Medical Assistant Salary San Jose

Medical Assistant Salary San Jose – While medical assistant salaries depend on a number of factors, such as qualifications, experience, hours of work, the area where you live and the type of medical facility where you work, the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics published median salary statistics for medical assistants, as of May 2016.

Let’s take a 60-second look at the highest paying metropolitan areas in the San Francisco Bay Area for medical assistants.

Medical Assistant Salary San Jose

Medical Assistant Salary San Jose

You’ll see in the pie chart below that the median salary is used to report Medical Assistant salaries in the San Francisco Bay Area metropolitan areas.

Pay Gap Widens For Women Physicians; Earnings Average $105k Less Than Men

For example, consider that the median salary for medical assistants working in Metro San Francisco-Redwood City-South San Francisco was $45,130. This means that 50% of all medical assistants working in the area earned more than $45,130, while 50% of all medical assistants working in the area earned less than $45,130.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the recruitment of medical assistants is expected to increase by 23% from 2014 to 2024. This is faster than the average for all professions.

If the latest government medical assistant salary figures are anything to go by, it’s good to know after your medical assistant training that there are healthy job prospects and a good salary to go along with the job. Employees can increase their medical assistant salary in one of many ways. Learn more about medical assistant jobs with the highest salary potential.

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Do Medical Assistants Need To Be Certified In California?

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The health field offers many career paths for people who want to make a difference, including medical assisting. Medical assistants work in hospitals and other medical facilities, performing administrative and clinical tasks. For example, they can help doctors perform tests on patients, record patient information, and schedule appointments.

Working as a medical assistant requires graduation from a state-approved program that awards a diploma, certificate, or associate’s degree. Professionals grow in the field by specializing, gaining relevant experience and changing employers. Other opportunities to increase salary potential include obtaining a medical assistant certification.

Medical Assistant Salary San Jose

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What Are The Most Common Jobs In San Jose, Ca?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that these professionals earned a median wage of $37,190 in May 2021. This figure fell below the national median wage by about $8,000. Many professionals working in ambulatory care centers and hospitals earn more than the median.

August 2022 Payscale data reports that the top 10% of medical assistants earn an average salary of about $51,000. This Payscale data also shows in-demand skills that can lead to increased salary potential, including clinical supervision and leadership skills. Medical assistant jobs that may lead to a raise include the jobs in emergency rooms and IVF clinics.

The BLS predicts an 18% growth in the need for medical assistants between 2020-2030. The BLS bases this figure on the significant number of retirees and the aging US population.

This job growth can lead to many job openings for recent graduates and experienced professionals. Employers looking to fill these positions may offer higher-than-average wages to attract candidates.

Highest Paid Medical Assistant Salaries By City (infographic)

States with the highest average salaries for medical assistants in 2021 included those on the West Coast and the Northeast. Careers in states bordering the Great Lakes also offer high wages. These areas have densely populated metropolitan areas.

Many factors influence why wages vary between countries, such as the cost of living. Employers in a country with a high cost of living must offer a good salary so that workers can pay for rent, food, transportation and other essentials.

The states below have a very high cost of living in the second quarter of 2022, according to the Missouri Center for Economic Research and Information. Workers who are considering moving to one of these countries to increase their clinical medical assistant salary should note that the cost of living varies between countries as well. Apartments in big cities can charge much higher rents than in suburbs and rural areas.

Medical Assistant Salary San Jose

Professionals can find the highest average medical assistant salary by exploring careers in the San Francisco Bay Area of ​​California. The cost of living in these cities makes employers offer more. Zomper reports that Oakland, California residents will spend an average of $2,195 per month for a one-bedroom apartment as of September 2022.

Program Coordinator (sj Pc)

Rural areas attract highly qualified medical assistants by offering them above-living wages. Professionals without children who earn the average hourly wage for a medical assistant in Alaska earn more than the typical resident needs to cover living expenses. Workers with a low cost of living in these areas can achieve a better quality of life.

The industry workers choose affects their CMA salary as much as where they live. Professionals from the two highest-paying industries may need additional skills to work alongside realtors, insurance agents, or commercial equipment workers. Developing these skills may require taking undergraduate classes in subjects other than health.

Medical assistants must complete a state-approved diploma, certificate, or associate program. Students find one of these programs in a local community or junior college. Typical classes include clinical skills, management skills, and electronic health records.

Although they take longer to complete, an associate degree in medical assisting provides students with many benefits. Professionals with a degree offer employers more transferable skills. And they can use their education to transfer to an RN or other undergraduate program.

Medical Assistants Vs. Physical Therapist Assistants (ma Vs. Pta)

Medical assistants can increase their salary potential by becoming certified. Permits are different from licenses because they are issued by a private organization rather than a government agency.

Options include the nationally certified medical assistant from the National Center for Competency Testing. Requirements include graduation from a medical assistant program, passing a test and at least two years of work experience.

Relocation can offer a better salary as well as open new career paths. Recent graduates and experienced professionals alike can improve their medical administrative assistant salaries by researching the best and worst states for a career change. The latest data from June 2022 shows that Georgia, New Hampshire and Utah have a mix of benefits for workers in different industries.

Medical Assistant Salary San Jose

BLS data shows that agencies, brokers, and commercial equipment suppliers paid the highest average salaries for medical assistants in 2021. Breaking into any of these industries can gain experience and earn certification. Students in the medical assistant program can work with a career counselor to select classes and develop a career plan.

Long Waits, Broken Machines: The State Of San Jose’s Valley Medical Center

Yes. The BLS predicts significant growth in the medical assistant field between 2020-2030. Strong growth can help recent graduates find work faster. These professionals also enjoy exploring many roles in different countries, cities, and industries.

Medical assistants also benefit in other ways, such as helping doctors and nurses provide the best patient care. These professionals need medical assistants to keep their healthcare facility running smoothly and efficiently.

The medical assistant field also has many opportunities to grow professionally, such as specialization in clinical medicine, podiatry or administration.

Students preparing for a career as a medical assistant can increase their salary potential by enrolling in an associate in medical assistant program. The latest BLS data from 2020 shows that professionals with an associate’s degree earned about $50 more per week than their counterparts with some college experience. Workers with an associate’s degree also experienced a lower unemployment rate.

What Does A Medical Assistant Do? Job Overview

Experienced professionals earn more money in a variety of ways, such as obtaining permits, changing employers, and moving to another country. Employees can learn industry trends, talk to more experienced colleagues and consult with their managers to make the right decision.

The BLS reports that occupational therapy assistants earned a median annual salary of $61,730 as of May 2021. This salary exceeds the median salary for medical assistants by about $24,000. Occupational therapy assistants must have at least an associate’s degree from an accredited school and can increase their salary. Salary potential with qualification.

Students can find well-paying majors with the help of an academic advisor or by taking an inventory of career interests. These stages allow students to choose a high-paying profession that matches their career goals. Choosing someone just for the money can lead to burnout and leaving the healthcare field.

Medical Assistant Salary San Jose

Washington, D.C., and Alaska have the highest average medical assistant salaries in 2021. Typical workers there earned at least $9,000 more annually than the profession’s median salary. Medical assistants in California and Massachusetts also earned significantly more than their peers in other states.

Differences Between Medical Assistants Vs. Certified Nursing Assistants

Employees should research factors other than the salary of a certified medical assistant before making the move, such as cost of living. Countries with the highest paying salaries showed higher rents than the national average.


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