Moving From Los Angeles To Sacramento

Moving From Los Angeles To Sacramento – If you want to move west but think California is too expensive, consider moving to Sacramento. Find out why Sacramento is becoming an ideal place to relocate.

California is full of desirable places to live. While other destinations may be more popular, moving to Sacramento is actually an ideal choice for people looking to move west. The city of Sacramento has approximately 500,000 residents. While the city limits may be on the smaller side, another 1 million residents live in Sacramento County’s outer suburbs.

Moving From Los Angeles To Sacramento

Moving From Los Angeles To Sacramento

In recent years, the state of California has experienced a significant population shift. Many people are being priced out of coastal areas and moving inland to areas like Sacramento. Although not the first choice for some, this city has much more to offer than just a lower cost of living. Are you ready to move? Would you choose city life or a nearby suburb? We’ve covered all the bases, like desirable Sacramento neighborhoods and a realistic look at the job market. We also explore unique activities in the Sacramento area. Love history, farming and water sports? Find out the top reasons why moving to Sacramento, CA can be more rewarding than you first imagined.

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Some might think of Sacramento as small by California city standards, but depending on where you’re driving from, Sacramento can actually seem big. Regardless of its size, this mid-sized metropolis has many quiet tree-lined streets right in the center of town.

Like any city, Sacramento has an eclectic mix of neighborhoods, some safer and more desirable than others. You can choose to either live within the city limits after moving to Sacramento or choose an area just outside in one of the surrounding suburbs.

If you’re looking for a distinctly suburban experience, there are a variety of neighborhoods to choose from, each with quality schools and quiet streets. Some of the more popular destinations include:

How you see Sacramento’s weather will be relative to where you’re from. Sacramento winters can be too cold for some. But it rarely snows in Sacramento, making the winters mild and manageable for many.

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Summers are generally warmer than other parts of California. If you are exposed to temperatures above 100 degrees, this may not be a bothersome inconvenience. It should be remembered that despite the higher humidity here than in other parts of California, the humidity is actually much lower than elsewhere. Summers in Sacramento are hot, but also dry. Dry heat may be easier to tolerate than moist heat.

The biggest advantage of living in Sacramento weather is the possibility of changing seasons in the west. People who move to places like Los Angeles can often miss the changing seasons. But in Sacramento, people can enjoy the subtle changes in weather that make each season unique.

Sacramento is one of the few cities in California where you can experience the colorful change of fall foliage. Many areas of the state have evergreen trees, while Sacramento has a wide variety of color-changing trees, including maples and ginkgo trees. Apple Hill is an hour’s drive away and has lots of beautiful fall foliage and apple orchards that are sure to be a local fall favorite. In the spring, many trees bear pink and white flowers that spread a sweet scent in the air.

Moving From Los Angeles To Sacramento

Realtor and South Land Park resident Stephanie Baker agrees that the weather here is ideal. “There’s nothing like a warm summer night with a cool drink on a Sacramento patio,” he says. “It gets cold at night and it’s not as humid as Buffalo or Portland.”

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Sacramento has gone through some tough economic times over the past few decades. The 2007 recession was attributed to housing costs and a lower cost of living. If you’re able to secure a job before moving to Sacramento, you’ll benefit from a stable income in an affordable place to live by California standards. Move fast though, as house prices are constantly on the rise.

The housing market varies between regions. A single-family home on the first floor starts around $300,000. This asking price is significantly higher per square foot than other parts of the country. However, it is low for the state of California.

By comparison, the overall cost of living for Sacramento is 5% above the national average. Before you think that’s high, consider moving to Los Angeles, which has a cost of living 21.5% higher than the national average.

When most people think of California, they think of the Pacific Ocean. In addition, California is generally considered dry, with little fresh water. Not in Sacramento because there are great rivers and lakes to enjoy. This is especially attractive to people who prefer activities on small bodies of water.

Things To Know Before Moving To Sacramento, Ca!

A favorite summer pastime for Sacramento residents is swimming around the rivers and local canals. It’s a cost-effective way for the whole family to keep cool and enjoy the great outdoors.

Additional bonus. Once you move to Sacramento, you’ll also be close to the mountains. If you are an avid skier or hiker, Sacramento may be a good landing spot for you.

Although unemployment is higher than other parts of California, Sacramento is not without a fair job market. Being the state capital, there are more government jobs than other parts of California. Because of the 2007 recession, it’s important to know ahead of time the type of job you’re looking for and research that market specifically.

Moving From Los Angeles To Sacramento

Although the economy is still recovering, Sacramento is generally on the upswing. According to resident and realtor Debbie Towne, the future is bright. “It took a few years to get out of the recession, but the state of California is hiring again,” Debbie explains. “People felt more secure in their work, the prices of apartments increased. Some home prices have risen higher than before the recession.”

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No place to start your job search? Sacramento is home to the following major employers: State of California, Sutter Health, Blue Diamond and United Service Automobile Association. Notable industries include technology, healthcare and government.

The discovery of gold in Sacramento in 1848 shaped American history in an unimaginable way. Over 750,000 pounds of gold were mined during the few years of the gold rush, worth about $2 billion. Sacramento and the gold discovered there serve as the means for California to become the 31st state in 1849. In keeping with this history, Sacramento is rich in places you can visit to experience life as it would have been over 150 years ago.

One of the biggest advantages of living in Sacramento is its proximity to some of California’s most visited destinations. While the ocean is only a few hours away, Sacramento is also a short drive away from wine country and the mountains. Depending on the type of retreat you want, all you have to do is hop in the car and head in the right direction.

As a city of trees, Sacramento doesn’t want you to underestimate the importance of tree-lined streets. Downtown Sacramento is full of trees, self-proclaimed as one of the best urban forests in the country. The city places great emphasis on ensuring the continued sustainability of their trees, in part to offer natural shade from the scorching summer heat.

Supervisor Kathryn Barger

To learn more about Sacramento’s native trees, join a guided or self-guided tree tour. The city is also home to hundreds of parks, each with shaded areas to enjoy a leisurely afternoon snack, or maybe even take a nap.

As one of the most diverse cities in the country, Sacramento offers many culturally rich things to do. Sure, it’s great to get away from Sacramento for the weekend. But don’t discount the expanding arts scene or the abundance of children’s activities in the city itself. There are also various cultural activities depending on your interests and background. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Carnaval or Chinese New Year without leaving Sacramento.

Looking for sports in Sacramento? There may not be football or baseball within the city limits, but there is a big NBA presence with the Sacramento Kings. The new King’s Stadium is considered one of the most modern arenas in the NBA. If you want an NFL team to cheer for, the Oakland Raiders are less than 100 miles away (at least for now, since they’ll be moving to Las Vegas in the next year or so). If sports aren’t your thing, read on for more ways to enjoy the city.

Moving From Los Angeles To Sacramento

As the Farm to Fork capital of America, Sacramento has undergone a bit of a rebranding. The area, once mostly known as the City of Trees, got a new identity in 2012. Sacramento is in the heart of California, and Sacramento grows everything from almonds to avocados. Restaurants and foodies can feel confident that they are being served the freshest ingredients available in Sacramento.

Best Neighborhoods In Los Angeles, Ca

Since Sacramento is the National Farm Fork capital, there is

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