Parking Near Dallas Love Field Airport

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The Hawes Avenue Parking Lot has hundreds of airport parking spaces for passengers departing from Dallas Love Field. Each of our guests is greeted in their own car by our friendly service team. We deliver you directly to the terminal in minutes. Just before waiting for the cell phone at the airport’s main entrance, we couldn’t have been closer. The airport parking rates we provide fit our customers’ budgets and exceed airport garage parking rates.

Parking Near Dallas Love Field Airport

Parking Near Dallas Love Field Airport

Many guests choose to reserve one of our indoor parking spaces at our facility located on Cedar Springs Road. Stay for a day, a week or more; No matter which parking spot you choose, your car is safe with us. We encourage our guests to reserve airport parking in advance, just as you would reserve a hotel room or car rental. Join Spot Club to save even more!

Airport Officials Explore Dallas Love Field Expansion

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DALLAS – The Dallas City Council approved a resolution Wednesday to raise parking fees at Love Field, citing demand to decrease as travel returns to pre-pandemic levels.

With the approved resolution, Love Field will raise daily rates for various parking options, with the biggest increase coming in Garage B, where officials want to raise rates from $9 to $13 in the main area of ​​the garage and from $7 to $10 for the roof. .

Mark Duebner, the city’s aviation director and head of Love Field, presented the proposed changes to the Dallas City Council on Wednesday.

Dallas Love Field Could Raise Parking Fees As Airport Recovers From Pandemic

Duebner said the airport has seen its parking capacity decrease as passenger traffic rises from epidemic levels. However, according to Duebner’s presentation, leisure travelers are more likely to drive themselves to the airport than take a taxi or rideshare service. Duebner said it shows data on the average length of stay of a vehicle.

In 2019, the average ticket for a vehicle leaving the garage was about $27 for an average of 2.5 days. Right now, Duebner said, the average ticket is $35 with a stay of more than three days.

Duebner said the price increase could encourage travelers to drive to the airport instead of parking in garages for long periods of time.

Parking Near Dallas Love Field Airport

“As customer demand returns to pre-pandemic levels, parking rates should be adjusted to reduce demand,” Duebner said in his presentation.

Dallas Love Field Expansion

In January, the daily number of cars in Love Field’s three garages increased from 2,906 to 4,830 compared to the previous year. For comparison, let’s note that before the epidemic, the number of cars for January 2020 was 6352.

Last fall’s daily car count also showed a sharp increase in travel levels compared to the previous year. In October, the daily number of cars in the Love Field garage was 7,555, compared to 3,628 the previous year.

On Thanksgiving Day 2021, only 500 parking spaces are available in three garages, typically the busiest part of air travel.[, “url”:”/locations/atlanta/atl”, “city”:”Atlanta”, “airportUrl” : “/locations/atlanta/atl”, “couponButtonText”:”See Atlanta deals”, “mobileCouponButtonText”:”Book to save!”, “isMarketComingSoon”:false, “couponRadius”:0, “id”:10 } , , “url”:”/locations/austin/aus”, “city”:”Del Valle”, “airportUrl”:”/locations/austin/aus”, “couponButtonText”:”See Austin deals”, “mobileCouponButtonText “:” Make a reservation to remember!”, “isMarketComingSoon”:false, “couponRadius”:0, “id”:8}, , “url”:”/locations/hartford/bdl/the-parking-spot”, “city”: ” Windsor Locks”, “airportUrl”:”/locations/hartford/bdl”, “couponButtonText”:”BUY COUPON”, “mobileCouponButtonText”:”BUY COUPON”, “isMarketComingSoon”:false, “couponRadius”: 0, ” id “:29}, , “url”:”/locations/nashville/bna/the-parking-spot”, “city”:”Nashville”, “airportUrl”:”/locations/nashville/bna”, “couponButtonText” : “View Nashville Deals”, “mobileCouponButtonText”:”10% OFF PARKING”, “isMarketComingSoon”:false, “couponRadius”:0, “id”:9}, , “url”:”/locations/buffalo /buf/ the -parking-spot”, “city”:”Buffalo”, “airportUrl”:”/locations/buffalo/buf”, “couponButtonText”:”See Buffalo deals”, “mobileCouponButtonText”:”Book to save ! 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Every guest at The Parking Spot receives complimentary door-to-door shuttle service. Our helpful driver meets you at your car, drives you directly to Dallas Love Field Airport, then takes you directly back to your car.

Flooding In Dallas Love Field Parking Garage Leaves Cars Submerged

Both DAL Car Park locations offer service, convenience and value for money. Conveniently located on the main approach to Dallas Love Field, next to the Cell Phone Waiting Area, you should turn right onto Edwards Avenue. There are several hundred indoor parking spaces that can be reserved in advance. Many customers prefer the affordable convenience of our adjacent DAL open top parking facility.

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