New Orleans Creole Cafe San Diego

New Orleans Creole Cafe San Diego – The last time I went to Old Town San Diego, I went and took some pictures of the Whaley House. I found this little place behind the whale house. Creole Cafe. It is perhaps one of the most photogenic buildings in the Old Town. It is an old New Orleans style restaurant that contrasts with the old-fashioned style of the rest of the city. There was a gas lamp. It is right behind the Whaley House. I thought I would signal his presence.

This is an HDR photo of the night. It’s more difficult to shoot HDR when it’s too dark. Finding the balance of money is very difficult because there is no reference point. You have to try harder and go for a more detailed look. I think that’s true for most HDR images.

New Orleans Creole Cafe San Diego

New Orleans Creole Cafe San Diego

I created this image using the exposure fusion technique. You can find my HDR tips in my complete HDR how-to guide.

Bon Temps Creole Cafe / San Luis Obispo

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New Orleans Inspired Lucile’s Creole Cafe Opens New Denver Outpost

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The New Orleans Creole Cafe is located behind the Whaley House under an old pepper tree. It embodies the beauty of the south. The dining room is on the left and the kitchen is on the right.

New Orleans Creole Cafe San Diego

The restaurant is very small. There are six tables inside. When you arrive, you should pop your head into the kitchen to let them know you’re there.

New Orleans, Louisiana

We were given some French bread to go with our meal. The bread is cut into thick slices and served hot. But the butter was cold, and it was difficult to spread. But that’s good. We care and the bread is very good.

There are many more Creole-y dishes I could try, but I really wanted some shrimp. And Heaven Call Me Fried Shrimp [$20.75]. This dish consists of 9 large prawns fried in a light batter. It is served over a side of rice with creole sauce and a side of pickled oranges.

I love this shrimp! They were perfectly cooked, very tender, juicy and full of flavour. The shrimp were very large and plump and had a nice outer crust that I like. I was a bit worried about the price, maybe a bit too expensive… but this shrimp is delicious. I ate all my rice with the Creole sauce showing off its flavor. It is not sweet but it tastes sweet and delicious with rice.

Laura was a little shaken by her decision. He thought about trying gumbo for the first time and after a while our waiter explained about the spices and he didn’t want to dislike his dish. She was apprehensive because she had never tried this before and was led to the shrimpcreole dish. He also has Shrimpcreole [$12.75] from the petit menu. His dish seems to be a version of my sauce (and his shrimp are more fried). He also enjoyed his dish. We have Shrimp Day!

Stevie’s Creole Cafe

I want to go back to the New Orleans Creole Cafe to try some of the other dishes, like the crawfish, even though I’ve never had it before. And maybe BBQ shrimp!

Mary is a San Diego native and blogger since 2006. He is an avid reader, dog lover and adventure lover. He likes: Sweets, peanut butter, crab, triscuit crackers with cream cheese and other nuts on top of his sundaes. Dislikes: Olives, olives, black licorice and arugula. View all posts by Mary The New Orleans Creole Cafe is located behind the famous Whaley Building in Old Town, San Diego. This is a ‘back to the basics’ restaurant built to fulfill the dreams of owners Mark Beahm, a New Orleans native, and Humberto Villegas, a SoCal native. This simple restaurant focuses on personal service; Everything from the accommodation to the preparation of your meals by Mark and Humberto. For him, “this business is a labor of love,” and he enjoys being involved in every aspect of his restaurant.

Mark’s historic roots in New Orleans, with a family dating back to the 1750s, and his passion for business, combined with Humberto’s love of Louisiana, attention to detail and hospitality allowed him to realize a dream. The restaurant has been thriving since 2004, standing strong in an old West House from the 1890s, and offers guests an exciting and enjoyable experience of traditional New Orleans cuisine. New Orleans Creole Cafes are personal service to a tee – no computer hoopla – just great atmosphere, great food, handwritten menus and a hearty ‘Come back now, listen.’

New Orleans Creole Cafe San Diego

A New Orleans Creole cafe can walk past you if you’re not careful. Apart from the paved road, it is classified as a small, beautiful and beautiful house. Then, if you know where the Whaley House is, you have to look past its courtyard to find this restaurant. Large beautiful trees and greenery surround this butterscotch painted restaurant, giving it a bayou feel without the fear of gators. A similar picket fence encloses a small courtyard filled with black iron tables and chairs covered with white and red umbrellas. The patio is surrounded by lush plants, small trees and bright flowers that give New Orleans food a bright and warm feel.

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Dining in this log cabin is like their backyard; Black and white photos hang on the walls, showing some of San Diego’s rich history. Red and white tablecloths, reminiscent of those you’d see at a crawfish broil, adorn the tables. Willowy sheer white curtains hang over square windows that overlook a beautiful oak grove. New Orleans masks and mystical decorations are scattered throughout, reflecting the authentic landscape this restaurant celebrates. New Orleans Creole Cafe perfectly combines the magic of Louisiana and the historic roots of Old Town.

Authentic New Orleans food can’t be found in San Diego, some restaurants may take their inspiration from the city to design dishes, but when it comes to the real deal, New Orleans Creole Cafe all the way. Mark Beehm’s recipes are made using family recipes passed down seven generations of his New Orleans ancestry. To keep the food fresh, Mark brings in a lot of food and beer from Louisiana, and specializes in New Orleans dishes like jambalaya and crawfish etouffee.

Mark and Humberto offer a small menu of traditional New Orleans dishes starting with starters like blackened alligator sausage on a platter; A combination of alligator and pork sausage with homemade barbeque sauce. Try some of their hot dishes like Chicken Creole, BBQ Shrimp or the Fried Shrimp Platter – grilled and tossed in cottonseed oil served with red beans, rice and remoulade with a green side salad. For those looking for an authentic taste of New Orleans, Specialties-de-la-Maison is right there. Opt for their Jambalaya – a rich, sweet and meaty sauce with traditional Savoy sauce and your choice of shrimp, sausage, chicken or your favorite combination.

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