Northern Arizona University Masters Programs

Northern Arizona University Masters Programs – Building science is a field of study that deals with the technical performance of buildings, building materials, and building systems based on physics, chemistry, engineering, architecture, and life sciences. Understanding the physical behavior of the building as a system and how this affects energy efficiency, durability, comfort and indoor air quality is critical to innovation in high-performance buildings. Modern building science uses building models as a system (systems theory) and uses empirical techniques to effectively solve building problems.

Course Description BSCI 501 – Sustainable Design and Construction This course is an advanced survey of current building science topics applied to the implementation of construction projects currently used in practice. The successful student will develop a broader understanding of the historical context related to the sustainable movement of buildings and develop technical skills related to production-based building design and construction. Basic knowledge of construction tools and methods, building systems, plan reading, and information modeling is a prerequisite for this course and will be assessed and reinforced throughout the semester. The principles of construction science covered in this course will provide the foundation for successful students to participate as members of construction project delivery teams.

Northern Arizona University Masters Programs

Northern Arizona University Masters Programs

BSCI 505 – Performance Analysis of Buildings This course provides an intermediate examination of contemporary science topics and tools and methods currently used in practice.

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BSCI 510 – Construction Science Practice This course is an advanced exploration of the tools and methods used to implement practice-based projects. Specifically, this course will expand on the energy modeling process, a key skill in building science and production-based building design. This course will also include the integration of process energy modeling with life cycle cost analysis (LCCA).

BSCI 521 – Life Cycle Analysis and Costing Advanced analysis of the financial performance of a construction project using Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA). Students will apply knowledge of basic economic measures to the performance analysis of a construction project to determine whether the project meets economic criteria. Students will develop analytical tools for LCCA standard and full life cycle cost analysis.

BSCI 532 – Passive Architectural Design This course explores the conceptual aspects of traditional, modern and emerging architecture, placing specific designs in relation to region and climate, architectural tectonics and material use. Suitable for doctoral work or a career in the public, teaching or private sector. You choose a major area of ​​study from one of these three areas: American Politics and Public Administration, Comparative Politics and International Relations, or Public Policy.

The Master of Arts in Political Science provides students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to understand and participate in the political systems of the United States and the world. This degree provides experience in both theory and practice, with a broad international and domestic perspective.

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This degree provides a solid foundation in advanced knowledge of the political world and enables students to apply key concepts and analytical approaches from public policy, American politics, public administration, comparative politics and international relations.

Building on this foundational knowledge, our curriculum ensures that students are able to identify, design, and implement effective research projects in political science. In addition, they can present their work clearly and effectively in written and public presentations, including scientific presentations to academics at professional political science conferences. Students will also leave this program prepared to work in public and private academic research institutions, public and private organizations.

Our goal is to educate students to be active, engaged, and informed in the global system so that they can not only understand, but also create and influence the world around them.

Northern Arizona University Masters Programs

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