Oracle Pl Sql Interview Questions

Oracle Pl Sql Interview Questions – This is a PL / SQL interview question and answer for newbies as well as candidates with experience in their dream job.

Oracle PL / SQL is an extension of the SQL language that combines the power of SQL data management with the processing power of procedural languages ​​to create powerful SQL queries. PL / SQL ensures seamless processing of SQL statements by improving database security, mobility and robustness.

Oracle Pl Sql Interview Questions

Oracle Pl Sql Interview Questions

On the other hand, TYPE RECORD is used when the query returns a column of a table or a different view.

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The cursor is an area with a private name in SQL where information can be accessed. They are required to process each row separately for queries that return multiple rows.

The cursor declares% ROWTYPE as the default loop index. It then opens the cursor, obtains a value range from the active set into the record field, and closes when all records are processed.

A PL / SQL application unit associated with a specific database table is called a database key. It is used for:

It is a procedure of the DBMS_STANDARD package that allows user-defined error messages to be triggered from a database or saved subroutine.

What Is Pl/sql?

3) If the value in the expression is NULL, then the expression itself evaluates to NULL, except for the operator (||)

Syntax checker checks PL SQL code for compilation errors. When all errors are corrected, the storage address is assigned to the variable that stores the data. It is called binding. P-code is a list of instructions for a PL SQL machine. The P code is stored in the database for the named block and is used the next time it is executed.

Runtime errors are resolved using the exception handling section in the PL / SQL block. For example, a SELECT INTO statement that returns no queues.

Oracle Pl Sql Interview Questions

It does not do all the work done by the user in one operation. With SAVEPOINT, only part of the operation is reversible.

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If a query returns multiple data ranges, the program sets a clear cursor. It allows the program to process each row sequentially when the cursor shows it back.

Occurs when the trigger tries to update the range it is currently using. It is fixed using a view or a temporary table, so select one database and update the other.

DECLARE statements are used by anonymous SQL PL blocks as independent procedures that are not saved. If used, it must first appear in a separate file.

SQLCODE returns an error count value for the last error encountered, while SQLERRM returns a message for the last error.

Top 60+ Oracle Pl Sql Interview Questions And Answers 2023

IS NULL and IS NOT NULL can be used to specifically check whether the value of a variable is NULL.

No, SQL * Plus does not have a PL / SQL engine built into it. Therefore, all PL / SQL code is sent directly to the database host. It is more effective because each statement is not individual.

INITCAP, ABOVE, SUBSTR, LOWER, and LENGTH are all character functions. The group function returns results based on the group of rows opposite each row. These are MAX, MIN, AVG, COUNT and SUM.

Oracle Pl Sql Interview Questions

Sequences are used to generate sequence numbers without locking. Its disadvantage is that the sequence number is lost if the transaction is canceled.

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Using the “new.column name” keyword, the key can refer to the column values ​​after the new collection. Using the keyword “old.column name” they can refer to column values ​​by the old collection.

SYSDATE refers to the current system date of the server. It is a pseudo-column. USER is also a pseudo-column, but refers to the current user who has entered the session. They are used to track changes that occur in the table.

A ROWID is a logical address of a row, not a physical column, it is composed of data block numbers, file numbers, and line numbers of data blocks. Therefore, I / O time is minimized by retrieving rows and leading to faster queries.

Database links are created to establish relationships between different databases or different environments, such as testing, development, and production. Database links are read-only to access other information as well.

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It is a binary file. Record the structure of the database. Includes multiple log file locations, names, and timestamps. They can be stored in different locations to help retrieve information if the file is corrupted.

Consistency indicates that the data will not be reflected to other users until the data is confirmed so that consistency is maintained.

Anonymous blocks are anonymous blocks that are not stored anywhere while subroutines are compiled and stored in a database. They are compiled during processing.

Oracle Pl Sql Interview Questions

The DECODE and CASE instructions are very similar, but the CASE is an extension of the DECODE. DECODE does not allow statements to make its own decisions.

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Independent operation is an independent operation of the parent or master operation. It is not put in place by other operations.

SGA stands for System Global Area, while PGA stands for Program or Process Global Area. PGA has only 10% RAM, but SGA has 40% RAM.

Polymorphism is a characteristic of OOP. It is the ability to create multi-form object or function variables. PL / SQL supports polymorphism in the form of overloaded program entities inside member functions or packages. Unclear logic should be avoided while working overweight.

Yes, and they can be executed simultaneously. The question is always independent of the second question in a distributed database system based on a two-stage commitment.

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It is a procedure of the DBMS_STANDARD package that allows user-defined error messages to be triggered from a database or saved subroutine.

The exit parameter allows more than one value in the dialer. The Out parameter is not introduced in the function. Procedures can be used instead of functions if additional values ​​are needed. Therefore, these procedures are used to execute the Out parameter.

Code tracking is an important technique for measuring code execution during processing. Different monitoring methods include

Oracle Pl Sql Interview Questions

Hierarchical profile builders can display calls made in PL / SQL in addition to filling in the gaps between performance tracking and expectations. Effective hierarchical forms include

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58) Explain how you can copy files into file contents and files into PL / SQL tables in PL / SQL first?

With a single program call – “fcopy procedure” you can copy the entire contents of one file to another. Whereas, to copy the contents of a file directly into a PL / SQL table, you can use the “file2pstab” program.

While writing log information to a database table, the problem you face is that the information is only available after the new queue is pushed to the database. This can be a problem because such PLVlogs are usually implemented to track errors and in many cases the current operation will fail or need to be restored.

61) Describe which function to use to transfer PL / SQL table logs into the data table?

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The default PLVlog “rollback to” save point is used when the user has enabled the rollback activity and has not provided an alternative save point in the put_line call. The default save point is initialized to a fixed number.

A PL / SQL table is the object closest to an array in PL / SQL, and to access this table you must first declare the table type, then you must declare the PL / SQL table yourself. But by using PLVtab you can avoid setting your own PL / SQL table type and make accessing PL / SQL tables easier.

“Module Procedures” allows all code lines to be converted into defined software units with procedure calls. There are three arguments for a module

Oracle Pl Sql Interview Questions

PL / Vision provides two packages that help you manage operational processes in your PL / SQL application. It is PLVcmt and PLVrb.PL/SQL is a procedural language that incorporates SQL statements into its syntax. The Oracle Database server compiles and stores PL / SQL application units in the database. Both PL / SQL and SQL runtime run on the same server run, providing the highest level of functionality. Thus, PL / SQL inherited the robustness, security, and convenience of Oracle databases.

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PL / SQL interview coming soon? If yes, then we have prepared for you a list of PL / SQL interview questions along with their reasonable answers.

Answer: PL / SQL refers to the procedure language extension to SQL (Structured Query Language). Developed by Oracle, it aims to overcome the disadvantages of SQL to make it easier to develop and manage critical applications in a general way.

Answer: By definition, the cursor points to an area of ​​memory allocated by Oracle to process SQL statements. The cursor saves the record returned by the SQL query. There are two types of cursors – obscure and clear.

Answer: A PL / SQL table is nothing more than a table object modeled after a data table. For faster processing, they provide an array of nothing but temporary tables in memory. Using these tables facilitates the process of moving data in bulk.

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A: The basic structure of PL / SQL follows the block structure. Each PL / SQL contains SQL statements and PL / SQL which forms a PL / SQL block. Each PL / SQL block has three sections:

A: We use this phrase when we refer to the current range in a clear cursor. With this phrase we can update and delete the current row without specifying the row ID.

Answer: Database Trigger is a stored process.

Oracle Pl Sql Interview Questions

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