San Antonio To Dc Flights

San Antonio To Dc Flights – The plane begins its descent into San Antonio International Airport from the west over US Highway 281

The ability to fly non-stop from San Antonio to Reagan National Airport in Washington. moving forward. In April, the House failed to pass amendments to a FAA reauthorization bill that would have helped create the new route. But the city’s representatives in the Senate will make another attempt.

San Antonio To Dc Flights

San Antonio To Dc Flights

Creating new direct flights to the nation’s capital would require an act of Congress because of the perimeter rule, which means direct flights to Reagan’s home state can only be made from cities within a 1,250-mile perimeter around Washington, DC. Reagan is one of San Antonio’s most traveled destinations without direct flights.

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On Tuesday, the council’s Intergovernmental Relations Committee was briefed on the city’s recent attempts and future efforts.

San Antonio Congressmen Henry Cuellar and Will Hurd proposed an amendment that would allow airlines to move existing Reagan National routes from cities inside the perimeter to cities outside it if the airport is near a military base.

“The whole point of the amendment is for communities that are far from Washington, D.C., but have military installations and need continuous service in the nation’s capital,” said Jeff Coyle, director of the San Antonio Department of Public Administration.

The amendment would have benefited San Antonio and San Diego. San Antonio currently has direct flights to D.C. area airports in Baltimore and Dulles, Virginia.

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The amendment was pulled by Cuellar after he faced a strong opposition lobby. It includes letters from American Airlines, United Airlines, the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers and the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, which has set up its own website opposing the proposal. However, Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly wrote a letter of support in favor of the amendment.

“These airlines are falsely claiming that we will hurt retirees’ pensions, reduce passenger safety, jeopardize service to more than half the country and many other things that are patently false,” he said in an April 26 statement.

“When I found out that United Airlines and American Airlines spent millions of dollars to hire an army of people to lie to members of Congress, it was really upsetting and I regret every ticket I bought from United and from American Airlines,” Pelaez. said.

San Antonio To Dc Flights

However, the city does not justify its efforts. Coyle said the Senate has another chance to make amendments.

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“We have two senators who are very committed to this issue, and we’re going to work with them in Washington to try to get it done — ultimately — for our community and our military bases,” he said.

Reagan National Airport is one of the top airports on the city’s priority list as it seeks to provide additional nonstop destinations. Currently, passengers trying to get to Reagan must transfer planes or stop in other cities. San Antonio Aviation Director Russ Handy said about 190 passengers from San Antonio each day have Reagan National as their destination. About 190 passengers also travel from Reagan to San Antonio each day.

“That’s in addition to other traffic that we fly to Dulles or fly to Baltimore-Washington International and then drive or train downtown,” Handy said. “It will be a direct benefit to the 190 people who fly there and back every day.”

Former Congressman Henry Bonilla was hired as an airport lobbyist to help push the proposal. He told the council committee on Tuesday that the work is far from over.

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Editor’s Note: San Antonio International Airport (SAT) needs to step up its game, according to a recent memo sent to SAT management by City Manager Cheryl Scully.

San Antonio To Dc Flights

Scully has appointed Assistant City Manager Carlos Contreras to lead the Aviation Department on an interim basis “including day-to-day management and oversight of the San Antonio International and Stinson Municipal Airports.”

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“In this role, Carlos will immediately focus on a variety of projects including: expanded air services (especially increasing the number of direct flights), customer service and overseeing major capital projects at both airports, including customs arrangements and consolidated leases. automobile facility project (CONRAC) and related customer service issues,” Sculley said in a memo.

Although SAT has achieved great success since 2008, in terms of revenue and passenger flow, SAT has lagged behind its competitors. Its annual report, published last year, revealed an 11% drop in revenue and a slight increase in customer numbers.

“This brings additional resources to a priority issue for the city,” said Jeff Coyle, director of the city’s Office of Government and Public Affairs. Council members and the community “especially in the business community” recently highlighted the need to optimize customer service and add more direct flights.

He said Contreras has overseen the airport, convention facilities, economic development and Coyle’s department since Scully announced a regular leadership change more than a month ago. “What has changed is that he is physically at the airport and will now serve in a leadership role, (giving) Carlos hands-on attention.”

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The rest of Contreras’ departments were overseen by other assistant city managers and Scully’s office, with the exception of Convention.

“Carlos has been at the forefront of massive projects,” Coyle said, referring to Hemisfair Park, the Alamo Plaza master plan and the Frost Bank and Weston Urban real estate deal.

Katrīna Tkačika, senior analyst of the City Innovation Office, is on a special assignment at SAT and works on the development of air traffic services. Read his editorial below about SAT and the city’s work to improve services and gather community input through a new task force.

San Antonio To Dc Flights

San Antonio International Airport (SAT) reached a major milestone last year with 8.4 million passengers. This is the first time we have served this many passengers since 2008. In 2015, SAT added new nonstop service to Los Angeles, Miami, and New Orleans. Allegiant Air recently announced that it will join the San Antonio market in November with nonstop service to Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Las Vegas. The airport is ranked among the country’s largest gateways to Mexico. In addition, the city continues to invest in infrastructure and customer service improvements, such as a new parking lot and an integrated rental car facility that began on July 28. These are all great achievements for the airport and show the city’s commitment to our airport.

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City officials and San Antonio International Airport officials broke ground on the new parking lot and integrated rental car facility. Photo by Scott Ball.

San Antonio is a great place to live, visit and do business. And our airport plays a crucial role in the region’s economic strength and quality of life. Indeed, with nonstop service to 37 destinations and an estimated $5.1 billion in regional economic impact, San Antonio Airport is critical to the region’s future growth. However, even with the recent increase in passenger numbers and flight options, we know that SAT’s current non-stop access does not meet the needs of our growing city.

Developing and increasing air service in San Antonio is a priority for the City of San Antonio. Over the past few months, the Department of Aviation, the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce and an Air Services Development Task Force led by JW Marriott General Manager Arthur Coulombe have created a new model for accepting new nonstop flights to SAT. This new model emphasizes working with our business communities to provide data to build the business case for additional flights that we can present to airlines. SAT is a strong incentive program for new airlines and flights that we will continue to use, but we know that airports around the country use the same type of programs. So to really set San Antonio apart from all the other airports, working with the whole community to build a business foundation is critical to attracting new flights.

The Air Services Development Task Force has identified a number of target markets on which to focus its efforts. A direct flight between San Antonio and Boston tops the list. You may have already seen our efforts to collect travel data and customer insights through the San Antonio Chamber Survey. The San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was also asked to assist in our efforts to conduct a survey of its large membership of over 1,200 members, many of whom are small businesses that travel widely. Data collection is important because it helps us determine the latent demand for a flight between San Antonio and Boston. We use this information to show airlines how they could benefit from adding service to San Antonio.

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