Ohio University Online Graduate Programs

Ohio University Online Graduate Programs – The university’s online Master of Science in Athletic Administration is designed for those currently working as teachers, coaches and athletic professionals. It prepares you to lead interdisciplinary athletic departments and develop programs that provide supportive experiences for student-athletes and staff.

Our online MAA program is accredited by the Commission on Sports Management Accreditation (COSMA) and partnered with the National Association of Interscholastic Athletic Administrators (NIAAA) to provide the industry-focused education you need for the next phase of your career. Enter.

Ohio University Online Graduate Programs

Ohio University Online Graduate Programs

With affordable tuition and 20 months of tuition, you can achieve your academic goals and get on the fast track to professional advancement. The MAA focuses exclusively on interscholastic athletic administration, emphasizing skills and knowledge for your chosen career. Our five decades of experience in athletic education and industry-related faculty ensures that you graduate ready to make an impact as an athletic director at any K-12 institution.

Online Master Of Athletic Administration

Earning an online master’s degree in sports administration will prepare you to transition from teaching or coaching to the role of athletic director at your school or district. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, educational administrators such as athletic directors (ADs) earn a median salary of $96,810 at the elementary and secondary levels.

Upon completion of your program, you will be eligible to obtain a Registered Athletic Administrator certificate through the NIAAA. Additionally, you’ll complete 11 leadership training courses that can be applied toward the Certified Athletics Administrator and Certified Athletics Administrator master’s credentials.* Online students also receive them. This GradCAT advantage.

The online Master’s in Athletic Administration is designed to help you acquire the skills most important to interscholastic athletic administration, especially for middle and high school athletic directors. Courses are seven weeks long and emphasize project-based learning, individual experiences, and opportunities to engage directly with faculty and peers.

Our NIAAA partnership ensures that industry-aligned leadership concepts are integrated into your curriculum. After completing the MAA program, you will have applicable credit for 11 leadership training courses.

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. In addition, you can automatically receive a $5,000 scholarship through the College of Business. Depending on your background, costs and credit hours will vary.

“Faculty brings in subject matter experts to talk about the real-time challenges we’ll face in our roles” – Matthew Welsh, Class of 2020

Aaron Wright is an Associate Professor of Education in the University’s Department of Sports Administration. From 2010 to 2015 he was the director of the online Master’s program in Athletics Administration, returning to this position in 2021. Aaron joined the faculty in 2005 and also taught in the sports management program from 2005 to 2009. Three years as an undergraduate coordinator of the sports management program.

Ohio University Online Graduate Programs

The online faculty of the Master of Athletics Administration has extensive experience in the sports industry. Most have served as athletic directors, and several adjunct faculty were directly involved in the creation of the NIAAA Leadership Training Institute. Many continue to teach leadership training courses at national and state conferences. Their valuable industry insights inform coursework and class assignments to ensure you’re developing the most applicable skill sets for your K-12 sports administration career.

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Find answers to common questions about the online program. For information not covered here, our expert admissions team is available to provide additional details and guidance.

Yes In addition to College of Business accreditation by the Association to Advance Schools of Business, MAA has programmatic accreditation through the Commission on Sports Management Accreditation (COSMA). The program also has a partnership with the National Administrator of Interscholastic Athletics (NIAAA).

No entrance test is required for admission. You can find more information about what you need to apply for the online MAA program on the admissions page.

Yes, admission to this program requires at least two years of athletic administration or coaching experience at the middle or high school level. For more information on requirements, visit our admissions page.

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The courses are taught 100% online. However, a required three-day Athletic Leadership Forum is held on campus during the summer. This hands-on learning opportunity allows students to connect with peers, program faculty, and alumni.

After completing the online MAA program, you will receive credits for NIAAA leadership training courses that apply toward certification:

Yes, for more information about the benefits of our Graduate Career Acceleration Group, please visit our online Student Career Support page. The online Master’s in Higher Education offers asynchronous online classes to be completed in 5 semesters (30 credit hours) with two theories. – Practice model. It is designed for people who want to increase their knowledge and skills while working in higher education settings. It’s also perfect for those looking to make a career transition into higher education administration, as it’s designed for working professionals.

Ohio University Online Graduate Programs

The program provides participants with a comprehensive knowledge of the history, goals and contexts of higher education; leadership; organizational dynamics; learning environment; and research concepts and methods. We will help our students:

Ohio State University

“I believe it is important to pay lip service to issues of diversity and social justice. To effect change, we must develop the intellectual tools and political acumen to understand and challenge structural inequality. I must. My goal. is to educate the educator. Necessary to help students advocate for more equitable systems knowledge and skills”. -Dr. Laura Harrison

“College is a unique opportunity to explore identity, culture, and community. As a resident of college campuses for more than 40 years, I know that learning about issues of diversity and social justice is not a destination, but a journey. . Filled with wonder, deep joys, and profound personal challenges. . As an educator, I believe my role is to expose students to the people and ideas that help them love who they are, to recognize, recognize and celebrate the gifts of others; and to develop the tools and skills to build local and global communities that recognize the potential of all.” -Dr. Peter Mather

“As a woman from abroad and an Asian professor, I know that I can only thrive in a campus culture that ensures diversity, inclusion, and equity. This culture is one that I am committed to fostering and maintaining. Students in the classroom. A major topic of higher education research is educational equity. , especially from a financial and international perspective. I serve minorities through community service activities at my university and in Athens County. Actively advocates for students and faculty.” -Dr. Lijing Yang

The Master’s in Higher Education provides a foundational knowledge of higher education and addresses a wide range of individual needs. Elective courses complete the student’s study program, matching the student’s background and professional aspirations. Candidates must complete 30 credit hours for the program. Below is an example of a curriculum vitae for a master’s program in higher education:

Online Opportunities At Ohio State

New students can start an online Higher Education program at any time. University employees should apply early to allow time for the University’s conflict of interest review to be completed. Every Bobcat knows this simple truth: your college experience will stay with you for a lifetime. This community will fuel your ambition, prepare you for your career and beyond, and actively support you forever.

Our residential campus in Athens is located on the southeastern slopes. More than 20,000 students study here. A lively uptown scene (never call it “downtown”) and a beautiful, historic campus make Athens a top-notch university city.


Ohio University Online Graduate Programs

16 NCAA Division I sports teams to choose from 100 weekly programs, events and student organization meetings, 21 miles of campus and more than 550 student organizations in Athens County for diverse backgrounds, identities and interests.

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The University offers world-class education at our home campus in Athens, our five regional campuses, extension campuses, and through our online and online professional programs and the College of Osteopathic Medicine legacy.

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