Pillows For People Who Sweat A Lot

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It’s no secret that a damp bedroom can ruin a perfectly good night’s rest. And who can’t with a cool pillow

Pillows For People Who Sweat A Lot

Pillows For People Who Sweat A Lot

For very hot temperatures or very hot weather, sleeping on one together with cool sheets or a mattress that controls temperature or cold can help you not to sweat as much.

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The Well Installed Bedding Center tested over 100 different pillows to find the best pillows to keep you cool, whether you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper. A cool pillow should not only feel good but cool; it must also be comfortable to sleep on and support your head and neck to avoid neck pain. To find the best cooling pillows, our textile experts tested wash and durability in the Lab.

We updated this article as recently as October 2022 to ensure all our recommendations are current and reflect the correct prices. You can learn more about how we test and choose the best cooling pillows below this article. Looking for more cool sleepwear and sleepwear? Check out our guides to the best cool comforters and cool pajamas.

With the same feel as the best-selling Coop Home Goods Original Pillow, the Eden Pillow features insulated memory foam infused with a cooling gel to prevent overheating. The filling is completely adjustable – add or remove as much as you like to find the height that suits you. Reviewers loved the soft, supple feel that still provides plenty of neck support. In our Lab test, the pillow held its shape after the weight was applied, but we noticed wear of the cover after washing. The foam is CertiPUR-US certified so you don’t have to worry about unsafe chemicals and thousands of Amazon reviewers love this pillow as well as our reviewers. We love that, unlike most memory foam pillows, the entire pillow is machine washable: cover

Memory foam tends to overheat, but this pillow from Allswell has a cooling gel layer, so you can enjoy a cool breeze without trapped heat. Testers gave this pillow high marks for keeping it at a consistent body temperature, supporting it and maintaining its shape after use. The cover also washes beautifully after multiple washes. One reviewer who experienced excruciating neck pain said that after using this pillow she was “absolutely pain free.” Please note that this pillow is only available in Regular size.

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Made with innovative cooling techniques, our testers were impressed by the cooling sensation of this floor pillow suitable for all sleeping positions thanks to two easy options (diagonals can sides should choose a solid method). The cover is made with Outlast technology, which stores and releases heat to keep you at a constant body temperature. The polyester filling stood up perfectly in Lab tests as the pillow held its shape without clinging. One reviewer gave a positive review, saying “this pillow has a better cooling effect than other cooling pillows I’ve tried.”

This memory foam pillow is available in two heights, and the higher height is perfect for side sleepers to align your neck and back. Memory foam pillows tend to retain heat, but this Tempur-Pedic has a cooling gel on the cover. Reviewers gave high marks for its supportive feel and cooling effect, with one reviewer saying: “This pillow keeps me nice and cool, and I don’t have to constantly he flips or gropes every time I change position.” Tempur-Pedic’s signature memory foam takes longer to return to its original shape as it molds to your head to provide neck support. Note that this pillow does not change, but our reviewers liked it so much that they all wanted to continue using it after the review.

The soft and lightweight feel of another pillow from SlumberCloud is great for stomach sleepers. Choose the “soft/medium” firmness level as a tummy tuck because “medium/firm” is suitable for back or side sleepers. Another SlumberCloud pillow has a cotton infusion cover with Outlast, which stores and releases heat to keep your body at a comfortable temperature all night long. Reviewers found the pillow to be very soft, but not as supportive as other brands, possibly due to the plush polyester. There is free shipping and a 60-day trial period.

Pillows For People Who Sweat A Lot

While many pillows use materials known to retain heat like foam, the Purple Pillow is completely unique. It uses a brand of polymer mesh for ultimate breathability with optimal support for back braces. In our Lab tests, the pillow cover was easy to wash without shrinking or changing its appearance, but reviewers note that the pillow is generally on the heavier side and doesn’t fit well. ‘a standard pillow case.

The Original Pillow

The True Temp Sleep Number pillow uses 37.5 technology for cool sleep with excellent neck support from the rat shape. The cover uses polyethylene and polyester with an additional 37.5-infused polyester fiber

It feels like 37.5 stores technology and releases heat to keep you at a constant body temperature. The ultimate style features a curved design with three removable straps for your perfect height no matter where you sleep. The cover was easy to wash without any changes in appearance, but it is a bit difficult to put the cover back on the foam afterwards.

Unlike any other latex pillow, this Purple pillow has the famous “Purple Grid” technology on the outside for neck and shoulder support. We washed the polymer grid cover in the Lab and it showed no signs of shrinkage or discoloration. Latex fillings healed quickly in lab tests and testers agreed when using it at home. Due to its high height, this pillow is perfect for side sleepers. Reviewers loved how breathable this pillow is, keeping them cool all night. With a 100-night trial period, there is no risk to try this unique content for yourself.

Although this pillow doesn’t talk about direct cooling technology, reviewers have rated it well for keeping them cool, probably because of the small foam channels for air flow and the breathable pillow. more. The outer cover washes well without any change in appearance or shrinkage, but it is not the most dangerously dried and must be laid flat to dry. Side, back and stomach sleepers rated it perfect for waking up without pain and maintaining its proper shape after use.

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Specially designed for isolated parts, the new Pillow Cube has 90-degree sides (instead of the usual tapered sides) for unmatched neck support. Reviewers have found this pillow “life changing” and many have appreciated the comfortable feel of the cover. The foam held its shape after pressure tests in the lab, but the cover showed signs of degradation after washing. Benefits recommend using the brand’s size guide to find your perfect height as there are three different options available.

All pillows are tested in the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Textile Laboratory. GH for the analysis of more than 3,500 Lab test data and hundreds of testers before making these choices. First, we check the care labels to see how easy they are to clean (PSA: some are not machine washable!), then we wash them five times to see if they hold up on clothes. We also check how well they fit your pillowcase, and perform support and recovery tests that simulate the pressure from your head as you sleep on it overnight: Weight leave the pillow for a long time and we measure how fast. it came back. its original form.

In addition to Lab testing, we also have real customers test them for in-depth feedback on things like comfort, support, temperature control and more. Reviewers are assigned a pillow based on an initial survey to ensure they’re getting a good match, then given weeks to sleep on it before giving full and unequivocal answers. Panelists who identify as warm sleepers test cooling pillows to give a positive feedback on how well the pillow has helped keep the air cool throughout the night.

Pillows For People Who Sweat A Lot

✔️ Cooling technology: Look for fabrics with real cooling technology like Outlast or 37.5, which can absorb and release heat to keep your body at a constant temperature while you sleep, preventing night sweats before you start. Some fabrics feel cool to the touch, but they may not stay that way all night.

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✔️ Cleaning ability: If you are prone to night sweats, it is even more important that you know how to wash your pillow. Look for a pillow that is fully washable or has a washable cover. Some of the best-reviewed pillows on our list have machine-washable covers only, so we recommend investing in a good pillow protector for those options.

✔️ Sleeping conditions: Even if it is very cold, an uncomfortable pillow

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