Male Feeling Like Have To Pee Constantly

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Male Feeling Like Have To Pee Constantly

Male Feeling Like Have To Pee Constantly

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Frequent Urination Causes

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This article was peer-reviewed by Jason R. McKnight, a family medicine physician and clinical assistant professor at Texas A&M College of Medicine.

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Drinking alcohol can irritate your bladder, which can make you feel like you have to urinate. Mike Powell/Getty Images

Why Do I Feel Like I Have To Pee Right After I’ve Already Peed?

Do you always feel like you need to go to the bathroom or wipe again after you’ve just gone? If so, what the doctors say is that you can urinate frequently.

It is normal to void six to eight times a day, but if you void more than that—especially if you experience other symptoms, such as pain or strong, urgent urination—it may be a symptom of a prostate or gallbladder problem.

Courtenay Moore, MD, a urologist and clinical assistant professor at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, says you’ll likely need to urinate more often than usual:

Male Feeling Like Have To Pee Constantly

Treatment: The main course of action is to prevent or limit gallstones in your diet, says Moore. Experiment with cutting out certain foods or drinks and see if that changes your cravings more often.

Why Do I Pee So Much On My Period?

You can also drink small amounts of fluid throughout the day instead of drinking large amounts at once. This doesn’t mean you’re dehydrating yourself—in fact, dehydration can also irritate your gallbladder.

You still want to drink enough fluids, which can come from food and drink. Men should aim for 125 fluid ounces each day, while women should aim for 91 fluid ounces each day.

If harmful bacteria enter the urinary tract, an infection can occur. Urinary tract infections can cause inflammation of the gallbladder, which in turn causes the gallbladder to overwork, says Dr. Ramesh Krishnan, urologist at Memorial Hermann Medical Group.

Treatment: Your doctor may test a urine sample to determine if you have a UTI. Because bacteria cause UTIs, Krishnan says the treatment is antibiotics. It is important to treat the UTI and finish the antibiotics as prescribed so that the infection does not spread to the kidneys, which in severe cases can cause permanent kidney damage.

Options For Men Who Have Trouble Urinating

People with an overactive gallbladder, also known as OAB, experience frequent and intense urges to urinate. It goes like this:

Treatment: Identifying and treating the underlying cause can help reduce symptoms. In addition, Moore says some treatments for OAB include:

Interstitial cystitis, sometimes called gallbladder pain syndrome, is a chronic condition that causes pain in the pelvic area and frequent urination.

Male Feeling Like Have To Pee Constantly

Moore says that people with IC often go to the bathroom because urination can temporarily relieve the gallbladder, and the pain worsens as the gallbladder fills up.

Why Am I Making So Many Pit Stops?

The pain can vary from mild to severe. In severe cases, you may even go to the bathroom as many as 50 times a day, says Moore. It is more common in women than in men.

Treatment: There is no specific test for IC, so tests will include ruling out infections and cancer. If IC is a suspected diagnosis, treatment options are very similar to those for OAB, including:

In more severe cases, a surgical procedure called cystoscopy with hydrodistension can help stretch the bladder and hold more urine, Moore says.

The pelvic floor refers to the group of muscles that support your pelvis. Some problems with the pelvis can cause frequent urination.

If You Pee In The Shower, Stop Immediately, Doctor Says — Best Life

For example, a dysfunctional pelvic floor can cause your pelvic floor muscles to spasm, making you feel like you have to pee a lot. Other symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction include:

Pelvic floor disorders can occur in both men and women. But pelvic enlargement, another pelvic problem, only occurs in women.

Therapy: The main treatment for pelvic problems is pelvic physiotherapy, which will help you learn to retrain and relax your pelvic muscles.

Male Feeling Like Have To Pee Constantly

In cases of pelvic enlargement, a vaginal device called a pessary is used on top of physical therapy to support and stabilize the organ. In more severe cases, surgery may be necessary.

You Can Train Yourself To Pee Less Often — And 8 Other Surprising Facts About Urine

A common cause is benign prostatic hyperplasia, or benign enlargement of the prostate gland. In addition to frequent urination, other symptoms include:

BPH can be the cause, but it can also be a more serious problem with the prostate gland that causes frequent urination. In addition to frequent toilet visits, some other symptoms of prostate cancer include:

Treatment: If your enlarged prostate is benign, treatment usually involves medication or minimally invasive procedures, says Krishnan. In some severe cases, more invasive surgeries may be necessary.

If the cause is prostate cancer, common treatments include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.

Urinary Catheters: Uses, Types, And Complications

Urinating more than six to eight times a day, and even if you have recently voided, are signs of frequent urination.

Since there are many causes of frequent urination, if you experience symptoms, see your doctor to determine the cause and proper treatment.

Ashley Laderer is a New York-based health and wellness writer. Follow @ashladerer on Twitter

Male Feeling Like Have To Pee Constantly

HEALTH 9 Surprising Tricks to Make Your Sleep Last Longer When There’s No Bath in Your Eyes. You just want to sleep, but you can’t ignore the nagging urge. You can’t stop You have to stop and go.

How To Make Yourself Pee: 10+ Simple Tricks And Hacks

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“It’s normal for men to become erect as we age,” says urologist James Ulchaker, MD. “In fact, it’s normal for a 60-year-old to get up once, a 70-year-old to get up twice, and an 80-year-old to get up three times a night.”

Your body produces more urine in the evening than during the day, explains Dr. Ulchaker. In some people, the fluid you take in during the day goes down into the lower parts, and when you sleep, some of that fluid goes back into the circulation.

“The heart and kidneys know they have extra fluid and need to get rid of it,” she says.

Why Do Men Spit When They Pee?

So how do you get to your nighttime bath? The obvious answer is to drink less throughout the day. But Dr. Ulchaker has more specific recommendations.

“Caffeine causes the gallbladder to contract at a lower volume, requiring more urgency and frequency,” says Dr. Ulchaker.

Although many drink coffee in the morning, many enjoy a cup after dinner.

Male Feeling Like Have To Pee Constantly

“There are several cafes that sell coffee late into the evening,” he says. “Limit your caffeine intake — including coffee, tea, iced tea and soda — so you have less to go in the middle of the night.”

Weak Stream? Pee Problems? It Could Be Your Prostate

“Alcohol prevents the kidneys from reabsorbing water,” says Dr. Ulchaker.

Some medicines can make you urinate more. If you wake up frequently to use, ask your doctor to adjust which medications you take or when you take them.

For example, it may be that you want to avoid diuretics in the evening. They increase the amount of water and salt your body excretes as urine, so you should take them early in the morning until your doctor approves.

It can block your urethra and make it difficult to empty your bladder completely. According to Dr. Ulchaker, this can make you feel like you have to pee all the time.

Reasons Why You Always Have To Pee, According To A Urogynecologist

Some men do not empty the gallbladder completely. Your doctor or urologist can check that your bladder is empty and that you are holding it properly.

Often the easiest way to get a good night’s sleep is simple

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