Pakistan Embassy Uae Passport Renewal

Pakistan Embassy Uae Passport Renewal – If you are living and working in the UAE with your family and are blessed with a new baby, you can apply for his sponsoring visa in the U.A.E.

If you are working in UAE and at this time your family is not in your sponsor and you are away in UAE please refer to my other article

Pakistan Embassy Uae Passport Renewal

Pakistan Embassy Uae Passport Renewal

Keep in mind that based on the UAE immigration rules, you have three months to get visa sponsorship for your new baby in the UAE.

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A boy can be under the sponsorship (father/mother) till 18 years and a girl can be under the sponsorship of her father/mother till marriage.

CNIC or NICOP of the sponsor issued by NADRA in Pakistan or NADRA office in Pakistan Embassy must have some documents before starting the process.

Visit the Embassy of Pakistan in Bur Dubai. Bur Dubai Embassy is near Bur Juman Metro Station, Khaled Bin Waleed Road. See the location map at the bottom of the page.

If you are residing near Pakistan Consulate in Abu Dhabi you can also visit.

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They will give you a printed copy of your signature and one more signature and CNIC number for your reference

Once you receive the Natra birth certificate, the next step is to apply for a passport for the new baby.

Get Ministry of Foreign Affairs Certificate MOFA Child Birth Stamp from Pakistan Consulate and then you need to do it at UAE Embassy. The Embassy of Pakistan in Bur Dubai is next to the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates

Pakistan Embassy Uae Passport Renewal

After you have applied for the passport to the UAE Ministry of Visa Processing (you can check my other article on applying for visa sponsorship for your family or child)

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You can add your experience in the comments to share your knowledge or experience related to this process. Or let me know if roles or procedures have been changed/updated. Friends, it is possible to renew Pakistani passport while living abroad. Here we describe the whole process in a simple way. New Passport Application Guidelines and Pakistan Passport Fee 2020 are also provided.

Online Pakistan passport renewal process is completed and its message shows on the screen as “Application successfully submitted”.

Friends, you will also be sent an email about submitting the application. After three or four days, you will receive another email stating that your Pakistan Passport Online Renewal application has been approved and sent to the next step. Now you can relax as your new Pakistan passport will be sent to your address within a month.

If you want to travel outside of Pakistan, you need a Pakistani passport. No doubt, this is the identity of every Pakistani. Any citizen can get a national identity card at the age of 18 after completing the process. New passport and Pakistan passport online renewal system is available here.

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The Directorate General of Immigration and Passports issues three types of machine-readable Pakistani passports namely diplomatic, official and ordinary passports. This facility is available at all State Passport Offices and Embassies of Pakistan.

There are 156 passport offices in Pakistan including Azad Kashmir and Gilgit to collect Pakistani passport applications. The sum total is as follows:

If you search for “passport office Islamabad” to get a Pakistani passport, you will find two offices in the capital serving citizens. There is also the Directorate General of Immigration and Passports. The first is the Islamabad Provincial Passport Office, where people can get a normal passport with normal service. Location:

Pakistan Embassy Uae Passport Renewal

Islamabad passport office hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, however, Pakistani passport applications are received until 1:00 pm. You should try to get there before 9am to complete the application process.

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Islamabad Passport Office is the second passport office in the capital where one window service is available. The citizens of the capital enjoy good service and good atmosphere. There are no long queues and you can save your time by paying a little extra for your convenience.

Talking about Lahore Passport Office, it is interesting that you have four offices. You can visit someone near you to get your Pakistani passport. The addresses of these offices are as follows.

Every Pakistani citizen who has a CNIC is eligible for a Pakistani passport. Their minor children can also get a passport based on NADRA Form B.

Now that all records are computerized, the only requirement for a Pakistani passport is a NADRA ID card. In case of minor children, it will come from B and CNICs of parents.

Uae Passport Renewal: Online Application, Appointments, Requirements, Fees & More *reviewed January 2023*

If you want to get your first passport in Pakistan, you need to visit the regional passport office of your district as per your permanent address on your identity card. You must follow these instructions.

National Bank has a valid passport form for paying passport fees. This form is now available in green color. The challan form for the passport fee is free but the bank charges Rs 30 as deposit.

Step 2: After depositing the passport fee, you will come to the passport office before 1:00 pm with the original ID card and two copies and a bank statement. A token will be drawn from the counter first.

Pakistan Embassy Uae Passport Renewal

5# Now an officer will check your information. This person will give you a printout of your information. This letter should be signed after reading it carefully.

How To Renew Pakistani Passport From Dubai?

Step 6: Now the Assistant Director will ask you some questions and get the date sheet along with a copy of your ID card and bank receipt.

Congratulations, you have completed the passport application process. You can get your regular passport after 10 in 4 days fast by showing your proof.

If you want to get a new Pakistani passport for 5 or 10 years, the cost of a new Pakistani passport is as follows.

If it is lost for the first time, the normal passport fee is Rs. 6000/ and immediately Rs. 10,000/. It doubles the second time it loses and triples the third time.

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You can get information about whether your passport has been printed or is in progress. The system will also tell you about its delivery.

Candidates can also contact DG office by mail in case of any problem. Email address of DG Passport Office: [email protected]

If you are a government. If you want to get a worker and an official passport, you need to submit the following documents.

Pakistan Embassy Uae Passport Renewal

You have learned how to renew Pakistani passport online and how to get a new one. Now I will talk about the global price, which is not only unsatisfactory but also dangerous. It is on the list of worst passports in the world.

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Although the Pakistani passport has improved from last year, it is still the 5th worst passport in the world. That is better than Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

The question is how our country got here. Of course, chaos, corruption and unemployment are the main reasons. Our youth use everything to go abroad and never come back with money. On the other hand, foreigners do not want to come to our country for the reasons mentioned above. In which the Pakistani passport lost its value.

For Pakistani passport holders traveling abroad, check-in desks will be available for flights from Pakistan. This happens especially in the airports of the USA, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Britain and many other countries. Pakistani passengers have to face several hours of screening.

Due to the wrong policies of our leaders and the unjust actions of our people in the last 72 years, we have reached a point where no country wants to grant visas to Pakistan. After getting a US or European visa, face discrimination at the airport. This is actually the price of a Pakistani passport. We can restore its value only by showing honesty and peace.

United Arab Emirates

Friends, now we hope you can renew Pakistan passport online and apply for a new passport. Pakistan Passport Fee 2020 is also available in this blog. However, in case of any confusion, you can ask a question by commenting below. DUBAI – The first phase of a system launched by the Ministry of Interior of Pakistan for Pakistanis living abroad went live last week.

Pakistan passport renewal applications take no more than 16 minutes instead of a full day with an updated document delivered to your doorstep.

The first phase of the system introduced by the Ministry of Interior of Pakistan abroad went live last week. Officials said that the implementation of this system will reduce the abuse of passports and extortion by ‘agents’.

Pakistan Embassy Uae Passport Renewal

Pakistanis based in the UAE can use the current 24-hour service, Acting Consul General of Pakistan Rana Samar Javed told Khaleej Times.

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Seven-month passport holders can also apply for renewal online. Upon request,

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