Informatica Scenario Based Interview Questions For Experienced

Informatica Scenario Based Interview Questions For Experienced – In this Informatics interview questions document, you will learn about the most common questions asked in an Informatics job interview. You will learn the difference between a database and a data warehouse, the Informatica Workflow Manager, a mapping parameter versus a mapping variable, and more. Learn informatics with the Informatica certification course and accelerate your career!

Informatica is an ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) tool that is widely used in enterprise data warehouse development. According to iDatalabs, more than 21,000 organizations use Informatica in the US alone, making it one of the most challenging career choices. It is used in various industries such as healthcare, finance, insurance, non-profit sectors, etc., which only increases the demand for IT professionals. Prepare the following Informatics interview questions and answers and secure a lucrative job in this field:

Informatica Scenario Based Interview Questions For Experienced

Informatica Scenario Based Interview Questions For Experienced

Informatica PowerCenter is an ETL/data integration tool that has a wide range of applications. This tool enables users to connect and retrieve data from various heterogeneous sources and their subsequent processing.

Sql Procedural Language (t Sql) Performance Considerations

For example, users can connect to a SQL Server database or an Oracle database, or both, and integrate data from both of these databases into a third-party system.

There are many typical use cases for Informatica, but this tool is mainly used in the following scenarios:

Repositories can be created based on the number of required ports. In general, however, there can be any number of warehouses.

A command task can be called a pre-session or post-session shell command for a session task. Users can run this as a pre-session command, a post-session success command, or a post-session error command. Based on use cases, the use of shell commands can be modified or modified.

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Aggregator performance is dramatically improved if records are sorted before being passed to the aggregator and if the ‘sorted input’ option is checked in the aggregator properties. The recordset must be sorted by those columns used in the group by operation. It is often a good idea to sort the recordset at the database level, e.g. within the source qualifier transformation, unless there is a possibility that already sorted records from the source qualifier can be re-sorted before reaching the aggregator.

The target table can be updated without using an “Update Strategy”. For this, we need to define a key in the target table at the Informatica level, and then we need to associate the key and the field we want to update in the mapping target. . At the session level, we need to set the target property as “Update as Update” and check the “Update” checkbox.

Suppose we have a target table “Customer” with fields like “Customer ID”, “Customer Name” and “Customer Address”. Let’s say if we want to update ‘CustomerAddress’ without update strategy then we need to define ‘CustomerID’ as primary key at Informatica level and we will need fields ‘CustomerID’ and ‘CustomerAddress’ in mapping link If session properties are set correctly as described above, the mapping will only update the ‘Customer Address’ field for all matching customer IDs.

Informatica Scenario Based Interview Questions For Experienced

A surrogate key is essentially an identifier that uniquely identifies modeled entities or objects in the database. Surrogate keys that are not derived from other data in the database may or may not be used as primary keys.

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It is basically a unique serial number. If an entity exists in the external world and is modeled in the database or represents an object in the database, it is identified by a surrogate key. In these cases, surrogate keys for specific objects or modeled entities are generated internally.

A session is nothing but a set of instructions that must be executed to convert data from a source to a destination. To run sessions, users must use a session manager or use the pmcmd command. Batch execution is used to combine sessions, sequentially or in parallel. Any number of sessions can be grouped into migration groups.

Essentially, incremental aggregation is the process of capturing changes in the source and calculating the aggregation in a session. This process makes the Integration Service update targets incremental and avoids the aggregation calculation process on the entire resource.

Duplicate lines from flat files can be deleted by using the sorter transformation and selecting the clear option. Selecting this option will delete duplicate rows.

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First, Informatica is a data integration tool, while Teradata is an MPP database with some scripting features and fast data movement capabilities.

A star schema is the simplest style of data showcase schema in computers. This is the approach most often used to develop data warehouses and dimensional data stores. Contains one or more fact tables that relate to many dimension tables.

A logical arrangement of tables in a multidimensional database, the snowflake schema is represented by centralized fact tables that are linked to the multidimensional tables. Dimension tables in a star schema are normalized using snowflakes. When normalized, the resulting structure looks like a snowflake with a fact table in the middle. Low cardinality attributes are removed and separate tables are created.

Informatica Scenario Based Interview Questions For Experienced

A fact constellation schema is a measure of online analytical processing (OLAP), and OLAP is a collection of multiple fact tables that share dimension tables and is treated as a star collection. It can be seen as an extension of the star scheme.

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Next time for Informatics interview questions for beginners, you should look at OLAP and its types. Read on.

OLAP, or online analytical processing, is a special category of software that allows users to simultaneously analyze information from multiple database systems. Using OLAP, analysts can extract and view business data from different sources or perspectives.

When mapping uses a mapplet, Designer allows users to set a target load order for all resources associated with the mapplet. In the Designer, users can set the target load order in which the Integration Service sends rows to the targets within the mapping. A load order target group is essentially a collection of source qualifiers, transforms, and targets bound together in a mapping. The target load order can be set to maintain referential integrity when operating on tables that have primary and secondary keys.

Step 3: The Target Load Plan dialog lists all source qualifier transformations with the targets that receive data from them

Informatica Mapping Scenarios

Step 4: Select the resource qualifier and click the up and down buttons to change its position

If we need to perform ETL operations, we need source data, target tables and required transformations. Target designer in Informatica allows us to create target tables and modify already existing target definitions.

Target definitions can be imported from a variety of sources, including flat files, relational databases, XML definitions, Excel worksheets, etc.

Informatica Scenario Based Interview Questions For Experienced

Sessions available in Workflow Manager are configured by creating a session task. There can be multiple reusable or non-reusable sessions within a mapper.

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Garbage dimensions are structures that consist of a group of some garbage attributes, such as random codes or flags. They design a framework to store related codes related to a particular dimension in one place instead of creating multiple tables for them.

Whether active or linked, the rank transformation is used to sort and rank a set of records from the top or bottom. It is also used to select data with the largest or smallest numerical value relative to a specific port.

The Sequence Generator transformation, available in passive and connected configurations, is responsible for generating primary keys or sequences of numbers for calculations or processing. It has two output ports that can be connected to many transformations inside the maplet. These doors are:

When called, the INITCAP function capitalizes the first character of each word in the string and converts all other characters to lowercase.

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When an organization’s data is developed at a single point of access, it is known as an enterprise data warehouse.

A database has a pool of useful information that is small compared to a data warehouse. In a data warehouse, there are sets of all kinds of data, whether useful or not, and the data is extracted based on the customer’s requirements.

Repository server primarily ensures the reliability and uniformity of the repository, while the powerful server undertakes the implementation of many processes between the database server repository factors.

Informatica Scenario Based Interview Questions For Experienced

Using the session level allocation task, we can create indexes after the load process.

Differentiate Between Source Qualifier And Filter Transformation?

A session is a learning group that requires the transformation of information from source to destination.

We can have as many sessions as you want, but it is recommended to have fewer sessions in a package as it will make the migration easier.

Values ​​that change during session execution are known as mapping variables, while values ​​that do not change during session execution are known as mapping parameters.

The main advantage of session partitioning is to improve process and server competence. Another advantage is that it performs

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