Michigan State University Graduate Programs

Michigan State University Graduate Programs – The graduate program in horticulture at Michigan State University is one of the oldest, largest, and most prestigious horticultural graduate programs in the United States, and is internationally recognized for its academic development. techniques of research scientists, agricultural extension specialists and horticultural business leaders in economic plant science. .

One of the strengths of the graduate program in horticulture is established in the interdisciplinary and integrated nature of horticulture, which allows graduate students flexibility in designing study and research programs. rescue.

Michigan State University Graduate Programs

Michigan State University Graduate Programs

Students have access to state-of-the-art research facilities, including laboratories, greenhouses, growth rooms, and research stations on and off campus.

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The Department of Horticulture develops and funds individual and multidisciplinary group research projects, offering a wide range of opportunities for master’s and doctoral students. To view faculty research areas, including a list of faculty-specific focuses, visit our research focus page.

The graduate program degree in horticulture draws on the expertise of approximately 30 faculty members in the horticulture department, as well as the consulting expertise of numerous faculty members from across the school in basic plant biology, pathology, entomology, forestry, horticulture, genetics and biochemistry. , marketing, food science, health and nutrition, engineering, and more.

Students can also study with horticulture through interdisciplinary programs in plant genetics, breeding and genetics, cell and molecular biology, ecology and evolution, as well as food systems. food and sustainable agriculture.

, work toward a graduate degree that involves training and experience in research, teaching, and professional communication with colleagues, industry, and the public. The goal of the graduate program in horticulture is to produce future leaders who can combine knowledge and resources from a variety of disciplines to improve performance, yields, profitability, and productivity. environmental sustainability of high value crops.

Michigan State University

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