Ship To Hawaii From California

Ship To Hawaii From California – A Hawaii vacation usually involves a lot of planning, from booking flights and hotels to finding the best restaurants and getting tickets to major tourist attractions like Pearl Harbor. But another way to see more of Hawaii than you can on a typical vacation is to take a cruise.

Many of the major cruise lines, including Princess, Disney and Royal Caribbean, all have cruises that leave one of California’s major ports and head to a tropical island paradise for a week or more.

Ship To Hawaii From California

Ship To Hawaii From California

“The natural beauty of Hawaii is a big draw,” said Tanner Callais, editor of the cruise guide website “From beaches to volcanoes to rainforests, there’s a lot to see in Hawaii in a relatively small space. But when you go on a cruise, you have the opportunity to explore more places than you would on a regular cruise without the hassle or expense of flying from island to island”.

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Taking a cruise to the Hawaiian islands can be a huge savings compared to booking everything separately on a typical vacation, where hotel rooms alone can cost hundreds of dollars a night just to get in the door and have a place to sleep.

“The cost can be much lower than flying and staying at a resort. Depending on when and where you fly, it can be more than $700 per person for airfare alone, although you can find deals. Plus, you have to pay for hotel, food and entertainment,” Callais said.

He points out that Hawaii tours start at about $1,500 per person for a two-week trip. One of the main advantages of sailing, according to Callais, is that for a fee, you get to take care of your room, board and entertainment on the cruise ship.

Some cruise lines like Disney and Royal Caribbean, he adds, offer seasonal cruises or stops in Hawaii when repositioning cruises; Lines such as Norwegian Cruise Line and Princess Cruise Line offer year-round cruises from California.

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Sailing from California to Hawaii is often a week or more due to the distance between the two states, meaning travelers will have a few days to sail round trip. Callais says beach days are a great time to relax before going to Hawaii.

And don’t worry about missing one of the islands. “You’ll find that Hawaiian cruises make several stops around the islands, usually around four different ports. This gives you a chance to see more than most people do on a typical Hawaiian vacation,” Callais said.

“The most important thing is to be flexible with your cruise line if you want to get a deal. Fares will vary a little depending on the time of year, summer and holidays are more expensive, but you don’t see that much variation like you would on a Caribbean cruise,” said Callais.

Ship To Hawaii From California

Some lines will offer deals to those who are loyal to their brand with discounts and onboard credits, while others will cut back on sailings as the cruise nears full capacity. The last option is great if you’re flexible with travel dates and not too specific about where your stateroom is on the ship.

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Start planning as soon as you know you want to travel, suggests Callais. “Unlike sailing in the Caribbean, which sails literally every day, sailing in Hawaii is very rare,” he says. “Also, it’s usually longer, most take at least two weeks as they have to travel a long way from the country.”

The extra length of the trip, and the option to go from one side of the country to the other to board a ship, will add to the time it takes to plan this type of vacation.

If you’re looking for a short trip to Hawaii, you might consider booking a trip that starts in the Aloha State. These cruises tend to be shorter in length because the cruises usually start and end in Hawaii, instead of crossing the ocean for several days to and from the islands.

“Norwegian Cruise Line is the only major line to the Hawaiian Islands from Honolulu. Pride of America sails weekly from Honolulu year-round,” Callais said. While you’ll need to budget for a flight to Hawaii, you won’t have much sea time to and from the continental United States, which can be a time-saver for those on a tight schedule.

How To Sail From California To Hawaii? What You Need To Know!

This 15-day tour begins in San Francisco, where travelers will pass under the Golden Gate Bridge before heading to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. There are three port stops in Hawaii, including a coveted overnight stop in Honolulu, and a day port in Ensenada, Mexico. Inside staterooms start at $959 for the January 16 sailing, and the March 12 voyage starts at $999.

Departing from Los Angeles, this 15-day tour takes place in the Crown Princess. The cruise features four port days in Hawaii and one port day in Ensenada, Mexico. Inside staterooms start at $999 for sailings on January 16 and 31 and February 15.

For a longer cruise, consider this 16-day round trip from Los Angeles to four ports in Hawaii and one port in Mexico. This Emerald Princess cruise is currently the most expensive, since it starts when most children are still in school, with rooms starting at $1,198.

Ship To Hawaii From California

Although the cruise does not start from California, it starts and ends in Honolulu, which Callais says allows for shorter trips. After flying through the islands, the Pride of America’s April 29 cruise will sail to five different ports in Hawaii, including Hilo, the Na Pali Coast and Kailua-Kona. Interior rooms start at $1,499 per guest. With San Francisco 2,397 km to the east and Manila, Philippines 5,293 km to the west, the Hawaiʻi archipelago is the most remote place in the world. After Captain James Cook established European communication with Hawaii in 1778, Honolulu Harbor quickly became a popular destination for fishermen and traders crossing the Pacific. Today the Port of Honolulu is one of the largest ports in the US and serves as the hub for 10 commercial ports: Nawiliwili and Port Allen Harbors on Kaua’i; Honolulu and Kalaeloa Barber Point Harbors on O‘ahu; Kahului Harbor on Maui; Kaunakakai Harbor on Moloka‘i; Kaumalapau Harbor in Lana‘i; and Kawaihae and Hilo Harbor on Hawai’i Island. The Port of Honolulu’s proximity to the Daniel K. Inouye Airport provides easy access to intermodal cargo.

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2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic have brought new challenges for transportation and logistics to and from Hawaii. Industry leaders have adapted and innovated to continue to serve the Islands, demonstrating a global commitment to serving Hawaii’s needs.

George Pasha, IV, President and CEO of Pasha Hawaii, says, “Following the nationwide stay-at-home order in California in mid-March and in Hawai’i soon after, our more than 400 employees have [worked] fully remotely Former workers, including those on ships and docks, continued to work in the area while using CDC and State DOH-directed safety measures, such as PPE, extensive sanitation protocols and social distancing.

Hawaiian Air Cargo has added a dedicated cargo fleet that flies to and from Asian cities to help transport PPE and other essential items. Dana Knight, Director of Commercial Shipping says, “We continue to see strong demand from the West Coast for breakwater in the Islands and we expect this to continue.”

Dependable Hawaiian Express (DHX) offers international import and export services, logistics services, local shipping, trucking and warehousing. About 60% of DHX employees now work remotely to ensure their safety and security. DHX President Brad Dechter says, “We’ve seen an increase in the number of customers we serve that deal with hand sanitizers and cleaning products.” DHX ships to Hawai’i from Long Beach and Oakland, California; Portland, Oregon; and Seattle, Washington. With terminals on O’ahu, Maui and Hawai’i Island and supporting shipping agents in Hilo and Kaua’i, DHX offers seamless coverage to all of Hawaii’s major islands. In August 2019 the company added a new warehouse in Honolulu and began offering multi-island public warehouses there and in Maui, Kona and Guam.

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Despite the still uncertain waters of COVID-19, Pasha Hawaii’s shipping and handling of goods between California and Hawaii has not been disrupted. | Photo: courtesy of Pasha Hawaii

In order to meet the increased demand of customers during this pandemic, George Pasha, IV says, “We immediately sent our spare ship [to run] all six ships between California and Hawai’i… the supply of essential goods.” Pasha’s staff worked 24/7 to secure the supply chain in Hawai’i and meet all customer needs, even at unprecedented levels. Like many important businesses, it operates in an undisclosed location. Hawaiian Air Cargo’s flight frequency has changed. Dana Knight says, “We currently have daily Airbus 330 or Airbus 321 belly cargo flights from Honolulu to Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, Portland and

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