Interview Questions For Quality Assurance Engineer

Interview Questions For Quality Assurance Engineer – In this competitive market, cracking the interview is very difficult, if you are trying to get a definite job as a Quality Control Engineer in a highway project and want to prepare for the Quality Control Interview questions 2020 quality. It is true that every interview is completely different as are the various job profiles. Here, we have prepared the necessary QA Interview question and answers that can help you succeed in your interview.

In this article, we tend to give fifty two  most important and frequent question in big and famous organization like L&T , Afcons & Tata consultancy etc. These conversations can be in the following trend:

Interview Questions For Quality Assurance Engineer

Interview Questions For Quality Assurance Engineer

Answer : According to IRC 58-2015 Clause, a minimum CBR of 8% is recommended for 500 mm of selected soil used as subgrade.

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Q 4.What is the code reference where you are doing CBR test with power level 3 like revision of MORTH 5?

Q 5. What is the limitation of Air Voids, flow and VFB in Dense Bituminuus Macadam mix design?

Answer: Air gap limit, flow and VFB are 3 -5%, 2-4 mm & 65-75% simultaneously.

Q 6. How many employees work under you, draw an organizational chart and show your position?

A Guide To Crack Quality Assurance Interview

Answer : The sum of xyz employees working under me is xyz , draw a diagram by yourself and practice.

Q 9. What is the permissible granular size of subsoil as per MORT&H specification?

Q 10. What is the maximum Liquid and Plasticity Index allowed for earthworks in the buffer/subsoil?

Interview Questions For Quality Assurance Engineer

Answer : The clay should have a Liquid Limit less than 50% and the PI should always be less than 25%.

Qa Interview Questions And Answers

Q 11. What is the frequency of taking BM/DBM/BC material to verify the density and thickness of the laid layer according to the 5th revision of MORT&H?

Q 12. What is the maximum value of the Aggregate Impact Value of the aggregate allowed for Bituminous Concrete (BC) work on a flexible pavement?

Q 13. What is the minimum cement content and maximum W/C ratio for M 25 RCC concrete in medium condition as per MORT&H 5TH revision?

Answers : 1 set of 10 tests for 3000 m² of Embankment / 1 set of 10 tests for 2000 m² of Subgrade/Shoulder.

Test Engineer Interview Questions

Answer : Bulk density is the ratio between the weight of the soil and the total volume of the soil  but the Specific Gravity (G) is the ratio of the weight of air of a given volume of ‘ soil solids at a specified temperature with the weight of equivalent air. volume of distilled water at that temperature. Specific gravity has no unit and is generally used in the construction of concrete/bituminous mixtures.

Answer: The Kinematic Viscosity of VG 40 grade bitumen is a minimum of 400 cst at 135 °C.

Q 21.What is the minimum cement content and maximum W/C ratio for pile concrete as per IRC 78 -2014 Cl 709.1.9?

Interview Questions For Quality Assurance Engineer

Q 22. What will be the minimum cement content as per IRC SP 49 2014 to make DLC mix?

Most Common Qa Interview Questions With Answers

Q 25.What is the maximum FI+EI limit for Dense Bituminous Macadam as per the 5th revision of MORT&H?

Q 31. What is the minimum bitumen content as per 5th revision of MORT&H in DBM and BC for grade 1 mix?

Answer : DBM 4.0 % & BC 5.2 % Minimum total with specific dimension less than 2.7.

Answers: Air voids are inversely proportional to Density, that is, if the air void increases the density decreases and returns.

Essential Skills To Look For In A Top Qa Engineer

Answer: The minimum laying temperature is 140 °C and the minimum rolling temperature is 90 °C.

Q 37.In main coat which type of emulsion is used as per 5th revision of MORT&H in Indian condition?

Q 38. What is the minimum amount of sand equivalent to crushing dust to be used in Bituminous work?

Interview Questions For Quality Assurance Engineer

Q 45.Can you tell me the line name of IRC SP guideline for Quality System for highway and road bridge construction?

Quality Assurance Manager Interview Questions

Answers: IRC SP 57 – 2000 but now the latest version with name change is IRC SP 112 -2017 & IRC SP 47-1998 for Road Bridge

1.I really want to be a part of your project from start to finish, and I know I will have that opportunity here.

2. In my current role, I have learned many new skills. I am looking for a position where I can continue to develop that skill in new situations.”

3. I have learned a lot in my current role, but I am looking for an opportunity that offers more challenges as I continue to develop my skills and abilities.”

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Answers: This is your most important conversation. Don’t lie about what you currently make, but feel free to include the estimated cost of all your expenses, which can be 25 -30% more than your current “cash only” salary.

Answer: He always says a month but they handle the situation calmly. if you are ok and you don’t have a job, you can say within 7 days. This post is for QA engineers planning for a Senior test engineer or Team lead role. To help them in their preparation, we have added ten must-know QA questions and answers in this article.

We came up with these must-know QA interview questions after doing a lot of research. Involved a meeting with the candidates by a Senior test engineer/Interview lead test. That way we can keep the questionnaire real and active.

Interview Questions For Quality Assurance Engineer

Also, most interviewers expect an answer that seems realistic and supported by example. Therefore, do not respond with answers that sound like reading from a book.

Amazon Quality Assurance Engineer

Apart from this you want to know the QA interview questions, you would like to check the post below. This provides the best technical questions for Senior Test Engineers.

Step-2 # After developing an understanding of the requirements, we prepare a complete list of areas to be tested by the AUT. The focus of this step is to identify “What to test. So the result of this step is a list of test cases.

Step-3 # After we are done with the test conditions, our focus shifts to “How” to test them. This section involves writing detailed steps on how to test a particular feature, what data should be included (test data) and what the expected result is.

Answer# If standard documents such as System Requirements Specification or Feature Description Document are not available then QAs may have to rely on the following references if available.

Top Test Automation Interview Questions And Answers In 2023

Another reliable way is to have conversations with engineers and business analysts. It helps to clarify the doubts and opens a channel to bring clarity about the needs. Also, exchanged emails can be useful as a reference for testing.

Smoke testing is another good option to help ensure the core functionality of the application. It also revealed some basic bugs in the app.

Answer# Quality Assurance (QA): QA refers to a planned and systematic method of monitoring the quality of the process followed to produce a quality product. QA tracks results and adjusts the process to meet expectations.

Interview Questions For Quality Assurance Engineer

Quality Control (QC) is related to product quality. QC not only finds errors but also suggests improvements. So the process established by QA is implemented by QC. QC is the responsibility of the inspection team.

How To Recruit Exceptional Qa Testers

Software Testing is the process of ensuring that a product developed by an engineer meets user requirements. The purpose of testing is to find bugs and make sure they are fixed. Therefore it helps to maintain the quality of the product to be delivered to the customer.

Answer# The best time to start QA is from the beginning of the project. This way, the QA team will get enough time to make the proper planning of the procedures followed during the test life cycle.

QA also plays an important role in initiating communication between domain teams. The testing phase begins after the test plans are written, reviewed and approved.

Ans# priority indicates the urgency of the feature from a business perspective. This shows – How many bugs do we need to fix?

Top Software Testing Interview Questions (2023)

The dimension shows the impact of the feature on the performance of the application. Bugs that have a significant impact on performance require immediate fixes.

During the online purchase, if the user sees the message “Order processing error, please try again.” at the time of submitting payment information.

Let’s say we have a common situation where the application crashes, but such a situation has a rare occurrence.

Interview Questions For Quality Assurance Engineer

These are typos in the content shown as “Registered successfully”. Instead of “successful”, “successful” is written.

Common Interview Questions And How To Answer Them

Ans# QA stands for QUALITY ASSURANCE. The QA team ensures quality by monitoring the entire development process. QA tracks the results after adjusting the process to meet expectations.

Also, it’s not too late to post a two-part series of questions and answers on Software Testing. So please refer to this blog post, it can be very useful for interview preparation.

It was another post that can improve your chances in a job interview. And, so do we

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