have run successful GoFundMe campaigns and you’ll see that they tend to be a) businesses that have a positive impact on the social life of the community and b) entrepreneurs/business owners. a compelling personal story to tell or a philanthropic or social justice mission.

How Do You Create A Go Fund Me Account

If neither a) nor b) apply to you and your company, you’re better off looking for funding from one of the other crowdfunding tools I’ve mentioned. If at least one of the two

Creating A Gofundme From Start To Finish

You start a public campaign for money. In particular, make sure you set a funding goal that you can achieve. If you reach your funding goal, be clear about what you want to do with the money you hope to raise so you know what to do next.

Of course, all the best plans in the world won’t help you if you can’t save. One way to increase your chances of crowdfunding success is to offer great rewards to people who donate to your campaign.

If you’ve decided to use GoFundMe for your business, it’s time to set up your campaign. GoFundMe makes it very easy. Registering an account costs nothing and only requires your name, email address and password. From there, enter the basics of your campaign: your location, the title of the fundraiser, the goal of the fundraiser, your story, a few images or videos, and a few other details. Once you’ve done all that, you’re ready to go live.

Of course, you don’t want to publish it until you’ve created the most engaging campaign. Let’s talk about how to do it.

Gofundme Can Get Very Ugly

Remember when I said that GoFundMe donors are primarily motivated by a desire to do good? While this may be the case, you’re still competing for limited donor attention with every other campaign listed on the site. This is where rewards come into play.

With GoFundMe, as with Kickstarter and many other crowdfunders, you can offer various levels of rewards to those who contribute to your campaign. This means you can offer increasingly valuable rewards to people who donate large amounts of money. My advice is to take advantage of this crowdfunding feature and offer multiple reward levels to your potential donors. Give people a reason to invest in your success!

While branded items and t-shirts may attract some people, rewards that give people a taste of your product or service are even better. Give away discounts, coupons or gift cards for the items you offer. Get people into the habit of frequenting your business so they can consistently recommend your business to you.

How Do You Create A Go Fund Me Account

Not to downplay the importance of marketing your campaign to the general public, but your most important source of support may be your personal network: friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, etc. Not only can they contribute. important part of what you raise, but it is important to ensure their support

Using Gofundme For Business Startup Funding

Your campaign will be public. This way, when you start your campaign, strangers who find it won’t see “$0” as the amount raised. Success breeds success, and it’s easier to attract public support if you already have decent funding.

If you don’t want people to know how much you support, you can ask your family members to make an anonymous donation!

To build buzz around your GoFundMe campaign, you’ll need to market it on social media channels. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like to spread your story and campaign. If possible, try to collect the email addresses of those interested in your campaign to build a mailing list. You can use this list to give updates on your company’s progress and anything else you like behind the scenes. You can use email marketing services to keep your followers updated with attractive emails based on templates.

Try to develop some relationships with the press as well. If you want to start a GoFundMe for your business, you can let these contacts know ahead of time.

Eventbrite Paid Social Ads

It’s called a campaign for a reason: it takes a lot of work to keep the contributions flowing! The unfortunate truth is that most crowdfunding campaigns, whether for business or personal purposes, fail to reach their funding goals. If you want to beat the odds, a compelling story and a great video won’t be enough. You will have to constantly work on your campaign as you would on your job.

Once your campaign is in full swing, keep everyone informed with frequent updates. Don’t just post updates on your GoFundMe page; also post updates on all your social media channels. Go ahead and be personal with your updates. Don’t get bogged down by the list of stats. Document your ongoing personal involvement in your business funding campaign. Be sure to answer questions about what you do both on your GoFundMe For Business page and on social media.

Let’s say you beat the odds and reach your funding goal. Great! Now what are you going to do with the contacts you’ve built, the followers you’ve attracted, and the mailing list you’ve started? If you want your business to thrive, you can’t let them pass you by.

How Do You Create A Go Fund Me Account

Consider an email campaign to keep your contacts up to date with your latest work and offer special promotions. Be active on the social media channels that have the most impact during your campaign. Maintain the relationships you built with your first customers. These people will be your biggest evangelists, spreading the good word about your business and the kind, friendly owner who treats them so well.

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People long for a sense of community in this lonely world. Give them one and they will reward you.

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