Sample Interview Questions For Teachers And Answers

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Congratulations! You searched for the ultimate STEM job and finally got an interview. This is your shining moment. I hope you use your time before the interview to prepare.

Sample Interview Questions For Teachers And Answers

Sample Interview Questions For Teachers And Answers

The interview is your big chance to take the next step in the STEM classroom. Maybe you’re interviewing to be a STEAM coordinator, a classroom teacher, or even a STEM coach. Regardless of the job title, you can work to prepare for any STEM interview.

Teacher Interview Questions (and Tips For Answering Them)

Here are some STEM interview questions you may be asked and some possible answers to the questions.

Answer: Be prepared to express your beliefs about a hands-on and integrative approach to learning. Sharing some examples of successful STEM learning in action and citing model lessons or students who have benefited from this type of experience will allow you to expand your experience. When you talk about real examples, you also show your passion for this kind of work.

Answer: Here is your chance to show off your achievements. If you are fluent in any programming language or have Google certification, let the committee know. Do you have a teaching certificate in educational technology, physics or high school mathematics? Unique credentials will set you apart from other candidates, but don’t stop there!

Are you a product ambassador? Tell the committee about your experience with a tool (Ozobots, Osmo, Nearpod) and how it can improve engagement and understanding in STEM. Don’t forget to include your hobbies or other special skills. Can you weld or sew? Do you like woodworking or writing? These skills can provide advantages as a STEM educator, so be sure to share your skills.

Primary Teacher Interview Questions And Answers

Answer: Creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking should be evident in your answers. Let the interviewer know that you value these skills and provide examples of projects you have planned that can demonstrate student development in these areas.

Have you done any collaborative activities or projects that connect students with students around the world? Do you value creativity and advocate dropping the “A” in STEM in favor of STEAM? How do you ensure that students think and solve problems in your classroom? Discuss the opportunities you want to provide students to build all of these skills.

Q: If you are designing the ultimate STEM space, what are the 3 must-have items you need?

Sample Interview Questions For Teachers And Answers

Answer: Answer honestly about the most important items you expect in the space. You probably prefer more technology-oriented activities. Explain why you want this item in your space. You may be more interested in the “maker” side of STEM, using recycled materials and engineering design challenges to develop STEM thinking. Flexible furniture is a high-ticket item, but it’s very useful for designing collaborative learning spaces.

Why Should We Hire You?

A: Talk about specific ways you connect STEM with areas like social studies and English language arts. These areas are often overlooked, but offer great opportunities for integration. Check out this article on STEM read-alouds or pick up a copy of my book Remaking Literacy to learn ways to connect children’s literature with engaging STEM content.

Answer: An example of how to use a coding program like Scratch Jr. used with elementary students or Tynker with middle school children. Share your thoughts with the class about using Ozobots or Sphero and how you have used them in your lessons. Make sure how coding develops critical mindsets in students, such as bouncing back from failure, flexible thinking, and focused effort.

A: Family STEM nights or other outreach events are great ways to get the community involved in your program. Recruiting parent volunteers or inviting them as guest speakers (when permitted) also allows for further home and school connections. Find community support by connecting with your local STEM community. Local businesses, universities, or museums can partner with you to expand STEM programming.

As part of the interview process, you may be asked to take a demonstration class. Sometimes this is done for an interview panel and they are active participants in the class. Other times, the lesson is conducted with a small group of students and the interviewers simply observe. A demo lesson will likely have parameters set by the committee, which will allow you to decide how long the lesson will last and what topics it will cover.

How To Answer The Top 5 Interview Questions For Teachers

In general, make sure you provide a lesson plan so the interviewer knows your thought process from start to finish. Submitting a lesson plan also documents all the important components of the lesson, in case you don’t have time to do all the parts. A lesson plan can also highlight any accommodations you have planned for different students, including instructional options to extend learning. Decide which components you want to include in your lesson:

Consider whether your lesson will include technology. (Always ask before the interview what technology will be available.) If you involve participants in hands-on work, be sure to bring enough materials. (Check the number of people attending the class in advance.) Most importantly, have fun! If you demonstrate how much you enjoy teaching STEM, the committee may offer you to teach at their school.

Often the interviewer will ask the committee if you have any questions. Many people ignore this and don’t know what to ask. Below are some ideas you may want to consider.

Sample Interview Questions For Teachers And Answers

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Esl Teacher Interview Questions & Answers

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During the last 23 years, a teacher, Dr. Jacie Maslyk has worked as a classroom teacher, reading specialist, elementary school principal, and assistant principal. He is the author of STEAM Makers: Fostering Creativity and Innovation in the Elementary Classroom, Leadership Connections: Strengthen Your Educational Network to Move Your School Forward (ISTE)

And unlock creativity: unlock the world of imagination with your students. You can read more on his blog, I’ve shared this story before, but this post seems like the perfect time to repeat it. My interview leading up to the technology teacher position was not what I expected. I submitted my resume to the school for a 5th grade position (the school had 2 fifth grade openings) and was called for an interview. When I sat down with the administration team, they also informed me that they were hiring for a technology teacher. They saw on my resume that I had just completed my Masters in Technology Education, so they wanted to consider me for the position. We went to talk about Technology… we weren’t even talking about 5th grade!

It should be said that I did not prepare any good answers to the questions about technology education in class. I must have some good answers because later that day I was hired to teach technology.

Teacher Interview Process: What To Expect From Hiring Schools

This time of year, the topic of the interview always pops up in the Teacher Teacher Tech Facebook group. Schools are planning and many are adding technical positions.

Hi, I’m Brittany. I am an educator obsessed with technology and passionate about teaching students 21st century skills. I’m so glad you came to my website.

Hi, I’m Brittany! I am a teacher who is involved in teaching with technology. Check out my free PD for tech teachers!

Sample Interview Questions For Teachers And Answers

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How To Perfectly Answer The Question

I hope these St. Patrick’s Day themed activities for the elementary computer lab give your students much success in the field of technology!

Isolated technology activities serve as computer lab backup plans and wait patiently in the bottom drawer of your desk.

Google Drive is a great tool for storage, sharing and collaboration. However, it’s also a lot like my kitchen counter… it’s always full of clutter and it’s hard to find important documents. If it’s hard for teachers with years of experience to stay on top of things, imagine how hard it is for our students to stay on top of things! Fortunately, your students need you to help them organize their Google Drive.

We hope these Valentine’s Day themed activities for the elementary computer lab will foster your students’ love of technology!

Practice Interview Questions For Teachers

Each week of the school year I send out an email with visual lesson plans. Tell me where to send it by filling out the form here: As an administrator, we do our best to help employees who

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