Professional Termite & Pest Control

Professional Termite & Pest Control – The word ‘Termite’ causes panic in the hearts and minds of homeowners and business owners throughout the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler and Gilbert Metropolitan areas – and for good reason. There is no other type of pest that is more synonymous with destruction and financial ruin than termites. They obtain nutrients from wood and cellulose-based products and by-products, with a preference for dead wood and organic by-products in particular.

Desert Subterranean Termites, usually found in southern Arizona, live in desert plants such as cacti and springwood. Their hunger is like white bread.

Professional Termite & Pest Control

Professional Termite & Pest Control

Dry subterranean termites are the most common termites in the state and can be found in deserts, canyons, rivers, dunes, and even above 4,000-foot elevations.

What The Best Termite Control Companies Know That You Don’t

They love wood and cellulosic materials such as desert trees and cactus ribs and many household materials including insulation, paper, stucco, etc.

You guessed it; they like dry wood. The Western Drywood Termite is known for dense infestations, displaying colonies as large as 2,000 termites strong.

Termite damage is often very similar to water damage or wood rot. As termites eat away and erode your home’s wood supports, you will begin to see aspects of your home’s infrastructure bow, sink, darken, and even crumble as it cannot to further support the weight it was designed to hold in the first place.

Liquid termiticides are treatments placed around your property to prevent them from entering your home. They also prevent invading termites from returning to the soil outside for the moisture they need to survive.

Subterranean Termites Prevention And Control In Buildings

You can avoid chemical pesticides in your soil by using termite bait technology. They are placed in the soil and attract termites to feed on the bait and kill it.

When scheduling a termite inspection with your trusted local pest control professional, one way you can prepare is to ensure easy access to potential termite damage sites, include:

Insectek understands how devastating a termite infestation can be when it comes to your home or business, and this presence of mind has earned us a reputation as the Phoenix expert in termite control.

Professional Termite & Pest Control

When it comes time to investigate or deal directly with a termite infestation, you owe it to yourself to entrust your home or business to the Phoenix termite control experts at Insectek Pest Solutions. Our courteous, professional, skilled and reliable Phoenix termite control team will provide you with the skill, expertise and thoroughness you deserve – so you never have to suffer through these devastating little nuisances again.

Subterranean Termite Control In St Petersburg, Largo & Clearwater Fl

Insectek is a locally owned and operated pest control company serving the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler and Gilbert Metropolitan areas. With two decades of combined experience, we know a thing or two about the rodents and insects you fear creeping into your home.

At Insectek, we apply the highest moral and ethical standards to treatments, which is why we don’t recommend anything our customers don’t need. Instead, we focus on understanding a client’s pest activity and pest tolerance before making a recommendation. As your locally owned, operated pest control company, we believe that servicing your business based on what you need, not what we want to try, will keep your loyalty, trust and business for years to come. Try our recommendation app below to find out which type of service is best for you.

Insects have roamed the earth for millions of years so they have a huge advantage over us humans. They have mastered the art of surviving in harsh conditions, and they are very capable of making sure their children do too. The pest control products available from professionals, such as Insectek’s Phoenix Pest Controls, must balance the important task of removing as many pests as possible – while being safe for you, your family and of course your pets. Therefore, the exterminator team at Insectek Pest Solutions uses the best and safest products available, but in most cases they cannot treat all pests at once.

The products on the market that our exterminators use in your home go through rigorous research, development and testing first at the manufacturer level, then at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and finally, in many cases, through the State Department of Agriculture. Even with this multi-layered system, it’s important to have an educated understanding and conservative respect for the pest control products used in and around your home. In most cases, a person or pet should stay out of the treated area until the pest control solution is dry. Our Phoenix pest control and extermination team will provide you with a detailed service report listing the name of each product used as well as where it was applied. If you have any questions about a particular product we have used, please contact us so that labels and material safety data sheets can be provided.

Need To Find The Right Termite Inspection Company

Green or organic pest control is any treatment that uses a naturally occurring, non-genetically modified or improved pesticide. These products are usually botanical and have been shown to be very effective in general. But they sometimes lack the power of synthetic versions created by scientists in laboratories.

Arizona has many dangerous pests that not only cause painful bites and stings, but can also carry dangerous diseases. These pests include scorpions, black widows, brown recluse spiders, ticks, flies, assassin bugs and rodents. The Phoenix pest control team at Insectek is very knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to these pests and many other Arizona natives.

Join our 365 Pest Prevention Program Get peace of mind that your pest control is being taken care of on an ongoing basis. See monthly plans

Professional Termite & Pest Control

Our team works to protect Arizona homes and businesses from the daily nuisance of the most destructive pests, including:

Termites In Alabama

All homeowners fear a termite infestation that could damage their property, but they are often unprepared to prevent it. Learn how to recognize termite droppings and other signs of…

Termite infestations in your home can be a nightmare to deal with – especially if you ignore the signs of a termite infestation for too long. Although it is not fun…

Growing up, my parents complained about termites chewing through the insulation in our basement and how we were at war with the ‘monsters’. As a result, I made images of termites… James was our technician and we had a great experience! He went above and beyond to explain what he was doing and what we could expect. He was professional, friendly and very knowledgeable. He turned a nervous situation into a very positive experience and we are very grateful!

ACTION Termite was not only honest but went above and beyond in treating my home due to a poor inspection. This is the type of company you want to do business with.

Turner Pest Control Manager Earns Ace Certification

Great customer service. Very professional and extremely easy to deal with. My technician Miguel was excellent. Highly recommend ACTION Termite & Pest Control! Hard working with 50+ years in the industry. Competitive prices too.

Johnny, our monthly service technician, is very professional and always asks if there are any issues or problems since his last visit. I have recommended Action to MANY people and have used their services for YEARS. Strongly recommend!

Pilipo was professional, polite and calm. He did a great job and pointed out some things I hadn’t even noticed. Action termite has always been great to work with. Will definitely use again and would recommend to anyone.

Professional Termite & Pest Control

We are a family owned and operated pest control company in Phoenix, AZ. Serving Arizona since 1969, we have built a reputation for providing the highest level of customer service in the industry and have an all-star team of pest industry professionals who provide thousands of treatments each year. Our team of experts provides residential and commercial services throughout the valley. From pest removal services that treat over 50 types of insects to industry leading termite treatment solutions, you can count on us to provide a solution that is safe, effective and tailored to your specific needs for pest control.

Top Termite Control & Treatment For Subterranean, Formosan, & Drywood Termites

Are you worried about pests? If you search for “pest control near me” or “termite control, inspection or treatment near me.” Look no further, our experts at ACTION Termite & Pest Control can help you with both, no need to separate businesses.

Our licensed technicians are involved in ongoing training programs to ensure that our customers in the Phoenix AZ area receive not only excellent service, but also the latest and greatest technology available to treat any pest identify and resolve existence. We pride ourselves on being one of the BEST family owned pest control companies in Phoenix AZ, providing top notch Phoenix pest control services, and we’re not just your average guy .

ACTION Termite Control is proud of its reputation for consistently maintaining the highest standards in the service we provide, the products we use, our expertise

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