Log Into Hulu With Spotify Student

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Spotify has once again partnered with Hulu to offer free video-on-demand. Find out how to subscribe to the Spotify/Hulu package.

Log Into Hulu With Spotify Student

Log Into Hulu With Spotify Student

On Tuesday, Spotify and Hulu announced a time-limited premium package that allows Spotify users to get a free subscription to Hulu’s ad-supported plan. This plan is available to new and existing Spotify and Hulu customers. It only requires a Spotify Premium account. Spotify’s premium account will cost you $9.99/month, but you’ll also get a basic Hulu plan worth $5.99/month for free. Spotify’s Premium/Hulu bundle previously cost $12.99 a month, so new customers get a super low bundle price, while existing bundlers see a limited $3 reduction on their bill. Customers who subscribe separately to Hulu or Spotify Premium are also eligible for the offer. According to Spotify’s website, the offer is open until June 10, 2019 or while supplies last, so we’d recommend skipping the deal early. To help you sign up for Hulu with Spotify for free, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide below with answers to questions you may have about the Hulu/Spotify package.

Things You Should Know About The Spotify Hulu Deal

Spotify has once again partnered with Hulu to offer free video-on-demand. Find out how to subscribe to the Spotify/Hulu package. Spotify

To take advantage of the Spotify Hulu package, you will need to visit Spotify’s official website and sign up for the deal. You will be charged $9.99 per month for the ad-free Spotify Premium plan, and you will get a free basic Hulu plan (with ads). After signing up, you’ll need to activate your new Hulu plan via the “Your Services” page in your Spotify account settings.

If you’re already paying for the $12.99 Spotify Hulu Bundle, you don’t need to do anything. Existing bundlers will see a $3 lower bill during the promotional period. However, once the promotion ends, existing subscribers will see their package revert to the previous price of $12.99.

For users who already have a Hulu account, things get a little more complicated. To take advantage of the bundle, you’ll need to cancel your existing Hulu plan and set up the new account you’ll receive as part of the bundle. If you subscribe to Hulu’s live TV services or channels like Showtime or HBO, you won’t be able to access them with your Spotify package.

Spotify And Hulu Just Launched An Amazing $5 Bundle For College Students

Unfortunately, the Spotify Hulu bundle is strictly for individual Hulu Premium plans. Family plan users cannot take advantage of the offer.

While the new Spotify Hulu package may save consumers some money, if you’re a student, there’s an even better plan to take advantage of. Subscribers who can verify their student status can sign up for Spotify’s $4.99 student package, which includes a free basic Hulu subscription and the show.

What do you think of Spotify’s new Hulu bundle? Are you registering? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Log Into Hulu With Spotify Student

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Spotify And Hulu Announce Joint Subscription Plan

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You can get a free Hulu subscription with Spotify, but only if you’re a college student—here’s what you need to know

Back To School Special: Spotify And Hulu Announce $4.99 Bundle For College Students

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In summer 2019, for a limited time, Spotify Premium subscribers can get a Hulu subscription at no extra cost. The offer has expired and it is no longer possible to register for this combined plan.

Instead, students now have the option to include both Hulu and Showtime in their Spotify Premium subscription. However, there are a number of caveats to the deal that you should keep in mind.

Log Into Hulu With Spotify Student

Check out the products mentioned in this article: Hulu Basic Membership (Starts at $5.99/month on Hulu) How to get Hulu and Showtime with Spotify?

Hulu. It’s In My Plan, Why Can’t I Activate It?

If you qualify for a Spotify Premium for Student subscription, you can get Spotify, Hulu’s and Showtime’s ad-supported plan for $4.99 a month.

To be eligible for the deal, according to Spotify, you must be “enrolled in a US Title IV accredited college or university and be over the age of 18.” You will need to log in to request the agreement using your college or university portal,

Upload proof of registration when filling out the online form. This can be a student ID card, transcript, or letter of enrollment.

You must provide proof of student status when registering for the transaction. Dave Johnson/Corporate Insider

How To Get A Spotify Student Discount — Get A Half Price Premium Subscription

For more information on how and when you will be charged, you should check Spotify’s official student offers page.

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NOW WATCH: ‘We Needed to Re-Educate Hulu’s Market’: Streaming Video Provider’s CMO Explains Why It Needs an Update How do I log into Hulu with my Spotify student account. Here is a simple guide showing how to access Hulu from Spotify account.

Log Into Hulu With Spotify Student

Connecting your Hulu to your Spotify account isn’t a difficult task; You can easily do this with the simple steps that we have discussed below in this article. But, first, it is very important to know why it is necessary or useful to link your Hulu account with Spotify. So, let’s discuss it first.

How To Delete Your Hulu Account Attached To Spotify

Hulu’s ad-supported subscription plan is now included as part of Spotify Premium. Users of Spotify Premium streaming services in the US can take advantage of this benefit starting today. Users will be able to save on savings after Netflix recently raised the price of its ad-supported plan.

This offer is available to new Spotify subscribers. If Hulu isn’t enabled in your account settings, make sure you enable it on the “Your Services” page. You have to subscribe to Hulu via Spotify to save an extra $3 a month.

If you subscribe to Hulu and don’t already have a Spotify account, you’ll need to cancel your Hulu billing through Hulu and set up your Spotify account through Spotify to receive the discount. So, you can follow these steps to do that. So, let’s look at the necessary steps:

So, this is how you can access Hulu with a Spotify account. Finally, it is already clear to you that you want a student like me to use your Spotify Premium account and use Hulu for free.

Do You Get Hulu With Spotify?

If you have any idea how I can access Hulu with my Spotify account then feel free to go to the comment box below. Also, subscribe to our YouTube channel for video tutorials. Greetings!

Gregory Chapman is a freelancer with a strong interest in technology, smartphones and gaming. You will always find him busy exploring new gadgets. In, he writes about complex technical topics that are accessible to readers. Hulu is a subscription-based streaming web application owned by Walt Disney. It offers a huge library of movies and TV series from broad networks like ABC and NBC. Additionally, Hulu produces original TV series and movies for its subscribers. Surely you know Spotify as it is the most popular music listening and sharing platform used by millions of users. Both of these entertainment platforms are huge and have huge numbers of subscribers. So, you must have heard about Hulu Spotify access and wondered how can I access Hulu from my Spotify account? Here you are

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