San Francisco International Airport Long Term Parking

San Francisco International Airport Long Term Parking – SFO’s AirTrain service operates 24 hours a day, year-round, with a station departure every four minutes. The AirTrain is wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair spaces are available at each end of the AirTrain cars. Elevator service is available at all Airtrain stations. If you lose an item on an airline, you can contact Lost and Found.

Please note: Due to regular maintenance on the AirTrain system, which is carried out every night from 11pm to 5am, the AirTrain may operate differently than usual and travel times may be extended. If you plan to use AirTrain during this time, please allow extra travel time and pay attention to all AirTrain signs and messages.

San Francisco International Airport Long Term Parking

San Francisco International Airport Long Term Parking

AirTrain connects you to Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) via the Garage G AirTrain/BART station. You can get to Caltrain by taking BART to the Millbrae station.

Sfo Parking Shuttle 735 Long Term Parking Highway 380 From…

AirTrain’s Blue Line takes you from any terminal or terminal garage to the rental car center and long-term parking lots. You cannot reach the rental car center or long-term parking on the AirTrain Red Line.

Part of Terminal 1 is closed on both levels due to construction. The best way to get from the International Terminal to Terminal 1 B Gates (Gates B1 – B27) is by foot. Airtrain is the best way to get from the International Terminal to Terminal 2 (Gates C1 – C11 and D1 – D18). The best way to get from the International Terminal to Terminal 3 (Gates E1 – E13 and F1 – F22, United) is by foot. Airtrain is your only means of transportation to the rental car center and long-term parking.

Information desks are located in all terminals. Please refer to the Information Booth Map for exact locations. Language assistance available. are you going to the airport Commuting is stressful enough without worrying about parking. Collects the best parking offers near the airport and helps you compare prices and book ahead of time.

Enter the times and dates you want to park and easily find locations near SFO. View, book and park. It’s so easy! Reserve online or download our free parking app to book a parking space from your phone!

Sfo Long Term Parking Garage Wins Design Award

Start comparing your options using our rideshare comparison chart. Compare the length of your trip and the distance to SFO to find the best money-saving option.

Parking prices at the San Francisco airport vary. Indoor garage rates are $36 for 24 hours and $2 for 15 minutes. International Garages A and G are $36 for 24 hours and $2 for 15 minutes. Long-term garages are $18 for 24 hours and $2 for 15 minutes. ParkVALET is $45 for 24 hours and $2 for 15 minutes after 24 hours.

SFO has long-term parking with rates around $18 per day. A long-term parking garage offers quick entry and exit options and a shuttle service that runs every 5-15 minutes. The pick-up location is at the departure level of Terminals 1, 3 and the International Terminal on the central island.

San Francisco International Airport Long Term Parking

There are two free parking lots, but these are for drop-off and pick-up only. These locations are Cell Phone Waiting Lot and Kiss & Fly Lot. Mobile phone waiting lot with a waiting limit of 60 minutes.

San Francisco Airport Map

If you plan to park for less than 24-48 hours, short-term parking is ideal. If your trip is for several days, long-term parking is a good option.

Electric Vehicle Charging (EVC) stations are available at all SFO garages. These include Long Term Garage 1 and 2, International Garage G&A and Domestic Garage G. The spaces are labeled as “green car parking”. Charging your car is free. Level 1 and 2 charging stations are available. These sites are first come first served. Step 1 You need to have your own connection cable for charging.

Parking reservation service. We partner with various facilities across the country to provide you with tons of parking options and great prices.

While we don’t own or operate any of these spaces, we work closely with our partner operators to ensure you get a seamless parking experience every time you park! The Airport Commission raised SFO’s multi-year parking rates this summer. Term garage increased by $7 to $25 per day. Paul Chin/The Chronicle

Art You Can’t Miss At San Francisco International Airport

Flights in and out of San Francisco International Airport are at record highs — and parking costs.

In a move that flew under the radar, the Airport Commission this summer raised parking prices in SFO’s increasingly popular long-term garage from $7 to $25 a day. That’s a 40 percent increase from the $18-a-day fee in 2013.

Parking in garages A and G in the international terminal has increased from $8 to $36 per day.

San Francisco International Airport Long Term Parking

By comparison, Oakland International Airport offers a “basic lot” for $38 per day, but charges $16 per day for an economy lot.

Sfo Airport Parking Guide

There was no news release announcing the rate increase at the SFO. In fact, the only reference we could find was a brief entry in the Airport Commission’s May 17 diary detailing the adoption of the airport’s “rates and charges for the financial year 2016-17”.

Christopher Scholz, an aerospace engineer at UC Berkeley whose job often requires him to use convenient long-haul locations, was surprised when he returned from a business trip to pay the other day how steep the price had risen.

“I expect rates to go up very often,” he said, but “it’s hard to see or imagine the justification” in that case.

Airport spokesman Doug Yackel said the fare increase is more about getting people out of their cars than offsetting increased costs and is intended to encourage the public to consider alternatives, particularly public transit.

Long Term Parking

Yakel said SFO has “invested heavily” in bringing BART to the airport, and that Lyft and Uber will be the first to operate there.

“We’ve been messaging for some time about the different options available to get to the SFO,” Yackel said.

Some of the new money coming in will go toward building another long-term parking garage, he said.

San Francisco International Airport Long Term Parking

Yackel said the airport’s 15,000 parking spaces generated $103 million in revenue last year — “relatively stable over the past several years despite passenger growth.”

Parking At Sfo

Parking revenue is expected to grow to $108 million this year and more next year, according to the city comptroller’s office. The city’s share is limited to 15 percent, with the rest remaining with the airport.

San Francisco Comptroller John Avalos said the SFO, which has more work than ever, doesn’t need the new parking money for other things.

I’m not kidding. Passenger numbers have grown 6.5 percent annually in recent years, reaching a record 51 million passengers in the fiscal year ending June 30, officials said.

They’re back: Illinois Democratic Rep. Guests attending a San Francisco fundraiser for Tammy Duckworth’s US Senate campaign got a big surprise yesterday — former East Bay Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi was on hand to speak.

County Offers Drive Through First Dose Vaccination For Residents Aged 65+

Hayashi, you may recall, pleaded no contest to shoplifting charges related to a 2012 incident at a Neiman Marcus in San Francisco that cost him his subsequent bid for the state Senate.

Mayor Ed Lee, Board of Equalization members Fiona Ma and Hayashi, along with members of the Asian Americans for Good Government PAC, are among a half-dozen co-hosts of the reception, which costs Duckworth $500 to $2,700. Crystal Jade Restaurant in Embarcadero Center.

Food for thought: UC President Janet Napolitano isn’t too happy about a state legislative audit ordered by her office — which could raise more questions about her budget, which has grown to $686 million, but promises to be too expensive.

San Francisco International Airport Long Term Parking

“Obviously, we’re going to cooperate,” Napolitano told us the other day. But he said the Legislature wasn’t happy with the $418,000 price tag and hundreds of hours his staff put on it.

At Least 8 Vehicles Damaged After Suv Bursts Into Flames In Sfo Parking Garage

“We proposed to the Legislature to fund them and they wanted to go down a more formal audit route,” Napolitano said. “But I think it’s important for people to know the cost.”

Assemblyman Phil Ting, D-San Francisco, who requested the audit, said Napolitano’s office had provided the budget committee with accurate information instead of “numbers that didn’t add up” or that wouldn’t have been necessary if they appeared. In the meeting. The Budget Inquiry Committee invited him to attend.

“Their rhetoric doesn’t match their actions,” he said, adding that the audit was “a small cost to get the $3 billion UC allocation right.”

To ease tensions, Napolitano joined Ting and several fellow lawmakers Thursday night at Brasserie Capitale, a French restaurant in downtown Sacramento.

Passenger’s Guide To Uber Pickups And Drop Offs At Sfo

Francisco Chronicle columnists Philip Mateer and Andrew Ross appear Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. Matieri can be seen on KPIX-TV’s morning and evening newscasts. He is

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