Manual Testing 2 Years Experience Interview Questions

Manual Testing 2 Years Experience Interview Questions – This position is for QA engineers who have two or more years of professional experience and are looking for a job change. To help you in your endeavour, we have included the most frequently asked questions and answers for QA interviews in this article.

We have selected some of these common QA interview questions from a recent conversation between a QA manager and Kiran. Kiran works as a software testing engineer in one of the leading IT companies in NCR.

Manual Testing 2 Years Experience Interview Questions

Manual Testing 2 Years Experience Interview Questions

She is also an avid reader of this blog and often shares her experiences with us. And we thought we’d share the story of her interview in this post. If you read these top QA interview questions to the end, you will definitely benefit and feel confident in your interviews.

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In addition to these frequently asked QA interview questions, you may also want to read the following post which contains the twenty most important technical questions/answers for test engineers.

Now it’s time to dig deeper and see how Kiran answered the most frequently asked questions in QA interviews.

Answer: Hi, I am Kiran. I have been working as a software testing engineer for two years and eight months.

I started my career as a manual test engineer. But since I have some knowledge of programming, I soon stepped into the role of an automation tester.

Top Manual Testing Interview Questions & Answers

In the field of automation, I have been using Selenium Webdriver 2.0 with Java for a year. I even used Python 3.0 with Selenium to learn.

Next, it’s common in my team that we all update their status in daily standups. And share weekly reports with our manager.

I don’t limit myself to just opening the bug, I discuss it with the development team. And help them reproduce the problem for a quick fix.

Manual Testing 2 Years Experience Interview Questions

Top management shares the plan for the year, and product managers design features that fit the theme. They make up stories and submit them to architects for research and evaluation.

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Consequently, backlog trimming and sprint planning take place. For sprints, we create an acceptance test plan and write test cases.

During the sprint, we have to automate all the test cases and integrate them into the CI tool. We use Jenkins for continuous integration.

Every story has to overcome the barrier of acceptance test. If it meets the acceptance criteria, only we can mark it as closed. Otherwise, move on to the next sprint.

Also, all acceptance cases from each sprint become part of the unified regression test suite. Both the acceptance and regression packages have their own jobs in the CI tool, so they run periodically for each nightly build.

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As I mentioned earlier, we use JIRA to generate bugs. And all bugs must be in closed status at the end of each sprint.

After all sprints are completed, we deploy the release version to the pre-production environment. Integration/system tests are performed.

Answer: I am a career oriented professional who believes in growth. I believe in constant learning and updating. So if the organization offers a rich learning environment, I might want to join.

Manual Testing 2 Years Experience Interview Questions

I also spent almost three years at my current company. And the product is already in maintenance phase, so there is not much new to learn.

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Next, I want to learn more about performance testing and tools like JMeter and Load Runner. This experience will give my career the desired boost.

Answer: I am an organized professional who plans for the future. But I prefer to achieve immediate goals.

And right now I’m preparing for a job change. So I am studying anything that can help me achieve that shift.

I will also try to get ISTQB certification this year. If I get this certificate, it would definitely increase my chances.

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In the short term, I see myself at the head of a team of engineers. And after five years, you can expect me in the role of QA manager.

Answer: I bring the best skills in manual testing and automation. With these skills, I can add value to your organization’s testing processes.

I also have hands-on knowledge of various testing tools like Selenium, REST API, Appium and QC which I can use to train other team members.

Manual Testing 2 Years Experience Interview Questions

I also gained a good reputation among team members and the trust of my superiors and managers. I was nominated for the best team member award last quarter.

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I even maintain a work-life balance and spend quality time with my family. They also support me in completing my tasks.

We always try to choose a topic that can help you in your work. In addition, we want to provide you with the skills that matter most to your business. That’s why we wrote this blog post about the eight most common questions/answers in QA interviews.

You can also ask us to write about a topic of your choice. We will add it to our writing plan.

If you liked the post, don’t leave it without sharing it with your friends and on social networks. These manual test interview questions will show you the most common questions that companies ask to pass the manual test interview. These interview questions will teach you about software testing concepts such as test case development, error estimation techniques, black box techniques and more.

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Before launching any product or software, testing is mandatory. In most cases you can use automation tests, but not in all cases. This is where manual testing comes into play, which plays an important role in the field of software development. Our manual test interview questions and answers blog guides you through carefully selected manual test interview questions to master this topic:

Software testing is a validation process that verifies that the system functions in accordance with business needs. It qualifies the system in terms of various aspects such as ease of use, accuracy, completeness, efficiency, etc. ANSI/IEEE 1059 is a global standard that defines the basic principles of testing.

Successful completion of a full testing cycle after final problem resolution marks the end of the testing phase.

Manual Testing 2 Years Experience Interview Questions

The end date of the validation phase also indicates the end of validation when there are no more critical or high-priority errors in the system.

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This is the amount of code hidden by automated testing. When the team reaches the desired level of code coverage (CC), they can stop the validation.

Mean time between failures (MTBF) refers to the average time a device or product will function before failure occurs. This unit of measure only includes operating time between failures, not repair time, provided the item is repaired and back in working order. MTBF numbers are often used to predict the probability of a single unit failing within a certain period of time

In software testing, verification is the process that verifies that product development is in accordance with specifications and using standard development practices. The process includes the following activities:

Validation confirms that the developed product has no defects and works as expected. It includes the following activities:

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Static testing is a white box testing technique that instructs developers to use a checklist to review their code to find errors. Developers can start static testing without actually completing the application or program. Static testing is cheaper than dynamic testing because it covers more areas in less time than dynamic testing.

It is a standard approach to software testing that requires testers to evaluate software functionality in line with business needs. The software is treated as a black box and checked from the end user’s perspective.

A test plan stores all possible testing activities to ensure a quality product. Collects data from product descriptions, requirements and use case documents.

Manual Testing 2 Years Experience Interview Questions

Test coverage is a quality metric that represents the extent (in percentage) of completed tests for a product. It is relevant for both functional and non-functional testing activities. This metric is used to add missing test cases.

Manual Testing Interview Questions To Help You Prepare

It goes without saying that it is not possible to test the product 100%. But you can follow the steps below to get closer.

It is often the developers who test individual units or modules to make sure they work correctly.

Not. System testing should not begin until all modules are present and working properly. However, this should be done before the UAT (User Acceptance Test).

A test driver is a piece of code that calls the software component to be tested. This is useful for tests that follow a bottom-up approach.

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A test piece is a dummy program that is integrated into an application to complete its functionality. This is relevant for tests that use a top-down approach.

Agile testing is a software testing process that evaluates software from the user’s perspective. This is useful because the development team does not have to do full coding to start QA. Instead, coding and testing go hand in hand. However, constant interaction with the user may be required.

In data flow testing, the focus is on designing test cases that cover control flow paths around variable definitions and their use in modules.

Manual Testing 2 Years Experience Interview Questions

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