Python Software Engineer Interview Questions

Python Software Engineer Interview Questions – Python was developed by Guido van Rossum and was first published on February 20, 1991. It is one of the most popular and popular programming languages ​​and it is defined in nature and therefore it is a ‘ provides flexibility to include dynamic semantics. It is also a free and open source language with a very simple and clean syntax. This makes it easy for python developers to learn. Python also supports object-oriented programming and is typically used for general purpose programming.

Because of its simplistic nature and the ability to perform many functions in fewer lines of code, python’s popularity is growing exponentially. Python is also used in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Web Development, web scraping, and several other fields because of its ability to support powerful computers with powerful libraries. Because of this, there is a huge demand for python developers in India and around the world. Companies are willing to offer amazing perks and benefits to these developers.

Python Software Engineer Interview Questions

Python Software Engineer Interview Questions

In this article, we look at the most common python interview questions and answers that will help you stand out and make amazing job offers.

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Python is a high-level, interpreted, general-purpose programming language. Since it is a general purpose language, it can be used to build almost any type of application with the right tools/libraries. Additionally, python supports objects, modules, threads, exception handling, and automatic memory management that help model real-world problems and build applications to solve those problems. solve

Before we understand a dynamically typed language, we need to learn what typing is. Typing refers to type checking in programming languages. In a strong language, such as Python, “1” + 2 will be a type error because these languages ​​do not allow “type coercion” (conversion of data types appropriately). On the other hand, a weakly typed language, like Javascript, will only result in “12”.

Python is an interpreted language, it executes each statement line by line so type checking is done on the fly, during execution. Therefore, Python is a dynamically typed language.

An interpreted language executes its statements line by line. Languages ​​like Python, Javascript, R, PHP, and Ruby are prime examples of Interpreted Languages. Programs written in an interpreted language run directly from source code, without an intermediate compilation step.

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PEP stands for Python Development Proposal. A PEP is an official design document that provides information to the Python community, or describes a new feature for Python or its processes. PEP 8 is particularly important because it documents the style guide for Python code. Apparently, contributing to the Python open source community requires you to follow these style guidelines diligently and strictly.

Everything in Python works in a field. Scope is a block of code where an object in Python is still relevant. Namespaces identify all objects in a program uniquely. However, these namespaces have a special purpose to them where you can use their objects without any prefix. Several examples of scopes created when executing code in Python are as follows:

Lists and Tuples are both array data types that can store collections of objects in Python. The objects stored in the two layers can have different data types. Lists are represented by square brackets

Python Software Engineer Interview Questions

But what is the real difference between the two? The main difference between the two is that while lists are mutable, tuples on the other hand are immutable objects. This means that the lists can be changed, linked or cut on the fly, but the tuples remain constant and cannot be changed in any way. You can run the following example in Python IDLE to test the difference:

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Python has many built-in data types. Although Python should not explicitly define data types during variable declaration, type errors are likely to occur if knowledge of data types and their mutual compatibility are neglected. Python provides

Functions to examine such variables. This type of data can be collected in the following categories –

Note: The standard library also includes fractions for storing rational numbers and decimals for storing floating-point numbers with user-defined precision.

A mapper object can map hashable values ​​to random objects in Python. Map objects are variable and currently there is only one standard type of map, the dictionary.

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It is immutable and therefore, hashable, and can be used as the key of a dictionary or as an element of another set.

Keyword represents the null operation in Python. It is generally used to fill empty blocks of code that can be executed at runtime, but have not yet been written. Without the pass statement in the following code, we may get some errors when code is executed.

Python packages and Python modules are two methods that allow modular programming in Python. Modularization has many advantages –

Python Software Engineer Interview Questions

Modules are, in general, just Python files with a .py extension and can have a set of functions, classes or variables defined and implemented. They can be imported and started once with the

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Packages allow a hierarchical structure of the module namespace using dot notation. Just as modules help avoid collisions between global variable names, similarly, packages help avoid collisions between module names.

Creating a folder is easy because it uses the system’s inherent file structure. So just put the modules in a folder and that’s it, the folder name is the package name. To import a module or its contents from this package you must prefix the module name with a dot followed by the package name.

Note: You can still technically import the package, but unfortunately, it doesn’t import the modules in the package to the local namespace, so it’s pretty much useless.

Self is used to represent the instance of the class. With this keyword, you can access the attributes and methods of the class in python. Associate the attributes with the given arguments. self is used in many places and is often considered a keyword. But unlike C++, self is not a keyword in Python.

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Is a constructor method in Python and is automatically called to allocate memory when a new object/instance is created. All classes have an __init__ method associated with them. It helps distinguish class methods and attributes from local variables.

The break statement ends the loop immediately and control flows to the statement after the body of the loop.

The continue statement ends the current iteration of the statement, skips the rest of the code in the current iteration, and control flows to the next iteration of the loop.

Python Software Engineer Interview Questions

As explained above, the pass keyword in Python is usually used to fill empty blocks and is similar to an empty statement represented by a semicolon in languages ​​such as Java, C ++, Javascript, etc.

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A namespace in Python ensures that the names of objects in a program are unique and can be used without conflict. Python implements these names as dictionaries with “name as key” mapped to a corresponding “object as value”. This allows multiple namespaces to use the same name and map to a separate object. Some examples of place names are as follows:

The life cycle of a namespace depends on the purpose of the objects being mapped. If the scope of an object expires, the life cycle of that namespace is over. Therefore, it is not possible to access internal namespace objects from an external namespace.

Sometimes objects in the same field have the same name, but they work differently. In such cases, goal solving comes into play automatically in Python. Some examples of such behavior are:

Decorators in Python are basically functions that add to an existing function in Python without changing the structure of the function itself. They are represented the

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The beauty of decorators lies in the fact that, in addition to adding functionality to the method’s output, they can also accept arguments for functions and can further modify those arguments before passing them. to the action itself. The inner nesting function plays an important role, i.e. the ‘cover’ function, here. It is implemented to implement rotation and thus, it is kept hidden from the global domain.

Python’s understanding, like decorators, are syntactic sugar structures that help construct modified and filtered lists, dictionaries, or sets from a list, dictionary, or set. Using compression saves a lot of time and code that can be much more functional (there are more lines of code). Let’s look at some examples, where compression can be very beneficial:

A similar approach to nested iterators (as above) can be used to flatten a multidimensional list or operate on its inner elements.

Python Software Engineer Interview Questions

Note: list compression has the same effect as the map method in other languages. They follow the mathematical set constructor notation rather than the map and filter functions in Python.

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Lambda is an anonymous function in Python, which can accept any number of arguments, but can only have one expression. It is generally used in situations where an anonymous function is required for a short period of time. Lambda functions can be used in one of two ways:

Operator) copying objects. Instead, it creates an association between the existing object and the target variable name. To create copies of an object in Python, we need to use

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